1. $RGSE 1.80 in here !

  2. $RGSE like what im reading of the new CEO- turnarnd experience and results fr his short time in the resl unit

  3. $RGSE Buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy..sell point was in the 5s the buy point will be here under 2

  4. $RGSE Well today was a bust. Looking more and more like this investment might be one of my worst ever. Only benefit left is tax losses.

  5. Going through admissions advanced regarding $RGSE earnings transcript http://y.ahoo.it/ZHratHtP

  6. $RGSE Home Depot ER was great. people are making upgrades to their homes. The call center and financing will grow more residential.

  7. $RGSE The guy making the stupid deals is gone. Solar is still here and growing. It s damn hot here in Atlanta! power bill sucks!

  8. $RGSE Alright.. come on.. this company increased revenue 70%! for same Q. Price to Sales is ridiculously in our favor.

  9. $RGSE M&A or nothing.

  10. $RGSE used to think $4 was the friend and enemy, but this drop seems like 0 is near

  11. $RGSE just another cheap chart - i really thought we had left that control line behind, but lo! http://y.ahoo.it/omZnIrxb

  12. $RGSE sorry it didn t work out for the longs here.

  13. $RGSE okay.. is it over? can the Phoenix rise now?

  14. $RGSE Didn t an analyst give this a 6 dollar pt the other day?

  15. been out of $RGSE for a while only had a small amount. this is a good buying opportunity. added more it could go 1.71 before going up though

  16. $RGSE damn i wish i had cleared more cash for this...

  17. After-Hours Stock Movers 8/19: $DGLY $PETM Higher; $RGSE $HTZ $LZB Lower (more...) http://y.ahoo.it/SoKujrlm

  18. $RGSE 300k shares after hours. I think this was max pain. Up from here.

  19. $RGSE Maybe Lacey has Elons # on speed dial

  20. $RGSE If they can drag this over 2 bucks tomorrow at open, we might still have a chance.

  21. $RGSE 1.85

  22. $RGSE Just initiated a position. Commercial is gone w/-margin. Next Q without C using same # from first. We will have margin of 23%-28%.

  23. $RGSE The only thing I can think to do now is play for a dead cat bounce after the 3 day rule

  24. $RGSE I do feel like if other companies fired CEO, closed branches, trimmed fat they would be ripping on the news…just saying...

  25. $RGSE in position to expand rapidly in Hawaii through Sunetric. Excellent business growth on East Coast. Some bad numbers...but good future