1. % Losers: $TCPI $CAS $WTW $RESN $ENOC $TUBE $EGL $OCN $PEGA $PFMT $STAA $KOP $VTAE $WAC $HLF $GENE $CERS $RMTI $TPC http://stocktwits.com/message/33342783

  2. $RMTI Btw, good luck with ttnp. I know one of the investigators...real winner #fail

  3. $RMTI Any smart inventor knows a dumba$$ poster, using this space to try and hype other stocks. Go somewhere else.

  4. $RMTI @PhamsterZzzzzzzzzz The person who chatters all the time, then tries to sell ttnp?

  5. @k4devdas $CST and $RMTI looks like to expire worthless both down after earnings still holding next week.$AVGO $RY up on earnings

  6. $RMTI Brean shorted at 4-5 per share. Sheer desperation. Asschoff has gotta be embarrassed.

  7. @SmarterAnalyst: $RMTI Brean Capital Remains Cautious On Rockwell Medical, Sees 64% Downside For The Stock http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/02/27/brean-capital-remains-cautious-rockwell-medical-sees-64-downside-stock/

  8. $RMTI maybe news Monday a.m. hence the 250k buy after hrs. that $$ not shrs.

  9. $RMTI. Seriously ?

  10. $RMTI AH volume, 20,500 shares at 10.466

  11. $RMTI if this gets to 8-9 i will get in big

  12. $RMTI its ok to be positive but blindly cheerleading in the face of bad news wont move this. Concrete sales & execution will

  13. $RMTI bottom is in.

  14. $RMTI TTNP is a good buy. I dont know what are you guys thinking. TTNP has parkinson drug and phase 3 resiltd in May. It will hit 1 soon.

  15. $RMTI http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rockwell-medical-rmti-radar-now-133201517.html

  16. $RMTI Maybe someone posted this already but sounds good to mehttp://finance.yahoo.com/news/rockwell-medical-rmti-radar-now-133201517.html

  17. $rmti nice bounce

  18. $RMTI If this goes green on day. the mother of all squeezes happens itll show that the shorts are no longer in control.

  19. $RMTI looks promising after yesterday s results!

  20. $RMTI Warren Buffett was asked his oppinion about people shorting Berkshire. I welcome them because then I know I have guaranteed buyers

  21. $RMTI ppl holding...

  22. You d think this would be higher. $RMTI Q4 EPS (14c), consensus (9c) Revenue $14.4M vs consensus of $13.22M.

  23. $RMTI FDA drugs and zero debt.....come on!

  24. $RMTI After yesterday s call I would have thought ppl would be accumulating

  25. @PhamsterZzzzzzzzzz $RMTI is at the support. :-)