1. $RNA going again

  2. $RNA nice

  3. $RNA is going

  4. $RNA bouncing

  5. $RNA 200MA finally visible at 11.16. 100MA crossing 20MA

  6. $RNA now this is one fraud of a company

  7. $ACHN $GALE $RNA $RNN $VTUS $GRPN $IBB To hell with this market and all s. Stay optimistic all longs let s ride out this storm. Do not sell!

  8. $RNA What do ya think? Nice support at 5$? Let us see what happens

  9. $RNA i cant find anywhere the reason for this gap down

  10. $RNA That spike at 2:50pm EST is looking more and more like a Short position has come off.

  11. $RNA I m assuming this intraday Spike is a Larger then normal Short position being removed or a long position being added.

  12. $RNA What s going on here?????

  13. $RNA =POS

  14. $RNA Did everyone sell their shares today ? Or anyone kept them?

  15. Clearing out my archives and posted some notes/highlights for $LGND $SRPT $RNA $ATRS $MNTA $AEGR http://y.ahoo.it/3yTdl1Nn $MRK $ABBV $GSK

  16. $RNA Industry Experts and opinion makers find results encouraging Opinion leaders were encouraged by the results As stated in Conf. call.

  17. $RNA beware of those that boast of the big entry...but don t admit the big loss...works both ways,,not naming names

  18. @GemsBot $BLDP Oversold. $PGNX $JVA $VRNG $MNKD $PACB $NWBO. Go long here. EASY $ over next few months. Waiting $IPCI $WDDD $RNA $CCXI

  19. $RNA-was $10 in afterhrs trading a few days ago,now under $7 in the right space going over $10 on next news release.The drug works

  20. $RNA Guys plz whoever is in this stock pull up your asks up to 8 or 9 to make profit .And for the sake of people like us who had huge losses

  21. BiotechDueDiligence valuation tracker updated for $RNA to reflect 2013 year-end results: http://y.ahoo.it/S6UUopMP

  22. $RNA $GSK drisapersen termination agreement filed to SEC: http://y.ahoo.it/dTFWGRpd Nothing owed back to GSK going forward. $SRPT

  23. The #Crimea Vote And Doubling Down In China Gas Search $CUBA $SAXPF $TEVA $NVS $RNA $GSK $GLPG $CHSCP $AGU $RBOS.HW http://y.ahoo.it/UC633pkK

  24. @KiranA $RNA short was not a bad pick, imho.

  25. $RNA Wait about 2 weeks and it will pop again.. all these biotech bubbles will end badly in 2015