1. $RGR you are dreaming

  2. $SPWH ready to bounce, the shooting industry is going to come back strong this year, $VSTO $SWHC $CAB $RGR

  3. $RGR impressive resilence,(sp) posted end of March (sold the pop) near term spent

  4. $RGR jus build a long term S play at 55 an above an hold it just like i yelled last feb 2014 at the 60 an up ta 78 everything will pay

  5. $RGR Obama is the greatest guns salesman http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2015/04/16/sturm-ruger-co-rgr-firearms/

  6. $RGR A bit of resistance in $55-$56 range, could blast through it up to $57 on a breakout.

  7. 5 top stocks on NYSE (Apr. 15): $FLS, $EGO, $RGR, $FCX, $TCCB http://www.nna100.com/stock_ranking.php?p=NYSE-Top-100-BUY-Rating-Stocks&d=2015-04-16

  8. $RGR $RIG $AKS My big 3, loved watching then today! $SPY

  9. $RGR guns are a great buy.

  10. $RGR short now..it won t hold

  11. $RGR short @53.33

  12. $RGR will start a S trade soon pop will PB just as she did 30 days ago after the shorts that got caught covered

  13. Cue the 38 Special. Smith & Wesson raises guidance due to strong gun orders. $SWHC up 9.5% #premarket. Keep an eye on $RGR too.

  14. $RGR both 1m/6m trend turn bullish as it experiences a 9.9% move higher today

  15. $SWHC $RGR both high shrt% & SWHC hard >15$ on value both in squeeze mode Long APRIL CALLS 13 .10 startn a short in shares

  16. $RGR Runner Here... $DAL... $WUBA... $MBLY...

  17. <3 guns Long $RGR :) No pos. $SWHC :(

  18. $RGR $SWHC $CAB moving well.

  19. $RGR nice move today, wants to see a breakout on this C-H

  20. a few nice paras in $RGR and $ACAT

  21. $RGR trading around this bang

  22. More $RGR post analysis

  23. @webmiztriz: $RGR luvly ohh hello 50 ;)

  24. Updated $RGR chart from my January tweets. I missed run though by stopping out on a small pullback.

  25. BLOG: 4/15 setups http://www.swetrader.com/415-setups-2/ $TWTR $AAPL $AMZN $DATA $FB $UPS $MA $QLIK $VRX $AL $XHB $BA $RGR $PGTI $CYBR $SPY $USDJPY $USDCAD