1. Looks like $SPHS will partner/merger/BO/double, etc. before $SGYP $ARRY or $RLYP. LT all

  2. $RLYP im loving this pattern of pumping and dumping buying low selling high

  3. $RLYP is it dead yet?


  5. $RLYP we only need more longs entering or adding here to put some pression on shorts margin

  6. $RLYP don t worry when all the 16 M shorts start covering, we are gonna pop 15 to 20$ up...

  7. $RLYP zs-9 could be out until 2017-2018, the hyperkelemia market is completely for us

  8. $RLYP

  9. $RLYP I think zs-9 is not reliable since has some manufacturing problems, probably need to conduct some studies and tests on data...

  10. $RLYP Signed it. Still a citizen!

  11. $RLYP entropy has entered the mkt.bit of a bear for a month and glad for my mkt shorts.

  12. $RLYP https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215


  14. $RLYP Wedgie likely to resolve soon #onwatch

  15. I am bearish on $RLYP with a target price of $10.46 in 6 mos. on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/7276028996

  16. $RLYP $21 more like it in short term.

  17. $RLYP ExMBB s chart after my small suggested correction. Still kinda sad I joined twitter this year just for RLYP. https://twitter.com/exMBB/status/746684448540868608

  18. $RLYP surprised this is not in the $15 s given where IBB is. Be careful next week. Have a good weekend!

  19. $RLYP and some retailers

  20. $RLYP interesting

  21. $RLYP Has John mentioned when the bidding process begins #buyout #waitforthehalt

  22. $RLYP seems we have all kinds of big events where if u short you can make great money like Brexit, what are some other opportunities out thr

  23. I did sell $AAL b4 the mkt drop @ 30.23. I m in cash except for $RLYP. I m better trading the mkt than letting it decide my fate b4

  24. $RLYP Million sign petition for new EU referendum!!

  25. $RLYP $63 #WaitForTheHalt #WaitForTheBuyOut