1. $ROX soon soon . . .

  2. Sold $HERO $ROX $SAEX $WILC

  3. $ROX Only green in my portfolio today. Says a lot about this little stock

  4. Castle Brands Just Received a Notice of Effectiveness http://y.ahoo.it/QyOrNHYG $ROX

  5. $ROX Goslings dark and stormy Sunday + NFL http://y.ahoo.it/JFWTKOB1

  6. $ROX I m on th ROX! Go ROX go!

  7. $ROX whats up with this company heading up from here?

  8. $ISR ENSV $GPRO $ROX my best year ever!

  9. $ROX think big and far. just buy and hold this baby and average down at lower prices. i ve been buying since last year. very happy so far.

  10. $ROX adding more at 1.06 if this gets there . . .

  11. $ROX No legs yet, lol

  12. $ROX Come on, lets break through 1.14 and through 1.15. Get some legs.

  13. $ROX Getting HOTT!

  14. $ROX and there s the 7000 shares at 1.01 again http://y.ahoo.it/JjEUtOWW

  15. $ROX looking forward to buy more under 1.14 ...waiting for best entry

  16. $ROX bang out- changd to 1.20 now!

  17. $ROX Jump aboard the rox train! Slow coal based train but moving constantly nonetheless

  18. $ROX textbook. looking awesome! http://y.ahoo.it/0Njd1oS4

  19. $ROX Heavy vol 2day up 6.48% on the day. 1 year ago 2ay this was trading at $0.50. Currently at $1.15. Hit $1.55 back in the spring. GO ROX

  20. $ROX interesting. Every morning the last few days I see exactly 7000 shares traded to bring it down to 1.01

  21. $ROX great start to another week!

  22. $ROX needs a little spark to move nicely :) soon soon ...

  23. $ROX

  24. $ROX good times

  25. $ROX coiled up, about to make a move. i m betting my money to the upside. http://y.ahoo.it/yOWNaCzD