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  3. Published $RKUS estimate on Estimize: +0.02 EPS and +2.72M Revs compared to Wall Street s consensus. http://y.ahoo.it/XnFBxyWi

  4. Published $RKUS estimate on Estimize: -0 EPS and +3.72M Revs compared to Wall Street s consensus. http://y.ahoo.it/T96hap1D

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  6. $RKUS Will they bring it down to $10 strike price?

  7. $wday Followrs rest 24/39 I covr+ frm open $wday 7% $feye $fuel $lock $mm $rkus $seas Scary mkt.!Way2many external influences!Take yur pick!

  8. $RKUS lots of product PRs but too few deal announcements. Recent lows don t bode well short term, but I m staying long for now.

  9. $RKUS Wish I had more money to but that crazy dip,anyone else capitalize?This shouldn t be below $10 For long IMO. 2014 will be rkus year!

  10. $RKUS Thinking they might need a big beat on earnings coming up to get this out of defcon 5 sell level. This is getting unbearable!

  11. $RKUS

  12. $RKUS The street to sell! LOL , where were they at $15?

  13. Ruckus Wireless downgraded by TheStreet to sell. http://y.ahoo.it/x4A38fLN $RKUS

  14. $RKUS Traders having their way with this man,sht sucks for us trying to invest long term.The czy price action messes with my piece of mind!

  15. $panw Followrs not much of a recovery rally. 14/39 I covr+ frm open.All3my IPO antihack plays $panw 6% $lock 3% & $feye 3% $data 3% $rkus 2%

  16. Small Cap New Lows: Lumenis $LMNS, Fairway Group Holdings $FWM, Neustar $NSR, Ruckus Wireless $RKUS http://y.ahoo.it/bz9W1A1B

  17. Stocks Touching New Low: Google $GOOG, Veeva Systems $VEEV, Rally Software Development $RALY, Ruckus Wireless $RKUS http://y.ahoo.it/vof8dWp2

  18. Ruckus Wireless Receives Consensus Buy Rating from Analysts $RKUS http://y.ahoo.it/d1UTWs4d

  19. $RKUS Wow bounced off $10.. Thanks.. Sweet... FML!

  20. $RKUS Holding ....This cant be selling ,it has to be shorting perhaps millions of excess shares that water down the float we will never know

  21. $RKUS No..holding on. Just watching it melting

  22. $RKUS This is getting ridiculous.. Did everyone on here dump their shares? I m holding for the long term,guess I m a rare breed now days..

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  24. $RKUS As of today Call options now include a $7.5 strike price re yahoo board

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