1. $RMTI At some point there has to be approval or rejection. Big moves either way

  2. $RMTI tight triangle. Which way will it break??

  3. $RMTI Looks like the hit piece was only a 1 day wonder. Shorts are really in a situation here.

  4. $RMTI 7/31 per 10Q We believe our cash resources are adequate to fund our projected cash requirements to launch our drug products

  5. $RMTI cash burn will require addtl financing soon

  6. $RMTI lol, this pony is out of tricks

  7. $RMTI Amazing what one downgrade can do. Need something to come out positive.

  8. $RMTI will it get CRL ? the pps seems to have been stuck for the last 8 months .. risky .. avoid..

  9. New bullish conversation activity in $RMTI. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  10. $RMTI This analyst couldn t make it as a dr in new Orleans, so hes taking a stab at the mkt. hes only been with fbr for 2 months

  11. $RMTI Amazing the lengths the shorts go, to hold this one back.

  12. $RMTI even if triferic approved margins tight...very tight

  13. $RMTI trial data violations will be explored, Yocum can testify

  14. $RMTI Coincidence this so called analyst puts out a hit piece rt as the shrs closed above the 50 and 100 day avg?

  15. $RMTI there is a saying. Some doctors got C s ya know

  16. $RMTI my price target is 4

  17. $RMTI flipped and short the hell out of it

  18. $rmti pivotal trial violations for triferic?

  19. $RMTI well, well, well....looky here

  20. $RMTI and $KERX initiated by FBR Capital Markets at market underperform and perform with $6 and $16pt respectively.

  21. Rockwell Medical initiated by FBR Capital Markets at underperform. http://y.ahoo.it/gVuhlTGw $RMTI

  22. $RMTI Let s hit the unregulated AH Mkt to make it look like big news. Wonder if he even met with the company or was on the earnings CC.

  23. $RMTI Google the analyst writer and ck his work relations. Did he write this for you or for a different cause. After hours really ?

  24. FBR Capital Starts Rockwell Medical Technologies ($RMTI) at Underperform http://y.ahoo.it/mUFtOSFY

  25. $RMTI let s get to 13