1. $RNN People need to stop expecting a heavily risk RNN to act like a stable company

  2. $RNN See you at 3$ soon

  3. $RNN Up up up

  4. $RNN Seeing resistance at $0.76 & $0.78 / some support at $0.65, but I still say we gotta fill that pesky gap.chart http://y.ahoo.it/QwnJxWbc

  5. $RNN keeps falling...

  6. $RNN When will this early stage bio break its downtrend?

  7. $RNN down down down

  8. $STEM, $GALE, $RNN, $MSTX...I ve got one question for ALL of you. This is it ---> http://y.ahoo.it/vAF0HV1Q

  9. TradePorts: $XGTI $MSTX $BAXS $CMXI $IKAN $NEWL $PEII $PRKR $RNN $WTSL $HALO http://y.ahoo.it/Czusjo5A

  10. $RNN BIO REC Marcvood and where they are?the trend has been yours friend,long time long,large holder,but disgusted with this price RNN acti

  11. $RNN this baby held up good today!!!

  12. $RNN einstein said there are 2 things which are infinite 1 the universe 2 human stupidity but im not sure about the first! get a life

  13. $RNN I can t imagine anyone buying in, since bankruptcy and r/s I would think that those buying are shorts covering and cashing out SELL

  14. $RNN p ship will be announced very soon and I ll be ready

  15. $WPCS=BOOOOM! $RNN and $DARA and $FB, $APPL, $MSTX, $BAA, $DRYS, $NBG!

  16. $RNN pop soon

  17. $RNN The RNN has been going down, down, down for 6 months . So why are people surprised it is still going down ?..

  18. $RNN According to my DD, RNN is the most oversold biotech with the most potential upside in coming months.

  19. $RNN RSI reaching 70 is an indication of being overbought. very far away from that level

  20. $RNN last time RSI was at that level (may15 last qt earnings) it had a great run . i think this clearly indicates a repeat

  21. $RNN RSI (relative Strength Index) currently 35 (approaching 30 is indication of oversold) http://y.ahoo.it/ZrSXYOXF

  22. $RNN i meant to find out if we are getting those updates with earnings.

  23. $RNN FYI, i just emailed inv. rel. to find out if we ll be getting trial or partnership updates. also asked for official q2 earn. date.

  24. $RNN + Sentiment Continues 2 grow! IMO itll pop to 1.1 within weeks as sentiment continues 2 gain steam from speculative anticipation.

  25. $RNN still green at mid sesion of today. Meanwhile other biostocks are in deep red.