1. $RNN Looking forward to a good month here.

  2. $RNN No r/s. No delisting. Period Never wrong

  3. $RNN R/S is the only thing that can save this

  4. $RNN this is a long term spec play. Could print 2 in no time.

  5. $RNN tale a look at $IMRS seems to have a lot of potential to go up. Not spamming just discussing. Ideas welcome

  6. $RNN pure desperation and speculation over here. Everyone was convinced that there was partner mid summer 2014. There isnt one coming 2015

  7. $RNN $INO $ECYT $OXGN $ONTY $ELTP $EXEL held up pretty well.

  8. @LongJohnSilverSpoon $RNN this stock drives me insane not alone for sure ....

  9. $RNN First stock I have ever owned long enough to be considered LT Cap. Gains if we ever get to that point of gains

  10. $RNN this stock drives me insane

  11. $RNN We are stuck in the 70 s....

  12. $IDRA can t go up; $SYN can t go down; $SGYP buy the rumor; $RXII Sell the news; $GALE In limbo; $RNN Just give it up

  13. $RNN $INO $GTXI $EXEL &ECYT $PCMB not bad considering the market will be choppy for another week

  14. $RNN over 3 months, this stock has the ultimate bottom.

  15. @mo_money2015 $RNN yup...still sideways...come on .61 good luck chasing. It s cheap now in case u didn t notice.

  16. $RNN traded at anemic vol today. glad there going to pop out news any time to have a party here.

  17. $RNN yup...still sideways...come on .61

  18. $RNN The 20 SMA looks to be pushing the stock down.

  19. $RNN What the hell is wrong with this stock? Pick a direction already. I don t think the averages could get more compressed.

  20. @Think4self $DRRX must says am impressed by how strong this recovered from penny land.Other penny $CYTX $ONCY also did ok. $RXII $RNN $MSTX

  21. $RNN Get off your A**!! Lets gooooooooooo!

  22. $RNN 13500 shares at .72 back in this lets see !

  23. $RMTI There we go, $IBB hit 50MA, now lets get back in business. Holding 12k $NSPR, $LJPC long. Looking at $RNN and $RMTI

  24. $RNN Just woke up. We got a live one!!!

  25. $RNN $MSTX $IMUC $INO $PMCB $PPHM $ISCO $SGLB are green in red day!