1. $KNDI I think most stocks are scams as a jaded trader/investor for 25 yrs. But I want to believe in $KNDI. It s not a $HEAT or $RINO

  2. Some story stocks that I played in the past, that went right to ZERO, include $ATPG $JRCC $RINO . So, always be suspicious of story stocks

  3. $RCON Hope that this is another one of those Chinese Scams like $RINO $SNOFF $FU and countless others where investors have got burned bad

  4. $JRJC Reminds me of $FU $SNOFF $RINO WORTHLESS POS Chinese Scams And Frauds Short This Bloated POS BagHolders Will find out the hard way

  5. $LTON Another Chinese Scam Bites the Dust Worthless POS Just Like $FU $RINO Worthless Paper for sale Price Target ZERO Will be Delisted

  6. $LTON Does this company even exist?? how can you BagHolders even be sure that this company even exist?? sounds like another $SNOFF $RINO

  7. @nucats $TRE, $ONP, $RINO, CMEH, $DGWIY all got screwed for good. $EDU, Focus, $SPRD all stayed afloat. $NQ at this very moment is too risky

  8. @Tigor $SINO is gone $RINO is at 3 cents $CCME is at 2 cents #muddywaters has a great track record $nq

  9. @Krill123 really? proof of no fraud? Don t you remember $rino $nq

  10. $NQ going the way of $RINO. I have Dec and Jan OTM puts looking for a drop below $5.

  11. @KsN $NQ what I have from June 2010-pres Neg: $dgwiy $CCME $ONP $RINO $Sino (TRE) $OLMIF Positive: $SPRD $FMCN $EDU $AMT $VIPS $QIHU others?

  12. $NQ even $TRE and $RINO doubled in price after collapsing on MW reports

  13. I m simply pleased that $NQ is not rolling over and playing dead such as companies like $RINO. Nothing beats a good public battle.

  14. @ivanhoff - & the high short-interest Chinese names will be the most suspect. Was short $RINO then for both reasons (blow-up + high sf) $NQ

  15. How Much Will The Market Return? Looking at the Number Graham Net-Nets http://y.ahoo.it/3yJdmBUv $RINO $DEER %HEAT $TSTC $CSKI $EDCI $SYII $ALN

  16. $FU remember $RINO....Chinese reverse mergers are SCAMS your playing musical chairs and the music just stopped !!!

  17. Oversold list http://y.ahoo.it/OI1jMEMw $SIHI $OSH $CRMB $DIGA $DVOX $AMTY $RINO $INFY $TRMD $NUGT $IGC $WPCS $ALVR $CHMP $STP $NG $CAPS $AXU

  18. Gained over 10% yesterday http://y.ahoo.it/sCrykIpU $AERG $RINO $OXBT $NBG $CHMP $GRN $RAD $STP $MEA $INOC $QMM $RNIN $EPCT $ZUMZ $BIOL $CRMB


  20. Big movers http://y.ahoo.it/O2J5I3Tz $NVGN $DEAR $CHLN $MVIS $NIHD $RINO $UNXL $TGIC $CERP $RVP $NKA $ZNGA $MKTY

  21. MY STOCKS PICK FOR TOMORROW: $ASTM, $AMPE, $BONE, $FBM, $MCOX (supernova), $MCZ, $ONTY, $PGRX, $RINO (on watch)

  22. is there a play on the China pollution problem? Prelim screen shows a few China pollution stocks.no positions.$RINO $DGWIY $EESH $CIWT $CLWT

  23. Short Squeeze Scan ~ $RINO $HOV

  24. RT @herbgreenberg China Stx: If you missed it sniping btwn $CAST and OLP Global (warned on $RINO). OLP's latest: http://y.ahoo.it/C9Bt9kde #CNBC

  25. China Stx WatcH: If you missed it, sniping between $CAST and OLP Global (warned on $RINO). OLP's latest: http://y.ahoo.it/S1hPSNjw #CNBC