1. watch list $wtsl $sdrl $amd $xone $wfm $glpi $arna $rnn $ baba $yhoo

  2. $RNN Back into hibernation mode until the next catalyst. May be awhile....

  3. $RNN dookie

  4. $RNN boring

  5. $RNN Just averaged down from .85. Bought again @.75 & .73. If it hits the .70 mark I might buy again as well. Any news pops this bad boy!

  6. $PLUG $ISR $RNN $TLSA.. DCTH breaking out on massive volume. I expect a rapid move toward $3 area http://y.ahoo.it/L5Vkk0UN ·

  7. $RNN i hope your wrong quiet trades ....RNN has alot in the pipeline..i have faith and i believe its going to take off soon.

  8. $RNN Holy man I just don t have enough bandages for the war wounds I am taking on my stocks today

  9. @brandon123 @winrx didn t u say a wk ago u had just bought 25k shares of $RNN w/ the $ from Apple and some other stock? Tough following ur m

  10. $RNN Worth a gamble @,70 - now let s see that gap close.....

  11. $API low float. could easily hit $1. $MBLY $VII $AVNT $RWLK $TAP $CREE $WPCS $RNN

  12. $NSPH Let s see if penny stocks move forward or the same 1 step up, 2 steps down. Lol....$LIQD,$WAVX,$KWK,$HERO,$QUIK,$AMRN, $CUR,$WYY,$RNN,

  13. $RNN lets see if the PSHIP come this week as promised. If not, CEO loses all credibility and the stock will plummet. JMO.

  14. #biotech #buy #stocks $ALDX $IPCI $KBIO $ALXA $ACST $ADXS $IMMU $OCRX $ECYT $RNN $BIND $CPHI and others http://y.ahoo.it/fdOmIeQG

  15. $RNN

  16. $RNN has more stocktwit followers than $nsph $immu and $nvax combined

  17. $RNN exciting times ahead.

  18. $RNN bearish sentiment is shifting, very gradually, but shifting. Price wont be this cheap for long. Seeing $1in a few good market days.

  19. $RNN It was so easy to see this was going no where long ago. Not sure how the rest didn t see it...Sorry Brandon, I warned ya buddy.

  20. $RNN About to explode next week. Hang tuff.

  21. $RNN Sad how this lost 9% today. No one has enough faith to hold on any spike

  22. $VRNG $ISR $SSH $RNN $CRIS Nice!!

  23. $RNN zzzzzzzzzzzzz. what? oh. 500 day ema bad. zzzzzzzz. lack of volume. zzzzzzzz see ya in December.

  24. $RNN great way to start a friday

  25. $RNN my little ones are doing good, $RNN, $ISR , $INO