1. Elliott Wave Late Nite Trade Setup Coverage past 1/2 hr: $C $V $MA $GS $BAC $WUBA $YY $GWPH $YELP $RH http://y.ahoo.it/RB12QMSd

  2. July 24 Top 5 IPO BIG WAVE 3 Trade Setups: $YY $YELP $RH $WUBA $GWPH - 786 Entry levels http://y.ahoo.it/ZSgL80Pk

  3. $RH Several of our 10 weekend edition ideas working this week $arrs $swks $wuba

  4. More stocks forming attractive patterns: $TSLA $ACT $WUBA (positions in these three) $FLEX $EFII $UA $YY $RH $PCLN $VNCE $UA $Z $SLXP

  5. @Vegas_Poker Focus Thursday needs to be on $GILD, $FB post-earnings and initiating new $RH play, otherwise shorting $KNDI has some allure.

  6. @Rudius Looking more to earnings reports of individual home-builders, $TOL $LEN $RYL $PHM; like peripheral plays $LII & $RH in this space

  7. $aapl FollowersRest 16of39 i cover up from open $fb not only one hittin NUHI s $aapl 2% hits NUHI! Fav $rh 3% $lock 3% $goog $twtr ? $rmax

  8. long $RH call spreads

  9. $lock Followers DOW n day & 21of39 i cover up from open $lock 4% $trla 2% $rh 2% $fb 2% $twtr ? $sstk $rmax $rlgy $panw $mm $fuel $dkl $cvt

  10. Ruben Kuswanto holds an allocation of 5.4% in $RH in his Flexible Long-Short Investment Portfolio

  11. @ronin245 $CLDX looks accumulation,$PBYI killing me, I want it $190 to cover,gone too far.$RH off same channel $88

  12. Out morning scalp $RH at 87.50 + 2.45 Gain, still on watch to initiate a Swing Position

  13. Elliott Wave Coverage past 1/2 hour: $BIIB $GILD $CELG $IBB $REGN $YY $WUBA $RH $YELP $GWPH http://y.ahoo.it/5XdUIqaS

  14. Top 5 IPO Update: $WUBA $YY - Might buy soon due to MASSIVE 3 setup $GWPH $RH $YELP not there yet

  15. Nibbled a few $RH at 85.05

  16. Morning Hot List: High Flyers $PBYI $ISRG $BIIB join $FEYE $RH as possible daytrades.

  17. $trla Followers Rest 29/39 i cover+from Open $trla 3% $rlgy 3% $bcc 3% $burl $data $dkl $kyth $lock $modn $pf $pbpb $rh $rmax $sfm $z

  18. $RH 82 s?

  19. Incrediblly powerful W3 setups forming w/ Top 5 IPO s - $WUBA $YY $GWPH $RH $YELP [Wavegenius Elliott Wave] http://y.ahoo.it/1bbfB5k3

  20. $trla Followers 27of39 i cover up from open! $trla 4% $rlgy 3% fav $rh 3% $mrin 3% $kyth 3% $fuel 3% $blox 3% $bcc 3% $wday 2% $rkus 2%

  21. Incredible W3 s forming w/ Top 5 IPO s - $WUBA $YY $GWPH $RH $YELP [wavegenius elliott wave] http://y.ahoo.it/FTewiTuN

  22. @silverjet2 do you own a $RH core position or just killing it scalping?

  23. Out morning scalp $RH at 86.65 + 1.40 Gain

  24. 3 Stock Downgrades to watch for drops Tuesday http://y.ahoo.it/BRmi2gvA $IGT $KEG $RH

  25. $mm FollowersRest 28of39 i cover +from open! My Little IPO That Could $mm 3% $dkl 2% $data 2% $burl 2% $pf $pbpb $rh $rlgy $sfm $sstk $zts