1. $RPRX prob go lower around 120 hopefully entry at 110 insider want more cheap shares and so do I news still a while

  2. $RPRX waiting is the painful part want in...

  3. $RPRX gap around .95 needs to be filled

  4. $RPRX Let s see if we get a reversal candle on Tuesday, or if we head back down toward 1.00...

  5. $RPRX Anyone have a link to something recent on Enclomiphene? I can t find a reference to their next step and corresponding dates.

  6. Appears to have been correct $RPRX

  7. $RPRX Come on, fall just 8 cents more so I can buy more shares. Come to Papa...

  8. $RPRX Anyone have any idea if they have something in the pipeline that will pop this stock? I m in too high & it keeps trailing.

  9. $RPRX http://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FilingID=11406151&RcvdDate=5/24/2016&CoName=REPROS%20THERAPEUTICS%20INC.&FormType=DEF%2014A&View=html June 28th

  10. $RPRX with volume this could hit 3.15 again.. Especially with the insider trading

  11. $RPRX http://hintsnewsnetwork.com/insiders-are-gradually-buying-repros-therapeutics-inc-nasdaqrprx/68796/ Insider buying

  12. $RPRX

  13. $NERV $TTNP $FLXN Ehhhhh $RPRX is an example of why you should

  14. $RPRX Come on, drift back down to 1.80 so I can add some more shares... :-)

  15. $RPRX funny movement today

  16. $RPRX this is being walked down to accumulate...no reason for a drop after really good news

  17. $RPRX sold this at 3.15 wow

  18. $RPRX hopeless bulls cheering bullish since the big run...i tried to warn this was going back to sub $2. 😐👎🏻

  19. $CHK $GALE $BIOD $SRPT $RPRX moving in pre market #stocks #options #stocktrends

  20. $BIOD Has announced a big merger $OXGN $PTX $ORIG $NETE $RPRX $AMD $GSAT dont miss this guys



  23. $RPRX 300% gains are predicted with SKLN tomorrow

  24. $RPRX one more bounce

  25. $rprx out $2.02 took the loss from $2.16. Hate watching paint dry. Will buy back if/when she drops.