1. $RMTI it does not want to move with the market.....

  2. Seems like wasting my time on these 2 turds (price action-wise) $RMTI $RXII

  3. $RMTI Sheesh.. How many shares do they want here? Like a beach ball being held under water, when they let er go, should be nice.

  4. $RMTI Wow this is stricken here for last 10 trading days . I saw same kind of action when it was trading at 10 then zoomed to 14 in 3 t days

  5. $RMTI been so strong recently, based nicely poised to break out

  6. $BCRX $RMTI $BCRX Would they get a CRL?

  7. $RMTI Nice strong support.

  8. $RMTI very weak here

  9. $RMTI Long 5000 shares 8.17

  10. $RMTI test 8.50 today, got to blow through 8.3-35 resistance

  11. $RMTI if they pump up before JAN 24 then i sell whatever the price is.....if they don t then i keep....if they know FDA will reject it, pump

  12. $Rmti has a lot of support @ 8.10. Should see it move higher over next 5 weeks as FDA decision approaches Jan 24th.

  13. $RMTI I think base is in. It s bucked the red market trend and I think $9+ is in the cards by 12/31- then higher with PDUFA coming on /24

  14. $RMTI they dont want this to fly as yet

  15. $RMTI The Dec $8.00 puts, I sold are doing just fine.

  16. $RMTI Speculative BUY as January PDUFA for Triferic nears: http://microcapresearch.com/rockwell-medical-rmti/

  17. $RMTI Amazing how they have pinned this thing to the same price for this long. Usually indicates someone accumulating, b4 letting her rip.

  18. $RMTI STO Jan puts

  19. $TLM $RMTI strong today in a tough tape

  20. in 500 $RMTI @ 8.35, starter posn for Jan24 Pdufa (late post)

  21. $RMTI shook out some weak hearts this morning. lets see 8.50 breach

  22. $RMTI surprised its flying under the radar esp as its so strong in this bloodbath. bounced off 8.10 consistently

  23. $RMTI Strong as a bull in this biotech bloodbath

  24. $RMTI any drop below $8 is a no brainer buy.

  25. $RMTI For Talisman, that would be the equivalent of about C$8 a share, based on the stock’s price during the past 20 days