1. $RNN retail investors chasing gains in this market environment are cannibalizing small caps and hurting SP across the board.

  2. $RNN too much potential to be this low. We may see downtrend to .40 s until good news comes out, but anything under .60 is good for longterm

  3. $RNN A Monday release is a good sign.

  4. $RNN is this what we ve been expecting?

  5. $RNN may surprise investors on Monday. Watch out

  6. $RNN Welp looks like here comes the power hour DUMP.

  7. $RNN Lets get over the .54 mark. I WANT A HAMMER CLOSE DAMMIT!

  8. $RNN

  9. $RNN remember when this run it runs hard

  10. $RNN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAYzcXM8qgE&app=desktop

  11. $RNN Rexahn will provide an update in its second quarter press release and 10-Q filing, which will be available on August 10, 2015.

  12. $RNN received update from investor relations.

  13. $rnn *yawn* break it already funny how the bots are

  14. Share an idea on $RNN and anytime now green

  15. $RNN should be making nhod

  16. $RNN Nice 22,900 share buy at .5299

  17. $RNN bought another 2K

  18. $rnn August should be the start of something nice

  19. $RNN So the current ask was .53, yet a robot decides to sell 1000 shares at .5121. haha

  20. $RNN fighting to hold the .52 mark ... Let s get this Rollin

  21. $RNN Institutional ownership up 37.37% Q/Q, with 7,392,070 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/RNN

  22. $RNN

  23. $rnn smarty I feel today is the day we turn around! The trees told me so :)

  24. $RNN This just won t stop trending down. Wonder if management is aware how terrible they ve made this company.

  25. $RNN When adrig or one of the phases is passing a big gap is closing all the decline in price. 50 cents to 1.25$ with any good news