1. $ROSG just get to $3 already... jeez... just keep dropping everyday!

  2. $ROSG long 3.42!

  3. $ROSG Volume falls and trading range gets narrower signs accumulation -week hands are out.

  4. $GENE Volume pretty low, but still much better than $CAPN, $SGNL, and $ROSG. Why has vol in those fallen so much faster? Thoughts, anyone?

  5. $OREX now up 60% -- $ROSG and $ONCY should follow...

  6. $ONCY $ROSG $OREX -- Up 54%...

  7. $CYTX Have a look at $MBLX up 70%.... $CLRX,$ZGNX ,$IBIO ,$SGNL ,$BIOC ,$ATOS ,$ROSG ,$CYTX

  8. $ROSG $3.48 with 1.3MM. Good signal

  9. $ROSG we just got a jump to $3.45

  10. $ROSG Ok, let´s c if it break res. 3.7 3.9 as sup. we ll have 3.4 3.6 sup. vs res. can be used 4 dt ;)

  11. $ROSG why there is no insider buy?

  12. $ROSG at least its green

  13. @Erath Okay, bc I loaded up another 3k shares at 2.65. Also own $CYTX $ATHX $BIOC $ROSG and $MEIP

  14. $ROSG Stop crying - this is your learning experience, value it! Money flow is positive showing controlled accumulation, I would add here.

  15. $ROSG STOP whining about your recent investment in $ROSG. If u can t take these stocks then invest in blue chips because $ROSG is high risk!

  16. $ROSG Dear lord, please allow me to break even, amen.

  17. $ROSG oh man we just went up 4 cents !! This is going to $50 by tomorrow.... Gimme a break this stock is garbage

  18. $ROSG All pivotal support levels held nicely, should rebound, first target $3.70 - $3.80 for confirmation

  19. $ROSG worthy of a boom baby

  20. $ROSG Lets ride this train up!

  21. $ROSG activity in this lotto

  22. $ROSG Held support - should be able to move up now

  23. $ROSG I believe it hit bottom.

  24. $ROSG this baby just went from negative to positive. $3.45. We are setting to go higher here. Jump in folks before it is too late b

  25. $ROSG Why should anyone waste commenting on a stock that consistently lowers every day. Save them for the fun stocks.