1. $RH Bullish setup

  2. $RH Went to store today. Stuff is beautiful but uncomfortable as hell.....Not gonna sell.

  3. Today only made money on $UVXY $TVIX $SDOW $TZA I bought this morning $RH for long. I bought $SOXL and $ERX $XIV for swing trade

  4. $RH nice to see most of gains held but no Merger Monday coming so could be ugly nxt wk. I m long and underwater so in it for the long haul

  5. Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc director just picked up 4,731 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2872873 $RH

  6. Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc director just picked up 4,731 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2872872 $RH

  7. Just updated: Setups with charts (buy/sells) on opened and closed positions. $CWEI $LABU $RH $MGT $UVXY More. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch $STUDY

  8. $RH Held up very well today! Excited to see what next week brings!

  9. $RH Thanks Brexit for an awesome entry!

  10. $RH impressive


  12. $RH very strong price action today.. will be looking to add to my position when overall markets settle down next week

  13. $RH nice... maybe $WSM bid may come over the weekend

  14. $RH Has some wind in its sail.

  15. $RH has been strong during this sell off

  16. $RH $WSM Yup the world is ending.. there will be no M&A ever.

  17. $DGAZ $DUST just buy and trade $TNA $SOXL $ERX $LABU $RH all monster stocks go higher

  18. Jaja

  19. $EPV Will hold into next week, Spanish elections, cries for more exits of the EU, will only get worse, sold $MON $RH $JD due to drag and fx

  20. $RH Good luck finding financing for that $WSM merger amid this Brexit crisis

  21. $RH try to be green tomorrow!hihihihhihi

  22. Greatstockpix Watch List Video for June 24th http://viralmarketnews.com/greatstockpix-watch-list-video-for-june-24th/ $SPY $HTBX $ZAIS $ZDGE $SRPT $CETX $PAY $RH $BSPM $NYMX $DELT

  23. $RH buy.buy.buy because Recreation Hardware is bigger than never with the merge.

  24. $RH don t wait

  25. $RH Gary and mgmt so dumb. They should all be fired. How do you screw up the supply chain. Still great brand. Someone can get a deal here.