1. @Tatoduk: Pre-Market Gainers 7/31 $AVP 4%, $PCRX 5%, $MTOR 5%, $COHU 6%, $ROSG 7%,

  2. $evry nice close.. Might pop higher if markets green Tmr .. Holding strong on big market drop today..chart looking better.. Also $ROSG

  3. $ROSG closing an awesome deal and it is driven down again. How screwed is that?

  4. $ROSG I just know I am going to stay long until this thing blows through the roof. Don t care how long it takes, it will happen.

  5. @mydanilo Waiting for $ROSG to do their ER. I wish foreign companies had to do quarterly reports like domestic companies. Google says Sept.

  6. $ROSG this is going to be one loaded gun when they start reporting nice profit. Everything is lining up.

  7. $ROSG & $OXGN Green On A Red Day #Winning

  8. $ROSG has been showing support at 3.65 and resistance at 4.55. Strong technical buying signal. http://y.ahoo.it/DHTRP0YD

  9. From twitter @RNAiAnalyst: $ROSG miR Dx collab w/ undisclosed Co reminiscent of $RGLS collab w/ $BIIB: http://y.ahoo.it/AW4l5FdH

  10. $ROSG Holding up well on a bad biotech day. Strong PRs, patents, upgrades, & partnership. Discount priced now. Next week... $IBB $BIB $MNKD

  11. Early Movers $EVRY $LPSN $ROSG

  12. $rosg +13% pre-market

  13. $ROSG Rosetta Genomics Announces Agreement With Global Pharmaceutical Company to Advance Efforts in Al.. http://y.ahoo.it/nMPI7QYX

  14. $ROSG moving back to $4 & hopefully another PR is in the works. A ceasefire in Israel is in the making right now bringing back old investors

  15. $ROSG news http://y.ahoo.it/HHSwEdPn

  16. @BVHealthcare HUGE NEWS!Huge news! $ROSG Announces Next-Generation Sequencing Research Collaboration W/ Weizmann http://y.ahoo.it/BlJ6Wt5E

  17. $ROSG Rosetta Genomics Announces Next-Generation Sequencing Research Collaboration With Weizmann Insti.. http://y.ahoo.it/5bQc7fvH

  18. @reformedbroker companies like $ROSG is ushering that progress. Genomics need the publicity that it deserves now. It is saving lives.

  19. http://y.ahoo.it/j3r3T8Z9 $ROSG $IBB $BIB $XBI $GENE

  20. $IBB My biotech buyout basket ($BLFS $AVEO $ROSG $TRIB $PHMD $CNAT) up 2.5% since inception on July 14th versus SPY +0.6%, take that Yellen!

  21. @Kristin Spoke too soon about $ROSG

  22. @Kristin $ROSG is looking better this week. Could an emerging upswing happening now?

  23. Hopium bios that have gone from parabolic to depression $AFFY $AMRN $VVUS $ROSG $SSH $CCYC $ARNA $CBMX $IBB

  24. $ROSG this thing is so undervalues.

  25. $ROSG More good news yesterday & little permanent movement. One thing today is small volume...are people holding on to the shares this time?