1. $RNN this is poised to shoot past $1 any time now.

  2. $RNN please go back and listen to Jan 14th conference... Then stop asking for updates and info. They said it ll be a few months at a min!!

  3. $RNN So looks like they have alit of stuff going on, but the trial dates / news / updates are all over the place... What s the latest ?

  4. $RNN I wish I learned about this company today and not a year ago. I envy those of you with this buying opportunity.

  5. $RNN this is not going back to .72 for a while I think. Good luck on your buy order

  6. $RNN 7,500 limit buy order set for .78

  7. $RNN udate ahould be coming next month

  8. $RNN Stalking here for entry... Order set for .72

  9. @ether25: $KNDI A vision of KNDI s price movement in the near future. $EYES no man, $RNN s future

  10. $RNN .85 close?

  11. $RNN Captain, this all seems highly illogical.

  12. $RNN more messages today for RNN than I have seen the year I have been following it. SKS!

  13. $RNN Get above.85? Would be great.

  14. $RNN Glad to have picked up those dips earlier. Get it on!

  15. $RNN why are people suddenly interested in $RNN? Do they smell fresh meat?

  16. got a starter posn $RNN 0.805 ST

  17. $RNN weekly chart, Feb-27-2015, if it blasts off, it can really go! http://stocktwits.com/message/33302767

  18. $RNN On fire!

  19. @Keynesonomics I agree with $RNN but all I ve seen other do is horde cash. Great trade stock though. You must know something I don t Mr.K

  20. $CYTX = $$$$$$$$, $RNN $idra $ino $bioc $bcrx. $ARIA

  21. $MSTX $RNN Biggest mistake I ve seen is ppl selling to avoid a nickle on the downside,then waking up to a triple digit % move to the upside

  22. $RNN nice early volume

  23. $RNN looking like we may have formed some good support at these levels. Next leg up is the .90 s

  24. $RNN 73s didn t get filled oh well.

  25. $RNN Still a few months away, but every little bit helps.