1. $RNN not going anywhere. They have like 11 employees...

  2. @tunwang $RNN Going higher. Very strong on the charts. Oh my even Stevie wonder wouldn t say that about this chart

  3. $RNN lol get real

  4. $RNN Going higher. Very strong on the charts.

  5. $RNN can we see .50

  6. $RNN same

  7. $RNN as long as it is green every day I am okay with that, lol! Will patiently wait.

  8. $RNN Nice to see this starting out in the right direction but the volume is paper thin.



  11. $MNGA $RNN $ADAT

  12. $RNN .50 AH?

  13. $RNN KaloBios short sellers facing squeeze as CEO Shkreli says will no longer lend stock http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kalobios-short-sellers-facing-squeeze-as-ceo-shkreli-says-will-no-longer-lend-stock-2015-11-27?link=sfmw_fb

  14. $CLVS $RPRX $OXGN $NSPR $RNN Nice closed. Have a great weekend everyone.

  15. $RNN I must stop checking in on this. It is indeed than watching paint dry.

  16. $RNN when this hits $2-3... Prepare for R/S and uplisting to Nasdaq... Then it takes off for good... Mark this post

  17. $RNN more like an eagle - didn t know turkeys can fly

  18. Shorts better be cautious ---$RPRX $RNN $ONCS $SNTA $CLVS bullish!

  19. $RNN lets see this turkey fly

  20. $RNN shaaka : You sound like a very lonely person. Today, is thanksgiving ... GET A LIFE !

  21. $RNN slot machine statistically gives more than this POS

  22. $RNN Happy Thanksgiving to this nut house! :-)

  23. @Sapientrade $RNN a near runner? Aahhhh. No

  24. $RNN low .30s good entry for this one

  25. $RNN Actually, I think I m going to get back in. This is where I bot last time, and couldnt hurt to start buying small, and just adding