1. Earnings announcement: $RMTI is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Jul 31 2014

  2. $RMTI Rockwell Medical Schedules 2nd Quarter 2014 Investor Conference Call.. http://y.ahoo.it/o6NTxpCU

  3. $MNKD This scenario happened almost to a T with $RMTI last year and some rising star from Brean on the short with a bad article. DUMP!

  4. @Exmns3001 same thing happened to me last year with $RMTI and some fuckwad at Brean Capital

  5. @medo2852 bio bear raid. U play $CHTP or $RMTI?

  6. $RMTI @crt6978 bet is still on...not looking good for your 13.50 cost average

  7. @emcee833 $rmti delay for triferric expected with Yocum testimony

  8. $RMTI catalysts: commercial launch of calcitriol expected by year end followed by FDA market approval for Triferic expected early 2015

  9. $IBB damn you Yellen! Bios look sickly today. Friday was a head fake. Sitting on my hands stalking $SSH $RMTI $RNN $ADXS and a few others

  10. $RMTI liking taking candy from a baby

  11. $MGNX, $INO, $RNN, $LJPC, $INFI, $KERX, $RMTI...

  12. $RMTI no catalyst, poor earnings growth, burning cash, CEO no credibility

  13. $RMTI will head to$8 range in few weeks

  14. $RMTI Looks like gap is about filled. Next leg up. Making higher highs and higher lows.

  15. $RMTI congrats to all shorts! making bank off the back of CEO driven pump and dump

  16. $RMTI Filling the 6/23 gap right here.

  17. $RMTI recreational smoke for me, where did all the pumpers go?

  18. @Watch_theScar_go $RMTI this is heading for single digits

  19. $RMTI is RMTI at triple digits yet? didn t think so. I used to scalp this one. not sure if it s still the same with robots and all

  20. $RMTI wash rinse repeat

  21. @a36tran Re: $RMTI. Thank you. GTLA

  22. $RMTI It appears that every small pullback is met with buying. Looks like checkmate for the shorts.

  23. $RMTI ride it down again and again

  24. Risky Sustainable Growth - One Month Return: 15.40% $RDUS $CRMD $BCRX $RMTI $END $ROYL $GTT $NIHD $RNO $QRE $CLMT http://y.ahoo.it/egA71IN2

  25. $RMTI Looks like a nice back and fill here. Very nicely done.