1. $ROSG when is it popping?!

  2. $ROSG looks like $GENE came down pretty hard. Hope to see some leveling soon.

  3. $ROSG volume picking up.. Breaking 200ema

  4. $ROSG someone call buffet have him buy that share

  5. $ROSG Bid 2.20 x 1 Ask 199,999.99 x 1 just to say wtf

  6. $ROSG Value being to patients who receive better, more accurate treatment because of these tests. No brainer. Ask a patient why...

  7. $ROSG patience. been at base for awhile now. Very strong. Now about confidence coming from new investors imo. Don t need CEO to see value

  8. $ROSG does CEO know how horrible of a job he has done. Well the web knows & come voting time, retail will have a say. Get ready u bstrd!

  9. $ROSG one has to think why we cant get a major pop with any PR release.

  10. $ROSG love green

  11. @andrea1969 $ROSG http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rosetta-genomics-expands-high-value-120000987.html $ROSG news....New Jersey Dept. of Health approval of OncoGX Select

  12. $ROSG The support is here no doubt. Good time to grab more. My guess is $3.50 in the next two weeks as confidence and market recovers.

  13. $ROSG

  14. $ROSG lets goo

  15. $TEVA you can now spend some money and buy $ROSG since u r already on the board and distribute some test anyway. 30pps offer should do it!

  16. $GENE is also a distributor of $ROSG tests. So we have $GENE $TEVA and GeneKor among others as distributors for $ROSG tests.

  17. $TEVA has been distributing $ROSG tests!

  18. What $TEVA and $ROSG have in common? THE #CEO!!!! Still #BULLISH on $ROSG adding here at lows..

  19. $ROSG smh...

  20. $ROSG genomics are the future, this is just the beginning... FDA approves first direct-to-consumer test http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/UCM435003

  21. $ROSG Don t understand the persistent weakness with the higher rev projections...but time to stop the bleeding...GLTA!

  22. $ROSG is the most peculiar and unpredictable stock in my portfolio.

  23. $ROSG green wooot

  24. $ROSG We wait for alone innovation, then goes up.

  25. $ROSG the only reason is down is people wanting in at lower prices. If it goes up, panic buying is coming. Then I ll sell. #Holding