1. $ROSG call Ann Fields & listen 2 how dumb she is. Like a surrogate 2 a loser candidate. How does she have a job b/c she is a bossy b+ itch!

  2. $ROSG why is Berlin going 2 this no name conf? No big players there. Just put up a PPS chart 4 the last 5 years. Can he really be proud?

  3. $ROSG trade deal will get this to $10 before June IMO

  4. $ROSG just 9 more business days b4 delisting notice. Expect HFs to keep it low 4 another pps drop! Berlin cheat long investrs 6 years!

  5. $ROSG has a future! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-investigation-pathway-genomics-cancer-liquid-biopsy-cancerintercept/

  6. $ROSG in . Will sell when doubles

  7. $ROSG sell the company b4 it is 2 late. funding will become scarce in this mrkt!

  8. $ROSG So what is Berlin going to present in a couple of days. Can u just sell the company to J&J & move on!!!!

  9. $SNSS $NYMX $RPRX $ORIG $FATE $SOL $AMDA $IPI $IMMU $ANY $ROSG $CPST Watchlist for Monday. Lets hope the market is kind monday!

  10. Watchlist $pbmd $rosg $dxlg $gale $cur $stem

  11. $ROSG Mr. Kenneth A. Berlin eat money hand over fist , and useless to hope , look at the past.

  12. $ROSG am I alone in wishing that Shkreli dude was on our team?

  13. $OXGN & $ROSG r being manipulated by HFs. Both have had + news & the rally is squashed. Will they ever let it run, mayb not.

  14. $ROSG with that being said I still believe in the technology and will look to avg down big time at these prices

  15. $ROSG been holding this bag for exactly a year now. accidentally entered my order at market into a huge pump been mad at myself ever since

  16. $ROSG nice.

  17. Collaboration news from $TROV $ROSG $ABT $ALR $ANIP $ARRY $JNJ $GSK - https://drkkd.com/3420/premarket-biotech-digest-2016-02-02-gild-earnings-abt-acquires-alr-tthi-tumbles-despite-positive-results/ #premarket #digest

  18. $ROSG HF shorts use computerized trading to control the direction of the share price.

  19. $ROSG wow TROV had similar news today and they popped. hey still under $1, how does that happen...

  20. $ROSG Company unserious, better turn them away hello

  21. $ROSG why not pass 1 is it resistance that bad

  22. $ROSG massive good news & we r up pennies. This is garbage! Just wait til a little bad news & C how far it drops! Longs r effed!

  23. $ROSG announces agreement with national provider network

  24. $ROSG http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Rosetta+Genomics+%28ROSG%29,+America%E2%80%99s+Choice+Provider+Network+Enter+Agreement+for+Diagnostic+Tests,+Services/11264315.html

  25. $ROSG Announces Agreement with America’s Choice Provider Network for Entire Suite of Diagnostic Tests and Services