1. $RNN you know clinical trial data is comming. If any posstive news will pop you know it will be 2-3$ in the first step and 7 in two month

  2. @beenzoot that chart was for $RNN, not $PGH

  3. $RNN Until the voice of doubt no longer Dominates your mind I’m crucified

  4. $RNN - remains above cloud http://stocktwits.com/message/32051540

  5. $RNN Mstx way better

  6. $RNN Really needs some news here. Technically looking weak. If this H & S plays out, I will be bottom feeding... https://www.tradingview.com/x/nKlkFtcS/

  7. $RNN @scrappynuts Same comment over and over. What is your problem?

  8. $RNN is a shi+ stick

  9. $ZGNX Market wants this ADF approval today. Gets rid of threat of Zohydro being removed from market $AEZS $ISR $PPHM $ACST $NVAX $RNN $MACK

  10. I ve been fortunate with $PLUG $RNN $IDN $ERB $APP $FST $ISR $MNGA $RGSE $DQ $RAD $PLUG $BLDP $COST over thr past 2 yrs... SLTD your next!

  11. $RNN

  12. $RNN enough already. This is a fn loser.

  13. quite an exiting day holding $aapl $aria $gild $FXCM $RNN

  14. $RNN I always imagined this would be bought out by big boys pharma, at some nice $ figure. Maybe soon? Holdingong shares since .53

  15. $RNN Interesting how its settling at this price.

  16. $RNN sucks

  17. $RNN if she breaks through .74 we could easily see .78

  18. $RNN You re welcome!

  19. $RNN I made $20 shorting this from .74 to .73. Minus $16 got commission and got enough leftover for McDs dollar menu. Dookie

  20. $RNN Nothing wrong with adding at these prices?

  21. $INO $CYTK $RXII $PPHM $RNN $ONCY my bio s are getting a spankin today!

  22. $RNN Boring

  23. $RNN zzzzzz this one is still sleeping.

  24. Short Interest in Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Expands By 11.7% $RNN

  25. $RNN stay down for another month or two. Then set this on fire. Olease and thank you. I want to accumulate at a lower price. No rush.