1. $RNDY what s happening with this? falling asleep?

  2. $RNDY Lots of buying today

  3. $RNDY FOOL article with only negative info, no mention of recent cost cutting of RB stores and distribution center. http://y.ahoo.it/16BKub8W

  4. $RNDY I just started a small position @4.85 and really like the looks of this company.

  5. $RNDY is about to level and start rounding at its bottom. Lots of potential with company s pivot to Mariano s brand.

  6. $RNDY added small amount 750shars at $4.8655

  7. $RNDY Mariano’s Opens Latest Location in Southwest Suburbs.. http://y.ahoo.it/JQlNpHty

  8. $RNDY Went to Mariano s in Frankfort and it was a MADHOUSE! I love this place and it s just a matter if time before wall street does too!

  9. $RNDY this stock might fall a little more, but at under 5 I think it s a deal. They are cutting the fat and making way for Marianos. BUY!

  10. $RNDY http://y.ahoo.it/i4MfXKos

  11. $RNDY Someone has been shorting this constant and hard for the last week. Playing with fire IMO

  12. $RNDY I m thinking of starting a small position at this level. Looks like it could still come down more tho. Any thoughts?

  13. $RNDY If you are a Chicagoan, you know $RNDYs will be huge. Also, $PBPB got hit hard today, might be a good time to grab discount shares.

  14. $RNDY Time to buy more!

  15. $RNDY Is the quick closing of the Rainbow deal good? I think yes - more money for Mariano s expansion!

  16. $RNDY l

  17. $RNDY not much today

  18. $RNDY Roundy s, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/hYObNgT0

  19. @BVServices: $RNDY Roundy’s, Inc. Announces Closing of Rainbow Transaction.. http://y.ahoo.it/jvna2cEB

  20. $RNDY Roundy’s, Inc. Announces Closing of Rainbow Transaction.. http://y.ahoo.it/j7bhA3A0

  21. $RNDY I am buyer under 5.10.....

  22. Levered grocery chain going through a wrenching transition; uncertainty obscures cash generation http://y.ahoo.it/JHFRkfdS $RNDY

  23. $RNDY started a position today, 2000shrs @$5.08, dont know if will hold or trade yet

  24. $PRKR Got off this cat puke rollercoaster today. Luckily a bit higher than we are now. Relocated to boost my position in $RNDY at a drop.

  25. $RNDY wish i had some dry powder to scoop some of the 5.18.