1. $RMTI solid bounce, good things ahead

  2. $RMTI uptick this morning looks positive.

  3. $RMTI Oppenheimer Analyst Confirms Triferic use at $DVA and $BAX Invests $45 Million into $RMTI. Great Entry for longs to initiate or add.

  4. $RMTI $DVA has approx. 35% Market share, Triferic addresses a $600 Million domestic Market. VERY BIG for $RMTI. Could triple the stock!

  5. $RMTI Triferic launch announcement will be next week or shortly thereafter. Oppenheimer report suggests it will be $DVA Big news 4 $RMTI

  6. $RMTI high open interest range is 11.00 to 11.00 for option expiration 09/18/2015. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=RMTI&urk=RMTI

  7. $RMTI always high volume towards the close...

  8. $RMTI who is confident about pilot news on or by Monday??

  9. $RMTI nice to see this in the 12s again.

  10. $RMTI Rockwell has relationship W/ Davita $DVA, Davita purchases Renal Ventures Dialysis Centers, $RMTI ramps up even quicker now.

  11. $RMTI plenty of good news near term. Nothing mentioned about Davita in the negative Morgan report.

  12. $RMTI sent IR an e-mail inquiring about pilot rollout 2 days ago and no response. They have to say something positive ASAP

  13. $RMTI solid close

  14. $RMTI looks like it s trading in a channel. Wouldn t expect any huge bump until there s a catalyst

  15. $RMTI 7% up pre market

  16. $RMTI pre market up by lot any news??

  17. $RMTI Accumulate and average. Both to downside or upside. Good place to start building a position.

  18. $RMTI What is a good price to Get in ? Below $ 11 ?

  19. $RMTI Nice sale on this.

  20. $RMTI they were on track to launch in august?? its almost end and pilots yet to start????

  21. $RMTI This is obviously going higher. It couldnt stay down during a 2000 pt drop in the mkt.

  22. $RMTI Green Ladies. GREEN shorties. If I were short. I would take this tiny opportunity to just take my lumps and move on

  23. $RMTI about to go green on the day

  24. $RMTI looking at a slow rise back to $18

  25. $RMTI The executive said his center will use Triferic and anticipates the pilot studies to be short and ramp-up to be quick, Wang wrote.