1. Whats this R/S news with $RNN ? How does it impact longs or shorts and the EOY target? 1.58 at $MNGA... please come back up.

  2. $RNN http://y.ahoo.it/oLtbRRq2 The definitive Proxy statement came out today to begin voting.

  3. $RNN When the sector health finally pushes this PPS through $1.01 could see a nice technical pop Following IBB & XBI.

  4. $RNN Hey we finished green today! Lol

  5. $RNN is been very steady today

  6. $FB $TSLA $NFLX $SPY $QQQ $RNN WOW what a great day in the mkt today! No one lost or made anything, gotta love days like this...oh wait ;)

  7. ICYMI Wednesday: Rexahn Pharmaceuticals director picked up 25,990 shares http://y.ahoo.it/owJ4EaX0 $RNN

  8. $RNN If they get partner after R/S then ST pps effects won t matter. If they don t it will bleed some before Supinoxin&raise mgmt questions.

  9. $RNN http://y.ahoo.it/5xArUVLC Do you look @ this, take history into consideration, read conclusions&speculate it s worth a mid-yr partnership?

  10. $RNN @Stocktok Has a great point-people aren t buying for ST-This is high risk/reward LTplay(EoY minimum) ? is:do you trust mgmt&science?

  11. $RNN If you re investing for huge gains daily/weekly you re doing it wrong. Buy 10-50K/sh and sell on .02-.05incs. You will see profit

  12. Got em: $APP $DCTH $ECTE $RNN $BSPM $OXGN. Need em: $BONE $ARTX $ATHX $VRNG $PLUG $MNKD et. al.

  13. Share an idea on $RNN. What s going on?

  14. Share an idea on $RNN

  15. $RNN is fine, this will HELP if anything get those investors that we need. I am sure this is advisory from the new accounting firm. patience

  16. $RNN good....Best wishes for very longs...

  17. $RNN weeds. lol. GL and a peaceful and Happy Easter to all.

  18. $RNN Currencies trade daily and the futures are an option for those needing immediate 100-300% gain. and then again, there s always the

  19. $RNN what today would be $3. Short of a major failure on the part of the company a R/S is not going to be the end. A little patience helps.

  20. $RNN This isn t ZLCS and will be fine but if only worried about two months from now you re bound to get worked up when we haven t yet hit

  21. $RNN three times the share price of today by next month are in for a disappointment. Forget about $RNN if you want 3 x s by next month.

  22. $RNN It just looks like because we talk here daily, that the investment is one of a short term nature. It isn t and for those hoping for

  23. $RNN because they also did a reverse split, the share price could really be worth less than three times what it is today? I think not.

  24. $RNN Does anyone really think if Rexahn were to partner, have additional catalysts which prove successful and hit on all cylinders, that

  25. $RNN wescx005 ...all right