1. $RNN RNN creates mass psychosis one trade day here( +) and ready to get up a doggy ...this is your life ))))

  2. $INO hopefully this will be the first with $RNN following after

  3. $RNN What a great month! Long from .76 to .8, short from .8 to .65, long from .65 to .73. Awesome! Time to short when it hits .8

  4. $RNN Updated Daily TA http://y.ahoo.it/unSsrS2d

  5. $RNN Updated Daily TA

  6. $RNN They ve yet to achieve MTD, but look at the survival rate thus far. This looks GOOD so far. GL. http://y.ahoo.it/suFkeS73

  7. $RNN The next 5 months is going to be big IMO. I m an investor, not a trader. Holding since $.40 s. RX-3117, and RX-5902 MTD is interesting.

  8. $RNN it s nice to see the move but there was below avg volume. This price may not stick

  9. $RNN Partnership !!!

  10. $RNN Can t imagine the amount of bag holders in this room

  11. $RNN ER date, anyone???

  12. TradePorts: $XGTI $MSTX $BAXS $CMXI $IKAN $NEWL $NSPH $PEII $PRKR $RNN $WTSL $HALO $INO http://y.ahoo.it/rs97hqII

  13. @Tenshi28 @Derivative feel free to miss out on the impending 100% upside coming for $RNN

  14. $RNN Ostolop bashing is making me hit the block user button sooner than expected!

  15. $RNN Sugardaddy. Great stuff!!! Touché.

  16. Trades from today: $MSTX $SGYP $IKAN $PRKR $CMXI $RNN $NSPH http://y.ahoo.it/a8YkttZx

  17. @ostolop: $RNN all predicted. RNN has anything of Value.. It s headed to $0.30... Your math skills are just as bad as your grammar skills.

  18. $RNN There is my boy just on time . Funny o-slop-a-lop forgot to hit the bearish switch like he usually does

  19. $RNN Golden Parachute packages for the rest of the clan when they discover the company is headed for the Toilet. Excellent move R/S Suz! :~)

  20. $GALE $RNN :) good day for bios

  21. $RNN s but more importantly from RNN s perspectiveThey brought in to sell insider shares (or what s left of them) and create the Ultimate

  22. $RNN boredom from the players who maintain all the shares but more importantly from RNN s perspective They brought in to sell insider share

  23. $RNN This should be a great big giggle going forward. The little volume when the market opened this morning is an obvious reaction of

  24. $RNN I envy those who bought in the .60 s I got in at .82 - I thought that was cheap! Who knew it d dip to the .60 s.... Long and strong

  25. $RNN Would this have anything to do with the rise? http://y.ahoo.it/osW6YDhX