1. $RGLS $bntc http://m.asx.com.au/m/announcements.xhtml?issuerCode=BLT

  2. $RGLS $BNTC Company believes that TT-034 has clinical proof of concept for the production of shRNA in the liver from a single administration

  3. Biotech Stocks Need to Consider: $SPPI $BMRN $RGLS http://www.senecaglobe.com/biotech-stocks-need-to-consider-spectrum-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqsppi-biomarin-pharmaceutical-inc-nasdaqbmrn-regulus-therapeutics-inc-rgls/35322/

  4. Active Watch List $RGLS $BGC $DCI $CSC

  5. Expect another bad day 2morrow in the market for long holders. $NBG $play $GTN $RGLS

  6. End Of Day Scan: Over Bollinger Band $JCP $BIG $MDCO $MTL $NOG $PKD $HMSY $MYGN $IMMU $RGLS www.DailyStockPlays.com

  7. Over Bollinger http://www.dailystockplays.com/Over-Bollinger-2015-08-28.html $JCP $NOG $PKD $HMSY $MYGN $IMMU $RGLS $IRDM $WLB $NRP $KLIC $ARLP $NEON $PSXP $ESI $PQ $TGA $VIVO

  8. $ISIS $INO $EPZM $RGLS $SYN Nice appetizer day (minus ISIS), but im waiting for the main course of September-December catalysts

  9. $RGLS are we slowly climbing back to double digit?

  10. $RGLS $SYN $EPZM BEASTING (on low volume...)

  11. $AQMS $CJES $RYAM $SALE $RGLS 5 Stocks Under $10 Set to Soar thestreet.com/story/1326899... Whoops wrong ticker CJES prior post fixed here

  12. $AQMS $CJEAS $RYAM $SALE $RGLS 5 Stocks Under $10 Set to Soar http://www.thestreet.com/story/13268992/1/5-stocks-under-10-set-to-soar.html … From Thurs guys, forget to post here, some still nice

  13. $RGLS#tradeideashttp://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky_gpro-b.html?symbol=RGLS

  14. News Recap – http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/news-recap-comcast-corporation-nasdaqcmcsa-cypress-semiconductor-corporation-nasdaqcy-regulus-therapeutics-inc-nasdaqrgls/1526446/ $CMCSA $CY $RGLS

  15. Any ideas on CB 22b loan f4m those that has been invest N longer than me how long da stock $ may look decent Long, Shorts? $NBG $play $RGLS

  16. $RGLS - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=RGLS - Quarterly Rev Growth is one reason for this move - Up 7% for the day.

  17. Now may not be a great time 2 invest immediately. Now is a great time 2 look for and prepare to invest in index.$NBG $PLAY $RGLS $GTN

  18. $RGLS - - Quarterly Rev Growth is one reason for this move - Up 7% for the day.

  19. $RGLS: Regulus Appoints Michael Huang, M.D. as Vice President, Clinical ... http://stockwires.com/regulus-appoints-michael-huang-m-d-as-vice-president-clinical

  20. @Count_Stockula: $NBG $GTN $PLAY $RGLS $VTAE anyone ever used the X investment method? http://www.moneymappress.com WHAT LOL...

  21. $NBG $GTN $PLAY $RGLS $VTAE anyone ever used the X investment method? http://www.moneymappress.com

  22. End Of Day Scan: Elder Bar Green $EIX $CZR $ANGI $BCE $CHU $RGLS $AAC $RIGL $VTL $KYTH www.DailyStockPlays.com

  23. $NWY $CZR $LJPC $ACI $RGLS $ARAY $AMWD $AAC Stocks that were up today and this whole week lots of bios and services

  24. Biotech real-time Valuation Tracker entries updated for $SRPT $MNTA $OGXI $RGLS $RTRX http://www.biotechduediligence.com/valuation.html