1. $RNN

  2. $RNN

  3. $RNN let me get this straight they are developing a pill that cures cancer. Huh! Nobody else has ever thought of this. Huh . weird. Lol

  4. $RNN

  5. $RNN

  6. $RNN What do you guys see? I think it s all wishful thinking right?

  7. $RNN blow up countdown... cheers!

  8. $RNN

  9. $RNN Ever wonder why a Croatian hack with the English level of a 3rd grader keep bashing a .70 cent stock? Enough said....

  10. $RNN

  11. $RNN @kokid so your amazed that this dropped 2 cents on low volume ?

  12. $RNN Mr. Suzdak!!! Nothing has been proven, All has been stated and everything remains hypothetical.. not more )))))

  13. $RNN ouch

  14. Companies in my hometown to study $NVAX $RNN $MGNX

  15. $RNN Point being...this stock quite possibly can be bought quite cheaper than what it is now b/f the end of the year.

  16. $RNN posted wrong link ty very much http://www.zacks.com/stock/quote/RNN

  17. $RNN well at least the bottom wont fall out of this one like magnegas

  18. $RNN Must sell because @kokid says so....

  19. $RNN Here is the link for the upgrade t #1 buy by Zacks should be at .80 http://news.yahoo.com/german-finmin-says-greece-better-shape-expected-124658893--sector.html;_ylt=AwrTccge4JJUDl0AjQMPxQt.

  20. $RNN looks like that wall @ .74 may come down today

  21. $RNN

  22. $RNN I went back and looked at old posts here... All I saw was kidko create a new account as Kokid and some guy who can t speak right...

  23. $RNN

  24. $RNN I have honestly lost count of all the pumpers. Unique is a different way to describe RNN. I would say it s dookie.

  25. $RNN is one of the most unique and dynamic bio companies on the Market. It will better humanity (and your bank account). Be bold and brave!