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  15. $RIO SEP 52.5 calls opening action, 4300+

  16. Surprised to see $BHP continuing slide while $RIO gaps up today. Seems like a divergence that should converge soon....

  17. @sunnyclean you want to load up on $RIO which in the last year has paid .80 in div while losing 1.00 in sp??? Sound inv. strategy

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  24. $RIO Rios Oyu Tolgoi experienced a failure of the rake arms in one of the mine s two tailings thickeners.

  25. Short watch list for tmw: $htz<28$, $hd<90.5$, $aks<9.7$, $aapl<98$, 2nd line: $crzo<55$, $amzn<339$, $bbry<10.1$, $rio<51.8$.