1. $BAS There it is...BOOM. Accumulation under way. Follow Insiders. Easy $$. $6s today? $ACI $RPRX $ARIA $VLTC $S $MU $RJET $GENE $CALA $TROV

  2. Investors Alert $KITE $CISG $CORI $RPRX http://www.stocktranscript.com/investors-alert-kite-pharma-inc-nasdaqkite-cninsure-inc-nasdaqcisg-corium-international-inc-nasdaqcori-repros-therapeutics-inc-nasdaqrprx-solitario-exploration-royalty-n/60781/

  3. $RPRX Unloaded 9K @7.45 1K @1.40. Looking to reenter.

  4. WARNING: $RPRX FEAR indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) enters alarm zone!

  5. $RPRX Order in 10K @7.35. 2K filled so far.

  6. @Think4self $RPRX waking up here. Could be interesting. Just say: catalyst around the corner. $CPRX

  7. @phishead $RPRX good clinical info related to upcoming ad comm. http://www.sac-tracker.com/brudac-20151103-ba Very informative, thanks for posting!

  8. $BAS Boom! $4s coming. Follow the insider buying. $5 s coming soon. $EMES $EBIO $MU $TROV $VLTC $AQXP $RPRX $ARIA. Buy the dips fear creates

  9. $RPRX loaded 10k this morning

  10. $RPRX been watching this for a while, thinking of taking a small position. What happened to this company? why $50 to $7??

  11. $RPRX good clinical info related to upcoming ad comm. http://www.sac-tracker.com/brudac-20151103-ba

  12. $RPRX jumped back in here today at $7.13, should be a really easy 10% if the market settles down for a week or two.

  13. $HALO $RPRX $ACAD Everything melting

  14. $RPRX gap filled and a nice looking candle so far

  15. @micheleciani Holding long $RPRX $OXGN $SNTA $CYTR Sell your cytr at a loss already man. You ve been stuck since 2013.

  16. bio shorts watching $sgnt 19.50 $blue 121 $rprx 17.40 $clvs

  17. $RPRX will buy again @7$

  18. $CLTX oil is the safe haven. Already priced in. $BAS big inside buys yesterday. Cheap at $4.30 (was over $7 week ago). $ACI $PTN $RPRX $VLTC

  19. @Think4self the $BDSI indider buy took place at $2.94 that nothing to be excited about but still positive. $CLDX $CEMP $RPRX $KPTI i like!

  20. $RPRX today s Addyi approval could mean higher chance of androxal approval. FDA caved to women s movement. RPRX should start men s movement

  21. $PTN only question i have is why is this not trending yet? $ATNM $AQXP $SYN $RPRX $TRVN

  22. @Think4self $CEMP $CLDX $RPRX $BDSI today no movement for 2H catalyst plays.

  23. $RPRX failed on the breakout attempts last week & should pullback to a support area or a MA support

  24. $RPRX Inching towards resistance potential breakout setting up. http://chartdiligence.com/rprx-inching-towards-resistance-potential-breakout-setting-up/

  25. Holding long $RPRX $OXGN $SNTA $CYTR