1. $ROSG Another joke PR. Get your NEW proxy in now with AGAINST for Berlin, + shares, board members. Toss the bum MGMT out now!

  2. $ROSG Rosetta Genomics and the Institute of Molecular Translational Medicine Partner on Development of.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/ROSG/communique/793974

  3. $ROSG U need to send in the current proxy. Other two will not count. Make sure to vote AGAINST Berlin, shares, board members! Enough already

  4. $ROSG Phone call proxy firm asking for your vote. If you mailed it in tell them to read your MAILED ballot!

  5. $ROSG Sorry guys but no event here. Just DT trying to get money back and longs are getting teased. Typical stuff from this junk stock. Yeah!

  6. $CBMX does PRENATAL testing . WTH u guys r soooo funny If anything $ROSG general testing for virus. Get a grip

  7. $ROSG Criminal MGMT has created a supplemental proxy today. Adding more board members to line their pockets. Please be aware of items 9to11.

  8. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] $ROSG

  9. $ROSG About 15 days left before we know the results of the proxy. Vote AGAINST and get them in now. U can go online too. Stop bad MGMT!

  10. $rosg keeps dropping. $2.50 puts looking good for April

  11. $ROSG Your proxy should be mailed in by now. Vote AGAINST and mail it in if you have not. Berlin you aint getting your 500K.

  12. $ROSG sell some patents since they fail to exploit the phenomena, instead of continuing to do the thieves with its clusters

  13. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1199199 $ROSG

  14. $ROSG Get your proxies in folks. Time to show them who is in control. Don t let this little bump fool you. Vote against and make them work!

  15. $ROSG Where they want to lead? society is always worse than banana

  16. $ROSG Third Party comment probably didnt pan out. Only hope is for medicare reimbursement! Do something Berlin or youre out!

  17. $ROSG Managers don t care about shareholders. Good science bad management. Send a message with your proxy. Not taking it anymore!

  18. $ROSG I will vote against him

  19. $ROSG CEO Berlin needs to go. This company needs a change of guard. Please vote AGAINST the measures on your proxy. Get it in now!

  20. $ROSG holding short. No strength here!

  21. $ROSG I just got my proxy and voted AGAINST Berlin salary, shares, re-elect board members. FOR the audit firm. Send the crooks a message.

  22. $ROSG Pos

  23. $ROSG Vote NO on the proxies. Send management a message that longs are not going to take these levels anymore. Start partnering or selling!

  24. $ROSG wonderful indicator. There are only call options available through April 2015This means the writers know this is going down until then

  25. $ROSG Hey Berlin, you ll get your money when I get mine youSOB!