1. $RMTI AH DOWN RMTI $10.48 0.05 0.47% 01/28/2015 19:59 | After Hours

  2. $RMTI After hours: 35,300 bought at $10.7163!

  3. $RMTI when patients get out of the chair and don t feel tired any more. Puts a smile to my face. Or the shorts in the bathroom asking for tp

  4. $RMTI not going anywhere. Staying long to 40 plus. Buying on dips now. Long since 4$. Can t wait till all these patients can have this.

  5. $RMTI Is RMTI debt free now or is the terminated loan just one of many?

  6. $RMTI investors, stay long and put Tradertopper and Wall st Monkey(same person) suffer his short position.

  7. $RMTI finished buying today at 10.45

  8. $RMTI Dodd Frank statutory 25 year maximum sentence for those found guilty using the higher threshold from CME 525. SHORTIES ! BEWARE

  9. $RMTI Trade topper and wall st monkey are the same person...

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  11. $RMTI dropping at this rate we will see $8 EOW

  12. $RMTI Why buy niw ehen you can buy @ $8 or low $6

  13. @SmarterAnalyst: $RMTI Rockwell: Oppenheimer Expects Strong Commercial Launch For Triferic Following FDA Approval http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/27/rockwell-medical-oppenheimer-expects-strong-commercial-launch-triferic-following-fda-approval/

  14. $RMTI Doubled my long position here!!

  15. To my fellow $IBIO $ARIA $ARNA $PSDV $ATRS $RMTI $THLD holders: Check out- RHHBY Roche Pipeline summary EXEL http://www.roche.com/irp150128-annex.pdf

  16. $RMTI once again.. No debt, cash in bank,commercial already Baxter, 2 approved drugs! How many biotech would like to be in this position?

  17. $RMTI this happen just like MNKD. All hyped up after FDA approved. Then soon they found out its not gonna work. Then sell off fast!

  18. $RMTI Congratulations @TradeTopper you are now the first and only person I have ever blocked on ST.

  19. $RMTI this is the sister of MNKD see you all at $6

  20. $RMTI Why is this down so much? Brean needs to be investigated, seriously.

  21. Great news: $RMTI paid its debt to Hercules Technology.

  22. $RMTI just hit block for the first time ever...

  23. $RMTI รก predictef $8 EOW

  24. $RMTI Rockwell Medical, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/RMTI/communique/847995

  25. $RMTI: New SEC Filing for RMTI: Form 8-K, No. 0001104659-15-004939 http://stocknewsflow.com/1041024_000110465915004939_0001104659-15-004939