1. $RMTI is a gift at this price. Patience will pay off. In 12 months this will be over $40...

  2. $RMTI

  3. $RMTI Another buying opportunity here.

  4. $RMTI certain folks on this board insisted I was wrong about minimum of 6 months b4 launch. 6 months later same folks crying about no news!

  5. $RMTI certain folks on this board insisted I was wrong about minimum of 6 months b4 launch. Now possibly July/ Aug. Nothimg but crickets now

  6. $RMTI no news in last 3-4 months. not expecting any till august..i would love to be proved wrong here

  7. $RMTI One blip of good news, and this goes parabolic. Verylong base, That historically causes a bigger run than usual whenever it happens.

  8. $TBPH is a good one under the radar check it out $IDRA $BDSI $TTOO $OMER $RMTI $OVAS

  9. $RMTI is rated BUY by Wall Street analysts with 55.8% upside based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/RMTI

  10. $RMTI frustrated yet still long and hopeful

  11. $RMTI Worth a read.http://ir.rockwellmed.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=817447

  12. $rmti doing good today.

  13. $RMTI A reasonable break through the 100 day avg @ 10.44 could bring us to 12+ if we get some solid news, we may see much higher.

  14. $RMTI Either shorts, or mkt makers attemp to wipe out the premiums on the $10call options that expired today. think we resume higher monday

  15. $RMTI No doubt games being played here. 50k shrs in the last 5mins of the day. Why would someone be dumping on the cusp of good news. SHORTS

  16. $RMTI why can this stock not hold onto gains?????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!

  17. $RMTI if Chioni has a few large accounts that he feels are in his pocket already then get the deal done already...

  18. $RMTI this has been oddly consistent over the past year. waiting for the good, the bad, or the ugly to come out.

  19. $RMTI This is looking pretty good right here. Close above 10.36 or 10.41 would be strong. those are 50 and 100 day averages.

  20. BofA conference $KPTI, $DYAX, $PRTA, $MEIP, $ARNA, $RPRX, $ASND, $MNKD, $THRX, $AEGR and $RMTI http://bridgetunnelinvestor.freeforums.net/thread/1199/ilmn-bofa-nipt-liquid-biopsy?page=1#scrollTo=6508

  21. $RMTI fund managers just waking up after a night out with Chioni and and calling in the nights info after several pink drinks.

  22. $RMTI anybody tune into the BAC conference yesterday?

  23. $RMTI we ve had like 3 up days in the last 3 weeks it s disgusting how mms are playing this, absolutely retched

  24. $RMTI always rally s before the close...

  25. $RMTI This price action makes no sense whatsoever WS is back to playing games dropping the ask stepping it down on no volume, stupid