1. $ROSG is this thing ever going to move?

  2. $ROSG no brainer, this will go up soon! Link is the jan 2015 letter to shareholders, revenue expected to go up! http://www.rosettagenomics.com/files/dmfile/letter%5Fto%5Fshareholders%5F120213%2Epdf

  3. @joey2 it s just a biotech pump and dump scheme like $NRX, $ROSG, $GENE, etc. get in early from the beginning u make $$ but a bit late now

  4. $ROSG After this http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rosetta-genomics-novel-differentiated-thyroid-132500869.html should pop back up next week.

  5. $ROSG Looks like this stock will be minus (-) $10.

  6. $ROSG AH is $3.30?!!!! OMG !!!!! :(

  7. $ROSG Biggest buy volume bar came in the final minutes

  8. $ROSG closing @ the LOD is not a buy signal

  9. $ROSG Secondary was planned way back, approved and shelved, $14 mil is gonna be sold over a long period of time cause in 6 mnth P=$8-9

  10. $ROSG maybe bounce here?

  11. $ROSG also magically tossed out the secondary offering for up 14mil in stock on the spike to 5.5. cannot tell me that wasnt planned

  12. $ROSG low cap stock, can be manipulated my mm s

  13. $ROSG Let s not forget mgmt has done a lot of good too. Lot s of patents, partnerships etc.They are positioned well.

  14. $ROSG in downward trend lines from yesterdays 3.8s print to 3.32 low. cannot catch a bid - no one believes in management ?

  15. $ROSG yep, buying on anticipated supports a bit, every time.


  17. $ROSG actually the money flow ration is positive all day long, weak is selling but bottom is being bought.

  18. $ROSG Time to buy, this company is doing things! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rosetta-genomics-novel-differentiated-thyroid-132500869.html

  19. $ROSG down 5% on a mere 300k in volume - mil in stock - why is no one buying da dip?

  20. $ROSG - where did all the pumpers go from 3.9 to 3.33? :>)

  21. $ROSG lets see if we get a double bottom and move on

  22. $ROSG time to buy a bit more for me. Sell the pop so much overdone.

  23. $ROSG -- ROSG and the like mentioned on CNBC... worthy of big investments...

  24. $ROSG this is a low float stock that can move wildly both ways. If you are casino trading and got in too late then you have to wait or sell

  25. $ROSG My worser position ever. Still holding at $5.3