1. $APRI Up 12% on low volume .Others to play $XGTI $PRGN $GBSN $AMDA $RGLS $CTRV

  2. iStockPicker correct predictions this wk: SRPT 11.5% RYAM 2%. 75% correct YTD $RGLS added to watch http://www.istockpicker.com/h

  3. $RGLS according to tipranks, price target is 34.33 and yahoo says 20.50. How realistic are these price targets?

  4. $RGLS $MNKD BREAKING NEWS: Ted Cruz suspends his Presidential Campaign. This is now a walk in the park. Let s Goooo!!!! #Trump2016

  5. $RGLS After Hours Volume: After Hours High: After Hours Low: 19,000 $ 5.4963 (16:11:15 PM) $ 5.4963 (16:11:15 PM)

  6. $RGLS I know I should have bought more

  7. $RGLS wake up man

  8. $RGLS with 100M cash & perfect product pipeline, this can not go any lower. adding..(+- .30 cents)

  9. $RGLS terrible trendline, yet real progress, great data, no debt, adequate cash, and buy ratings from analysts. Definitely undervalued

  10. $RGLS

  11. Regulus Therapeutics s buy rating reiterated at BMO Capital Markets. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/639107 $RGLS

  12. Regulus Therapeutics s buy rating reiterated at Cowen and Company. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/639059 $RGLS

  13. $RGLS i enjoy red days

  14. $RGLS bro. Dont make me buy more!!

  15. $RGLS I have said this before (nobody REALLY knows which way this stock is headed. I still think we will see at least 6 + by end of week.

  16. $RGLS Bad day for the market. IBB getting hit hard. I think we ve found a bottom. Up from here. Buy up the cheap shares while they last.

  17. $RGLS it s time to buy

  18. $RGLS thanks for the discount

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  20. $RGLS Congrats to all LONGS great CC and PR...We are being rewarded today! Thanks RGLS

  21. Share an idea on $RGLS

  22. $RGLS some folks just wouldn t listen. 5,40 now

  23. $RGLS - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=RGLS - is trading Down Significantly Today - Down 6% for the day.

  24. $RGLS I think I better go back to my apartment

  25. $RGLS rise like the phoenix from the ashes, lets show these bears a squeeze play.