1. $RNN & abio.... check out arca pharmaceutical guys... so cheap now

  2. $RNN Results first half of 2015. Buy cheap now. Long hold

  3. Short Interest in Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Rises By 1.1% $RNN

  4. $RNN why eat a fruit before it is ripe. Not rational unless you are....#@#.? A partnership is also still on the table.

  5. $RNN your thesis for shorting this stock at this pt is very limited because the time horizon on solid results have not expired.

  6. $RNN This will be an awesome long term investment.. Ha ha ha .... That s funny !...

  7. $RNN Yup. )))

  8. $RNN is ostolop a shorter?

  9. $RNN

  10. $RNN The guy who lost a lot of money in Cris is here. I ca n tell he is a newbee.

  11. $RNN and 3,5 man with a general capital on all 60-70 thousands see a diamond ))))

  12. $RNN not seeing serious researches.

  13. $RNN wouldn t pay much attention to any analysis... )))) exactly in fact a 4 institutional ownership was abandoned by RNN for 3 months

  14. $RNN Credit Rating buy after 15 days will be Withdrawn by Zacks

  15. $RNN added here

  16. $RNN Thank you! Whoever dump this stock. I m in!!!!!!!!!!! RNN has huge potential, not to mention the buy out! Now will sit and be patient!

  17. $RNN with pleasure to hear out I want a report from Piper Jaffray, RBC Capital for RNN but they even does not want to hear.

  18. $RNN curative establishments nobody of them knows and the reports of independent experts did not read

  19. $RNN Trevor Lowenthal, Yale Jen, ROTH Capital- it worst from worst analysts,they in thirty does not enterัŽ When that actually happens in

  20. $RNN .... for those that missed this ....... http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/co/5343?utm_source=delivra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=TLSR+final+11-26-14 .......

  21. $RNN CYTK breakout on cup and handle on the three month confirmed.

  22. $RNN Easy trade. Buy shares have patience reap reward. 2015 1st and 2nd qtrs will have results on trials.

  23. $RNN Is anyone still expecting a R/S?

  24. $RNN I predict another flat day today.

  25. $RNN les snoozes.