1. $ROSG I like the chart but will wait a bit.

  2. $ROSG short interest Nov.3, 2015 totals 501907 shares as compared to 494506 as of October 30, 2015. That shows a change of 7401 shares.

  3. $ROSG End of Day Scan: Bullish Doji

  4. $PBTH $ROSG $TEVA Good chance FDA approved Breakthrough Therapy for DIGNITY since 3 million shares traded hands for CLSN in Tel Aviv (TASE)

  5. $ROSG CEO Ken TRASHBURGER Berlin is presenting in LA on Dec 2nd. He will b speaking 2 investors. Someone confront him please!!!!

  6. Analysts Recommendation on Stocks: $KBIO, $NVAX, $ARRY, $ROSG, http://www.streetupdates.com/analysts-recommendation-on-stocks-novavax-nvax-array-biopharma-arry-rosetta-genomics-rosg-kalobios-pharmaceuticals-kbio/191029/

  7. $ROSG $7.4M private placement in october.Sabby and Empery together about 1.7M shares.Who else bought?

  8. My personal W/L for tomorrow $CANF $PIRS $ROSG $KBIO (maybe) $GBSN

  9. $ROSG Did a billionaire buy rosg ?

  10. 20 Biggest Market Losers $ABGB $GLBL $SUNE $TERP $VLTC $HPQ $ABY $XCO $PBR $REXX $PTCT $BBD $ITUB $TLN $ROSG $DL

  11. $ROSG The volume these last days has been really crazy. Glad we got attention now so when we get a catalyst, this should move.

  12. $XOMA Sell XOMA buy $ROSG? Him

  13. $ROSG Punit,support was 1.55 most of yesterday

  14. $ROSG I m glad my stop didn t get triggered, still in this!

  15. $ROSG i live 10 mins from their offices, may bang on a few doors.

  16. $ROSG short squeeze coming

  17. $ROSG continues to disappoints... But at least $ogxi is spiking ahead of phase 3 results

  18. $ROSG $1.52

  19. $ROSG 1.47 VOLUME

  20. $ROSG Looks like 1.42 was the support.

  21. $ROSG $1.47 May turn and run

  22. $ROSG vilean Nov. 23 at 3:00 PM $ROSG only tommorow, or after, we will see reality

  23. $ROSG if u want to understand what is going on here watch this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMuEis3byY4


  25. Losers $MCUR -29%, $EFUT -23%, $ERB -22%, $DOM -22%, $ROSG -12%, $DL -9%, $FXCM -9%, $CLDN -9%, $ALQA -8%, $AEZS -8%, $CANF -7%, $FALC -7%,