1. @SpotLights What is w/l? $ROSG

  2. @earthdogpj I haven t bought any more $ROSG yet. Still long, only 350 shares right now. Sold 650 at 6.44. Avg price is 3.41

  3. $ROSG http://y.ahoo.it/U8w7diVu re-test of the 10DMA... long from 3.80

  4. $ROSG bought for swing chart play with MACD about to cross. Cheers.

  5. $ROSG will start a position today.

  6. $BDSI $ACRX $ROSG $RIGL $NKTR $TRGT my current interest to add into my biotech swing position http://y.ahoo.it/NlA8Dtor

  7. @birkoybesal Very bullish on $ROSG at the moment. consolidating now

  8. $ROSG forming, buyout rumors ?

  9. $ROSG should consolidate here

  10. @the__twit anytime this garbage $SRPT pops like this they dilute. it s a pump n dump machine like $ROSG $GENE etc

  11. $ROSG volume coming to life

  12. $ROSG Does anyone think $ROSG is a buyout candidate?

  13. $PLUG There is a world out there waiting for you, do not fall in love with a stock. $NURO $APP $ISR $IDRA $CHTP $ZGNX $ROSG ETC ETC

  14. $ROSG moving up. Anyone know what is causing the upward trend yesterday and today? Been beaten up lately even though all positive news

  15. @BiotechMoney18 @crt6978 What, and give up your favorite day job? LOL thoughts on $ROSG, $XOMA


  17. @JLBstocks Have you bought more $ROSG today. Looks like it may be ramping here/

  18. $ROSG $SYN $PTN $OXGN $IG $ETRM love is in the air for small caps bios today

  19. $ROSG In the next few days could make a move monster

  20. $ROSG Above 10$ soon

  21. $ROSG hammer forming

  22. $ROSG on watch, creeping up here

  23. not near a laptop but order filled for $ROSG at 3.80

  24. $ROSG Can start here a nice upward movement! On Radar http://y.ahoo.it/zjCTcWM7

  25. $OXGN Run into ASCO 2014 with 90 % Partnership $NVAX $ROSG $SQNM $CPRX $ADHD $BDSI $ACRX $ZGNX $ANTH $LPTN $OGXI $APRI $OXGN $CUR $SGYP