1. $ROX continuation wedge, target $1.40 http://y.ahoo.it/6syam8Z2

  2. $ROX good to be back. i see not much has changed

  3. @wrench: $ROX What is all the hub bub? BUB? not much....

  4. $ROX What is all the hub bub? BUB?

  5. Share an idea on $ROX so under the radar it s not even funny

  6. $ROX Zachs rank #1 read the latest article from Yahoo Finance http://y.ahoo.it/3l302Zlz.

  7. $ROX Enjoy. http://y.ahoo.it/ln9CzV5o

  8. $ROX Didn t er already come out?

  9. $ROX Still waiting for the .70 s @chrisokaly ?

  10. $ROX reinvested

  11. Share an idea on $ROX shorts are going to be annihilated when earnings happen

  12. $ROX bought at .93 still happy i got in below a dollar. This company should be above the dollar mark now is a perfect buy before earnings

  13. $ROX same company it was when the stock was trading 1.30-1.50 in march; numbers have only gotten better.

  14. $ROX good fundamentals here. unfortunately that doesn t always reflect in stock price

  15. $ROX disappointing yet again. High volume for this to be only shorts. Skeptical...

  16. Share an idea on $ROX it s ok fundamentals are improving idiotic traders are influencing price movement

  17. Watching 7/21 TOP 10 $BLDP $DNN $IG $LIQD $PGNX $PLX $ROX $SYN $THLD $VICL

  18. $PLUG getting ready to go parabolic. If they show -.04 per diluted share then this explodes. Over 5.25 monday $ROX $BLDP $MNGA $APP

  19. $ROX Closed AH at .91 Next week ought to be good

  20. Zacks radar caught this stock... Strong buy $ROX http://y.ahoo.it/E4RnjuKB

  21. Share an idea on $ROX this company is increasing sales volume in the carribean and have a diversified business model

  22. $ROX only real question here is does it break .90 resistance. otherwise its just noise

  23. $ROX good moves here

  24. $ROX i ll giv opinion Wackd jst like $RNN!

  25. Share an idea on $ROX there we go green