1. @svnvms reminds me more of $ROSG ...pumping press release creates spike and the day after dilute..I avoided that pump like the plague

  2. $ROSG when there are no ideas have to sell, you are likely to touch new lows

  3. $ROSG Happy Hanukkah, now sell the damn company Berlin!

  4. $ROSG This would be nice for $ROSG! http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1322701

  5. @TradeWarriorXXL Something is moving $ROSG into position for some news. 2.5 years since it broke 10pps. It might be primed for a spike.

  6. $ROSG The mgmt of this company is horrible but the science works. Someone buy this company and fire Berlin and the BOD!

  7. $ROSG all over the place this morning on light volume

  8. $ROSG...the current EV seems real low given revenue potential of pipeline/products as well as the company s collaborations

  9. listening to $ROSG presentational at LD Microcap. Given that company has enough cash for into 2016 and actually had a good balance sheet,..

  10. $ROSG what was Friday s EOD slaughter?

  11. $ROSG Berlin u are a true SOB in all its context! U left retail to die and now the stock is taking! Hope u like your options at 2.79 u POS!

  12. $ROSG Berlin refuses to sell the company. His greed will ruin us all. He needs to be fired now! This stock will drop below 2 in the future!

  13. $ROSG whats with the hammering right now?

  14. nuttiness is back in $DGLY $ROSG had a para regear move like this but you dont see it often

  15. $GENE news seems like it is soon & Genomics stocks are getting really hot now and buyouts happening. This is a steal price $MRNA $RNA $ROSG

  16. $ROSG tonight the CEO is presenting at LD Micro Conf. And webcast on rosg website. Possible fast mover tomorrow morning. Moving well today

  17. @Think4self $rosg moving up.... Next week will be interesting for sure

  18. $ROSG Next week will be interesting.Things are lining up. Peterburg on $TEVA board, LD Micro on Wed, CEO Berlin exercise options @ EOD price

  19. $rosg smelling buyout move soon. $TEVA Elected Peterburg as Chairman of the BOD. Peterburg is currently on $ROSG BOD http://finance.yahoo.com/news/prof-yitzhak-peterburg-elected-chairman-161300870.html

  20. $ROSG Looksy

  21. @FinancesStocks: $ROSG to Present at LD MICRO Main Event Micro-Cap Growth Conference on Dec 3, 2014 http://www.finances.com/company-news/40818-rosetta-genomics-to-present-at-ld-micro-main-event-micro-cap-growth-conference-on-december-3-2014.htm

  22. $ROSG Rosetta Genomics to Present at LD MICRO Main Event Micro-Cap Growth Conference on December 3, 2014 http://www.finances.com/company-news/40818-rosetta-genomics-to-present-at-ld-micro-main-event-micro-cap-growth-conference-on-december-3-2014.htm

  23. @Think4self $rosg starting Dec 1st. is a great candidate for buyout like $RNA. With great tech, science, and low price. $RNA $MRNA $GENE

  24. @algernon $rosg could have something like this under their sleeve after 11/30 & the CEO gets his cheapies. Dec/Jan will be very telling.

  25. $ROSG watch and learn $RNA.