1. $ROX yep this is looking great.

  2. $CYTX $ISR $OHRP $RAVE $ROX these charts have my interest technically. Will be checking into fundamentals tomorrow!

  3. $ROX Institutional ownership up 24.47% Q/Q, with 2,955,160 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/ROX

  4. $TRXC $DUST $ROX $APRI sell orders set for End of Day Close. Only will be holding $TA to 5/4 and loading 100% into $LB

  5. $ROX company is down 90% over its lifetime. profit vehicle for insiders sitting on free option exercises, ponzi scheme of sorts


  7. #thirtythirtyrule $ROX $BIND

  8. $ROX Pathetic

  9. $ROX Absolutely Pahetic

  10. $ROX As I said a few days ago, the stock will continue to fluctuate a few cents until earnings. Nothing to see here for now.

  11. $ROX I don t get it. You are so excited about shorting a cent or two on this. Which must mean you have a lot of money it, right?

  12. $ROX PT Alert: $.88

  13. $ROX PT ALERT: $.88

  14. $ROX sorry, your pump crew isn t working here. time for you all to move along

  15. $ROX

  16. $ROX

  17. $ROX minutes later, its below support

  18. $ROX It hasn t dipped below support around 90 for a month now, so shorts desperate to make any money will dump on this for a few days.

  19. $ROX Ive followed ROX for 2 yr thinking that they could get bought out. no share volume and company can t manage expenses and rept a profit

  20. $ROX today s round of pumpers bought 3 weeks ago & are stuck with 1.00+ entries. looking for sheep to dump shares on. don t fall for it

  21. $ROX More insider buying is a good sign.

  22. $ROX Do your own DD and make your own call.

  23. $ROX Also disregard the blatant short who has been dumping on there for years.

  24. $ROX there s no run coming here; please disregard the blatant pumping

  25. $ROX I like the looks but only 34k volume