1. $RIC come get in on $WGBS before its to late

  2. Richmont: News Release Dated October 8, 2015 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2075320 $RIC

  3. $CLGRF $DBEXF $GDQMF $MAGNF $VITFF $GSS $RIC $BALMF $ICGQF $KDX $MLNGF $AMI.CA $BAR.CA $CRJ.CA $GSC.CA $KDX.CA http://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/17576/Red-Cloud-to-Host-Annual-Fall-Mining-Showcase-Oktoberfest-Social-Toronto

  4. $RIC wants to breakout but needs volume.

  5. $ric 1/4 sold

  6. Watching 9/25 $ACI $BTU $CANF $CBAK $EGO $GORO $IAG $PPP $PVG $RIC $SAND

  7. Anyone know what s up with metals today? I own a sizeable $RIC position.

  8. Watching 9/24 $CRDS $CTIC $NYMX $OCRX $PLUG $RIC $ROSG $XCO

  9. $RIC lets go!

  10. Richmont: Material Change Report Dated September 17, 2015 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2018348 $RIC

  11. Watching 9/17 $CVEO $DNR $ESI $FRO $KGC $NAVB $QTWW $RIC $SAND $SID $VHC

  12. $RIC don t you think my miner chart looks different than most miners lol

  13. News Highlights: $WMT $TRCH $RIC http://www.senecaglobe.com/news-highlights-wal-mart-stores-inc-nysewmt-torchlight-energy-resources-inc-nasdaqtrch-richmont-mines-inc-nysemktric/36264/

  14. Richmont: News Release Dated September 16, 2015 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2015871 $RIC

  15. bearish engulfing patterns $KR,$MXIM,$BLD,$WWE,$EYES,$AGII,$QUIK,$CBAY,$RIC,$SITO http://www.stock-screener.org/bearish-engulfing-stocks.aspx

  16. RECENTNEWS ALERT FOR TRADERS: $RIC, $HHS, $WILN: http://www.wsnews4investors.com/latest-news-alert-for-traders-richmont-mines-inc-usa-nysemktric-harte-hanks-inc-nysehhs-wi-lan-inc-us-listing-nasdaqwiln/173271/

  17. Beatable Stocks in Active Notes: $BAC $RIC $FONR http://www.senecaglobe.com/beatable-stocks-in-active-notes-bank-of-america-corporation-nysebac-richmont-mines-inc-nysemktric-fonar-corp-nasdaqfonr/36187/

  18. Richmont: News Release Dated September 15, 2015 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2012036 $RIC

  19. $RIC some miners just do it lol others just die

  20. $RIC only winner out 1/2 +.10, balance +.04. $LXP bailed 8.10 -.02

  21. End Of Day Scan: Volume Gainers $AXPW $AQXP $BWP $COLL $IAT $APDN $RIC $FALC $PDII $QUIK www.DailyStockPlays.com

  22. Strong Volume Screener: MINING #Stocks Trading UP On > 150% Avg-Volume-Spike $AGI $CDE $AG $RIC ++ Full List http://www.tradepilot.com/screener/results#si=1704/t=mc:gt50m,av:gt30k,vsi:gt150,pc:gt

  23. The uncertainty of a Fed rate hike has negatively impacted gold stocks. $SBGL $RIC $PGLC $GORO http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/189926/hold-or-sell-rate-uncertainty-robs-golds-shine

  24. Richmont: News Release Dated September 14, 2015 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2008731 $RIC

  25. Volume-Spike Screen: MINING #Stocks Trading UP / Ranked By STRONGEST Vol-Spike $RIC $AGI $CDG $IAG ++ Full List http://www.tradepilot.com/screener/results#si=1704/t=mc:gt50m,av:gt30k,pc:gt1/s=vsi:d