3. $RNN Zacks Investment Research, Inc. upgrades REXAHN PHARMACEUTICALS INC from HOLD to BUY

  4. $RNN Anyone hear the presentation??? I d like to hear ppl s thoughts on Sudzak hinting @ FDA breakthrough therapy for RX3117

  5. $RNN .38 , still hasn t broken down trend

  6. $RNN needs to break .35 , this volume is ridiculous

  7. $RNN retest of .29 coming.

  8. $RNN

  9. $RNN It seems like if this company announced it cured cancer, the next day the SP will be $.00...but that doesn t seem likely, so I ll hold.

  10. $RNN So what happened to our goof news? It had no effect.


  12. $RNN did anyone listen to webcast?

  13. $RNN of course RNN news comes out on the day the market crashes. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rexahn-pharmaceuticals-completes-stage-1-140000048.html

  14. $RNN Wow, someone is picking up your shares cheap. Don t be that guy. This is jumping soon.

  15. $RNN Let us pray, 4everALoser ..... JUMPS OFF A TALL BUILDING !

  16. $RNN 4everASenna , aka 4everALoser = NO LIFE, BASHER

  17. $RNN effin markets smh... hopefully the Buffet strategy works... buy when ppl are in fear

  18. $RNN that is old news I think almost everyone has heard when did you find out)))

  19. $RNN still low volume could change real quick but markets look like death so who knows .

  20. $RNN The way this has been acting, it will probably hit 0.11 if they announce a partnership.

  21. $RNN ya junk

  22. $RNN Completes Stage 1 and Begins Enrollment in Stage 2 of Archexin® http://www.smarteranalyst.com/author/corey-williams/

  23. $RNN what is wrong with this fn stock. Good news down again. This is broken. Unfortunately only thing that may move this is partnership.

  24. $RNN

  25. $RNN http://www.smarteranalyst.com/author/corey-williams/