1. $MSTX PPMM $RNN $BIOD http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/08/13/company-update-nasdaqbiod-biodel-inc-reports-third-quarter-fiscal-year-2015-financial-results/

  2. $GALE $RNN im bored but still here :)

  3. $RNN The only thing that matters is results and the science. RX-3117 looking good. Gemcitabine...is the past.

  4. $RNN No company is stupid enough to plan all these upcoming conventions to spread bad news. Nobody, I say nobody...

  5. $RNN pay day comin up !

  6. $RNN this will explode at least 200 % on + results .

  7. $RNN The markets are loaded with panic sellers. *BUY* THE WEAKNESS !


  9. $RNN bcpiii: ern1in / codylacy1212 , same poster. Glad to see you posting on both boards. September, September... the month to remember ?

  10. $RNN are we dead yet? Looks like flatline o_O

  11. $RNN fact sheet has been updated,,,

  12. $RNN door prize for the 4100th person

  13. $RNN very busy September for Rexahn,,, they have at least 5 presentations,,, 4 corporate,,, 1 peer review,,,

  14. $RNN One day when this explodes due to results, these minor up and down days will me very little. Buy..and forget about it.

  15. $RNN just wanted to repost Ron s chart on ST since he s no longer on here. https://www.tradingview.com/x/WfPfNSTO/

  16. $RNN.

  17. $RNN haven t said this in months,,,but I think I m a touch

  18. $RNN

  19. $RNN who thinks we can close out the day at .58?

  20. $RNN .62 by close on Friday, then we move on to .70+ next week.

  21. $RNN if this closes above 0.59 this week the reversal has started

  22. $RNN buy the rumor...

  23. $RNN interesting quote by Andrew Fein,,, http://www.thelifesciencesreport.com/pub/co/5343#quote

  24. $RNN When is the FED announcement?

  25. $RNN Is September 10th THE day? Thoughts?