1. $RNN I looked in my crystal ball and hereby forsee a close on Monday of .70 +- .02. I m really quite clairvoyant.

  2. $RNN let me get this straight. They are making a pill that cures cancer. Sounds scetchie. No it is .

  3. $RNN this refers to RNN Participating in Brean Capital 2014 Life Sciences Summit Nov24. No doubt 2015 they find a partner

  4. Its just good that $RNN is very active. with money in the bank and hopefully great results on many trials(it only takes one)we in good shape

  5. $RNN Brean Capital is an invest. bank & asset manag. firm focused on delivering quality invets. ideas&bank servic to institutional investors

  6. $RNN why would anyone open a short position at this price? is there a possible BK in the future?

  7. $RNN obviously the trials did go well. This will be bankrupt in a month

  8. $RNN dookie

  9. $RNN again that tells....he bought for 1.40 then for 1.20 .after for 0.90 . now for 0.69....Oh well, new buyer beware

  10. $RNN i am fully content. if it drops more thats fine. but Jan volume will be up. optimism will be at full force and the news flowing

  11. $RNN ok i settled and bought a bunch at .6902 looking at last year the friday before thanksgiving was the lowest price before it moved again

  12. $RNN OMG THEY HAVE A PILL L THAT CURES CANCER. It s called snake oil.get out

  13. $RNN best 5 week market rally since 2009... errr, well... chin up, it ll be a good new year! cheers!!

  14. $RNN How come this one on, and $fnma not?

  15. $RNN Come on you bastards. Come get them.

  16. $RNN to you : Sell before the end of the year so you can get the tax loss. Then move on, poorer but smarter…..

  17. $RNN exactly already in December will pour out everything ...people prepare to the holidays )))))

  18. $RNN i think there should be a couple bad days left because of the sentiment here (before Thanksgiving). then most likely pick up again.

  19. $RNN Wow 57% of total volume yesterday were short. that hasn t happened since a month ago


  21. $RNN Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Down two pts on pathetic volume. Why do they even bother?

  22. $RNN How would you feel long but not bullish?

  23. $RNN Sucking longs dry

  24. $RNN if it goes down, ill buy more. It is absolutely impossible that this is not over 2 bucks one day, wthin maybe a year!

  25. $RNN