1. $RNN I love all these desperate people. LOVE IT

  2. $RNN BAA again tomorrow folks another run

  3. $RNN Need to see +.73 tomorrow

  4. $RNN Sweet AH buying....Partnership in the wind!

  5. @SayItAintSo $MSTX Results soon plus Merck interest $RNN $INO $HEB $CVM $ISR $DCTH

  6. $RNN looks like we might be finally trurning around

  7. $RNN RX-3117 will continue with a likely candidate being pancreatic cancer, attracting the attention of major pharma, Merck and Celgene

  8. @mensa_1963 You mentioned $MSTX, $GALE, $USU, $AMRN, and $RNN. Do any of them are good buy? i am in on $BAA at .25.

  9. $RNN BAA on a fresh run

  10. $RNN don t get caught watching the paint dry. great time to enter don t miss for a few pennies

  11. $RNN waiting for the moves to start ..always creeps up on you

  12. $RNN In for the long run here, don t mind if this dips back down so I can load up more cheap shares before the pipeline takes off

  13. $RNN Said it before, TEVA fired its CEO and management was reshuffled when they pulled their partnership with RNN. Speaks volumes!!!

  14. $RNN Rexahn believes it will consummate a corporate partnership for the drug RX-3117 in 2014.... Plenty of time!!

  15. $RNN Rexahn expects to announce the results from clinical trials for three of its drug candidates in 2014... I like it

  16. $RNN strong buy at this price be patient more reward than risk at this level

  17. $RNN good news is coming soon!! volume will return and price will climb huge don t miss blast off

  18. $RNN is this the start of an uptrend.

  19. $RNN long til $2+ this has bottomed..any news its over a dollar easy

  20. $RNN rumor has it that they are going to halt trading on this pos

  21. $RNN Everyone still holding should thank me for selling yesterday. That s why it s up today. :-)

  22. $RNN Anyone with $100 can manipulate this POS. Don t be fooled until you get some fact verified news that this is going somewhere...

  23. $RNN is up on for a slow up rise.... No problem with that

  24. $RNN - http://y.ahoo.it/BzRwsLZ6 - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 0.70. Time: 5 days 19 hours. Volume: 1,978,649.

  25. $BAA Exploding! $INO, $ACHN, $COCO, $FOLD, $IMUC, $RNN, $ANV, $NUGT, $MNKD, $ARIA, etc...