1. $ROSG shorts hehehe.. I waiting to bbq U anytime

  2. $ROSG watching for this one. Waiting shorts to cover

  3. $ROSG Love the stock - think it will be worth $20 someday... question is when?

  4. $ROSG when does this stock start a true upward trend? Breaking out of its wedge today to the negative.

  5. $ROSG $GENE $BIOC all down. Being manipulated as this is a hot sector & MMs know it. They will take the leash off when they want to.

  6. $ROSG $330 at a time...dang virtual key boards...

  7. $ROSG frustrating!!!

  8. $ROSG nice shake today to pop right at closing. We all know this is a $10 stock!

  9. $ROSG unless PR from company on CC, any date is an estimate that is probably wrong. Just wait for announcement.

  10. $ROSG wtf , all my orders are part filled. Nobody wants to play with me

  11. $ROSG Analyst Report. Sounding good. http://thedailyrover.com/rosetta-genomics-ltd-nasdaqrosg-analyst-rating-update/

  12. $ROSG: Rosetta Genomics Announces Participation in Cantor Fitzgerald s ... http://stockwires.com/rosetta-genomics-announces-participation-in-cantor-fitzgerald-39-s

  13. $ROSG Rosetta Genomics Announces Participation in Cantor Fitzgerald’s Inaugural “From Bench to Bedside” Healthcare Conf. on Wed July 8th

  14. $ROSG buy into the close. We need major PR to break 4 pps. CC call mid July maybe.

  15. $ROSG is buotech effected by greece default?

  16. $ROSG something is up b/c we were getting steady PRs this year & now it has slowed. R they talking with power players?

  17. $ROSG closes the quarter today. Is this ticking up telling us something?

  18. For $ROSG pay for performance, PDx, MiRNA, and all the patents future looks bright

  19. Alright, gentlemen. Who would like to speculate on today s 5% gain on zero news? $ROSG = Bipolar :D

  20. $ROSG Pay for performance on drugs will be a reality sooner than later. It will be the only way to justify high drug prices

  21. Big Pharma needs companies like $ROSG and $SGNL for future growth

  22. @i_Genius: $ROSG time will come, sector is heating just take a look to $SGNL

  23. $ROSG time will come, sector is heating just take a look to $SNGL

  24. $ROSG is stronger than $BIOC & $GENE. Take note, pop is coming so think about your investing dollars & where u want to be.

  25. $ROSG accumulation at these levels. Smart play to buy & hold for the pop to $4pps & then rinse/repeat