1. $RNN Yellen to raise interest rates this year, looks like metals and low P/E stocks are where it will be

  2. $RNN like clockwork

  3. $RNN 3 way pullback or sideways consolidations always happen between waves 3 & 5, with 3 wave pullback being the most common

  4. $RNN well this stinks. Still excited for next week

  5. $SUPN. doing well for me, also like $RNN, $ROSG, $EKSO, $SGMO, $ONVO, $INO

  6. $RNN Its called consolidation

  7. $RNN = WTF

  8. $RNN I ve got an average of 14000 at 95, one day this will pull an aveo

  9. Stocks Buzz: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/stocks-buzz-petroleo-brasileiro-s-a-petrobras-nysepbr-american-international-group-nyseaig-rexahn-pharmaceuticals-nysemktrnn-aeropostale-nysearo/158350/ $PBR $AIG $RNN $ARO

  10. $RNN Massive VOLUME!

  11. $RNN they are hiding B/A s again

  12. $RNN here go morning sell it is over off time 2go UP

  13. $RNN it will come back watch

  14. $RNN dont get excited it wont last until there are positive results

  15. $RNN How do I get off the WHOM TO FOLLOW list?

  16. $RNN oh baby

  17. $RNN nice .78

  18. $RNN sorry PM

  19. $RNN lets get the party starter in AM if it dose we will have a good day looking 4 .78 and more 2stay

  20. $CRIS $RNN $AVEO Coming up, 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting being held May 29 – June 2, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

  21. $RNN call your friends with money...because no matter how many followers this stock has..we never move...come on now...buy baby buy

  22. $RNN Up with no news but everyone knows that the time has come and want to be part of it!

  23. $RNN is up! ...ish

  24. $RNN

  25. $RNN i see a buy here. charts are screaming it.