1. Bearish ADX Crossovers 3/3 $RNN $SFUN $SNE $SYN $TEVA $UPL $VFC $VMI $WYNN $TGT http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/10/bearish-adx-crossovers-ago-bby-cgnx-chk.html

  2. $RNN Reminds me of $ONCS, desperate need for a Pship

  3. @Ndsmith82 $rnn I think it was @kokid shorting thts y he is bitching abt it coz it went back up

  4. $RNN r/s maybe Monday. It just can t run

  5. $ROX now you break out and double... I should have kept you and sold $RNN

  6. $RNN So what was with the steep drop to 70?

  7. $RNN wow and the hits keep Coming AH

  8. $RNN and a big duec

  9. $RNN more volume is needed or we will lose a bit.

  10. @youngmustang Yes, technicals are favoring $RNN now. It may be a slow climb and can spike up to +news,unlike earlier when it was range bound

  11. $RNN almost got it at .695 ... oh well

  12. $RNN the gap between Bid/Ask is huge ~5%, ask being higher. Setting things up nicely for next week.

  13. $RNN 5 day chart very positive. Correlation with broader market sentiment evident. Market continues to climb this stock goes with it.Gains!

  14. $RNN there is a reason behind this unusual volume. Ignore the first few manipulative trades to get cheap shares. This is going back to .87

  15. $INO $MNKD $RNN if AF and Cramer were to travel to West Africa you think all small Bio stocks gonna go up?

  16. $RNN 8% drop this

  17. $RNN back down to .68

  18. $RNN unbelievable. This stock a stick in the mud

  19. $RNN FKA look a your posting do yu EXPLAIN your silly sh.t So what if they are bullish GO LOOK AT YOUR POST yu should talk?

  20. $RNN We need news!

  21. $RNN C mon baby, show a little life today.

  22. $RNN just posting bullish is silly. Explain. Fibs,sma, ema, bb, resistance,candle, etc......

  23. $RNN fu $× rnn. Let s go

  24. $RNN

  25. $RNN considering entry in $mnga tommorow looks heavily discounted...I thought that at the rnn 1.05 offering too however