1. Adept Technology ($ADEP) earnings report: Better or worst? + the performance of $IRBT & $ROBO http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Adept-Technology-ADEP-Earnings-Report-Better-or-Worst-IRBT-ROBO/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/1020/

  2. Small cap iRobot Corporation ($IRBT) earnings report: Breakout potential? + the performance of $ADEP & $ROBO http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Small-Cap-iRobot-Corporation-IRBT-Earnings-Report-Breakout-Potential-ADEP-ROBO/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/963/

  3. $ROBO - an ETF, showing RS. It captures interesting themes - automation, robotics, drones.

  4. $ROBO This has got my curiosity. Long term, it should be a winner as we are in the beginning of the robot era.

  5. $ROBO With all the hiked up minimum wages this ETF looks tempting

  6. Newer ETF But Two 200 Day MA resistance points, now Two 200 Day Support Points - trend change for $ROBO?

  7. @PunkRockRaccoon my picks for the future, let me know what you think: $SHAK $CLDN $ROBO $NRZ $AVAV $VIPS. Held all about 3 months

  8. $ROBO Im surprised not many are familiar with this diamond in the rough of an ETF. $EQLT being another interesting one.

  9. $ROBO Wafting towards $27.50.

  10. If you don t mind low volume, $ROBO is almost ready https://www.tradingview.com/x/1icYoc5a/

  11. Not a very exciting day so far. I d like to see a little more volatility. $SONC, $ROBO, $HPQ, $MCD, $PM.

  12. $ROBO Looking for $27.50.


  14. A few of my long swing trades and sell targets: $SONC $34.30, $JACK $99, $HOTR $3, $HPQ $35.50, $PII $145, $PM $80, $ROBO $27.50, $MCD $100

  15. $ROBO Robotics ETF. Interesting.

  16. $ROBO Target $27.50

  17. Most of my trades are stuck in the mud here. $SSYS, $LL, $SONC, $HD, $AAPL, $PII, $HPQ, $PM, $HOTR, $MCD, $ROBO, $JACK

  18. Today I m short $PBPB and $GPRO, and long $SONC, $HD, $AAPL, $JACK, $HOTR, $SSYS, $DDD, $PII, $ROBO, $NKE, $V, $PM, $WFC, and $PJP.

  19. Some of my long swing trades: $SONC, $HD, $AAPL, $JACK, $HOTR, $SSYS, $DDD, $PII, $ROBO. These are most like likely to go short-term

  20. If you like Robotics, try this: $ROBO

  21. $ROBO This is such an obvious buy and hold. Recommend this one to your mom n em.

  22. Buying opportunities: $MBLY, $LC, $CAT, $KRFT, $NGL, $XOM, $ROBO, $GPRO, $HPQ, $TSLA, $GASL, $LINE

  23. $GOGO, $AVAV, $ROBO, $MCD, $YHOO all doing well this morning.

  24. Good day to buy some drone and robotics stocks and ETF s $ROBO, $AVAV

  25. $ROBO, $ORB