1. $RIC $MUX $TAHO horses.... let s go

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  3. $RIC and still lead,..... ; )

  4. $RIC $EXK leaders lead

  5. $GLD Looking at charts of the miners over the weekend these are my favs $ric $thm $Aumn $ssri $gss $sbgl $hmy $akg $ego $sa $Iag $tgd $ngd

  6. $RIC Buy order triggered. A good volume weekly candle will help. http://y.ahoo.it/QBt60MzO

  7. @Partridge: $RIC $CDE $MUX $SWC horses Jul. 16 at 11:01 AM #timestamp .. if some only knew how to read :)

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  9. $RIC $CDE $MUX $SWC horses

  10. BLOG POST Eyes on Gold Miners http://y.ahoo.it/LR61hCU4 many of these names reviewed over the weekend are setting up. $RIC $ABX $GOLD & more

  11. $RIC I Believe in $RIC

  12. @Partridge yes -50$ gold dont stop the beast that is $RIC

  13. $RIC we have made 214% before on this baby and we will make it again... because we can

  14. $RIC #1 enough said

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  16. $RIC you can t touch me :) .. we control the float after all

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  19. Press Release Richmont Mines Inc., 1501 Mcgill College Avenue, Suite 2920, Montreal, Qc H3A 3M8 Canada http://y.ahoo.it/pLixX4Zh $RIC

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  22. $RIC 107% YoY increase and increased guidance...you were just hanging back, playing it cool, ricky...

  23. $RIC Richmont Mines Reports a 107% Year Over Year Increase in Q2 Gold Production to 29,091 Ounces and .. http://y.ahoo.it/OiCkQsLM

  24. Richmont: Material Change Report Under National Instrument 51-102 http://y.ahoo.it/9xpjwuoI $RIC

  25. @Partridge What the hay here are mine: $ANV $PVG $SSRI $RIC $SAND $FNV $RGLD $SLW $LSG $SVBL $PAAS $GUY.CA $SMD.V