1. $ROSG percolating. this thing is going to pull a $GENE one day again so for now we wait.....

  2. $OHRP $sltd taking off $bioc $eyes $rosg

  3. $ROSG Not much selling or buying. Maybe next week.

  4. $ROSG the market isn t great today for most stocks. But we can make money on $DRRX. Jump aboard

  5. $ROSG u don t deserve this waste of time :-P

  6. Investor Alerts- $OIBR $M $ROSG http://www.streetwisereport.com/investor-alerts-oi-s-a-nyseoibr-merck-co-inc-nysemrk-rosetta-genomics-ltd-nasdaqrosg/112909/

  7. $ROSG march to $5 started with today s news about the kidney cancer test!http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rosetta-genomics-receives-key-u-123000717.html

  8. $ROSG AH $3.10, nice to see. Going to be an interesting Friday. Can it continue ending the week green? I say: Yes we can!

  9. $ROSG nice

  10. $ROSG $bioc needs a day like ROSG

  11. $ROSG wow it actually ended green! :D keep it like that ROSG

  12. $ROSG reasonable close.

  13. $ROSG Nice hold at this level, looking for a big move in next couple weeks.

  14. $ROSG shes holding the $3 line, just need some volume with the good PR! $FXCM $GENE $CRIS $CLRX $UWTI

  15. $ROSG Issued Rosetta Genomics patents: https://www.google.com.tw/search?q=Rosetta+Genomics&num=100&safe=off&biw=1385&bih=822&tbs=sbd:1,ptss:g&tbm=pts&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=VUMUVazgFIrasASmtoCQCg&ved=0CBUQpwU&gws_rd=cr Rosetta patent applications: https://www.google.com.tw/search?q=Rosetta+Genomics&num=100&safe=off&biw=1385&bih=822&tbs=sbd:1,ptss:a&tbm=pts&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=e0QUVY3LC6mIsQTx44H4BA&ved=0CBUQpwU&gws_rd=cr

  16. Share an idea on $ROSG beginning of a big upside.

  17. $ROSG @Urameshi84 this one is at US, Last spike was when they owned another patent for Canada & Europe So, if this one grants Canada&EU...

  18. $ROSG what does these parents mean for Rosg? They only have US Japan and what else ?

  19. $BRCM Selects Broadcom’s Ultra HD System-On-Chip and Wi-Fi SoC- $ROSG $FTNT http://www.streetwisereport.com/broadcom-corp-nasdaqbrcm-selects-broadcoms-ultra-hd-system-on-chip-and-wi-fi-soc-rosetta-genomics-nasdaqrosg-fortinet-nasdaqftnt/112796/

  20. $ROSG I think the patent portfolio + Berlin s track record selling companies is why Zachs is so bullish w/ $10.50 PT. http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/zacks-reiterates-outperform-rating-for-rosetta-genomics-rosg/84503/

  21. $ROSG I already told u that this stock cant respond to a good news, its lost in open sea

  22. $ROSG Seems like most of these little biotech cos eventually get a big hit or sell themselves off.

  23. $ROSG Can me make sum new highs of day plz

  24. $ROSG I have track stock for years. Who knows but patent portfolio makes it an attractive scoop for a big pharm player

  25. $ROSG in breakout mode!