1. Best week in a while... Long $SPY $CL_F $ARX.CA $BAC + Options. Short $GBSN, Long $SNSS. Monday weekly positions: $PTN $DNAI $ROSG Monday

  2. $ROSG stock drops every time b4 the weekend. Way to hold u daytards!

  3. $ROSG A few volumes but should go back a bit, has lost a lot lately.

  4. $ROSG I believe in ROSG.. But that 3 month-6 month chart :(

  5. $ROSG it might b time to let COB Brian Markison know that shareholders need a return. Enough is enough. Getting ready 4 a proxy fight!

  6. $ROSG yeeeaaahhh

  7. $BIOC Up $axn up $rosg up $ohrp penny stocks ruling today

  8. $ROSG and againhttp://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-blood-test-could-predict-breast-cancer-relapse-risk/

  9. $ROSG just think if we could sell 2 BP. 14mil outstanding, 300mil would put us at 21pps. CEO gets paid too much. 2.5mil in salary. Hes a POS

  10. $ROSG interesting developments! http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/world/scientists+successfully+turn+human+cancer+cells+back+normal+process/11315985/story.html

  11. $ROSG 2.19 is the next target drop. CEO wont do anything for retail so the price will drop until we get a PR that the street wants to pop.

  12. $ROSG this maybe turning point?

  13. $ROSG Happy to see it bottoming out and showing support. This is ridiculously cheap. Let s see some uptrend!

  14. $ROSG holding up very good and $spex $clrx

  15. With this market $ROSG green it s a beauty

  16. $ROSG u want to make money while everything burns, bet here & bet big b/c we will pop just a matter of time. Grab as much as u can afford!

  17. $ROSG positive revenue, new test, & if MGMT can get their head outta a$$ whole company could sell for $15-$30 a share. Good entry right now.

  18. $ROSG

  19. $ROSG once again look at GENE. Drop nothing to do with fundamentals. People r fear selling. This is at lows so think about a position. $$$$

  20. After adjusting Top Value Biotech Picks for 2015 for $TRGT dividend: $REPH $ECYT $TBRA $DARA $BOTA $OGXI $ROSG

  21. $ROSG like I said Ken Berlin, if u dont get this thing sold, capital mrkts r not going 2 keep giving u $. Make a deal & get out b4 we turn!

  22. $ROSG biotech safe heaven. When MRKT tanks, invstrs turn to bio b/c it can jump fast so losses can recover. ROSG is cheap right now.

  23. $ROSG someone is going to make bank when this selloff stops. Think about the spread, .30 jump easy. This mrkt is panicking so make some $$$$

  24. $ROSG not isolated to ROSG. Look at GENE today. Same movements 4 the last week. Systematic, lot of $ on .50-$1 pops when buying $50k shares!

  25. $ROSG Pretty f d up price action today for sure!