1. Biotechs in my hometown of Rockville, MD- $GSK $RNN $NVAX $MGNX $XON $UTHR

  2. $RNN anyone here see Dark_star?

  3. $RNN is considered a stock to watch with an analyst rating of 2.00...Give it time...Patience will pay off on this one...

  4. $RNN Plan to push the chips in and hope for the very best here. With any luck we ll make $INO run in past years look pultry

  5. $RNN And then before you know it, $INO moved up and away. I made the mistake of trying to trade and not invest. Learned my lesson

  6. $RNN Reminds me of $INO back in 2013 when the bashers kept referring to failed pipeline items from years ago, no real results, etc

  7. $RNN

  8. $RNN Long term hold. Don t expect this stock to run-up over night. Speculative investment and a good one.

  9. $RNN this price is very tempting. But who s to say it won t go lower. Been 1 1/2 years since it s been over a buck. I have faith but man!

  10. $RNN That concludes 1H with no trial updates. After 18 months I m out tomorrow morning. I can t trust a company that can t meet deadlines

  11. $RNN Either give the real news of what exactly is happening or Watch how the shares are going 2H to slide like a tobagon ride into the abyss

  12. $RNN Take my word for it. Grab all you can! This stock will gap up before you know it

  13. $RNN longer term. Strong Downtrend with money management stops. A triangle indicates the presence of a very strong trend that is being

  14. $RNN Stock Trend Analysis Report . Smart Scan Chart Analysis confirms that a strong downtrend is in place and that the market remains

  15. $RNN Personally, will continue buying small lots anywhere under $.70.

  16. $RNN

  17. $RNN havent seen these prices in a long time, might have to add today. going to wait and see how the morning plays out.

  18. $RNN luckily we bought $JUNO weeks ago instead of this.

  19. $RNN when will they burn through all our cash?

  20. $RNN Check me! Today rnn recovers to over 0.68. By next week it will goto 0.78. And thats will be the triger to spike above 1$ Added!!

  21. $RNN added today. Good op to prep for 2h run up.

  22. $RNN I am surprised by these new lows but can t say I am not happy. I get to own more at further discounted price.

  23. $RNN I can t win with this stock !!! I ve been long and patient

  24. $RNN It seems to me that if MTD is delaying trial completion this would be good news, am I wrong about that?

  25. $ONVO, $ARP, $FCEL, $MITK, $PSEC, $RNN Like my friend W. Buffett says, buying stocks at fire sale prices makes me happy!!! :-)