1. $oil stock $xop like $fang $oas $pxd, miners $gdx $gld stocks like $rgld $au $gg are the best setups i m seeing...$iyr REITs looking ok too

  2. long $rgld 77.7 (swing)

  3. $au $rgld making a run

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  8. $JNUG $RGLD Royal strength on open is the main reason I took a chance on jr miners this morning.

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  16. My $RGLD and $PPP positions continue to do well. Stuff stocks theme from among the top RS groups.

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  18. $RGLD August 80 calls being bought more now

  19. $GLD when this goes above 130, $RGLD should hit 82+

  20. $RGLD going up with $GLD and metals, this market is looking very vulnerable now

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  22. $RGLD $PPP doing great today, despite the mkt. Mentioned here a few times recently.

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