1. $RSH go big or go home, greed is good, lol

  2. @nineballer $SPY $RSH Go big.

  3. @Bottomfeeder88: $RSH Halt coming. All the longs will scream buyout before the truth comes out.

  4. $RSH Can t wait to see what the price is on my newly named $RSHC put options tomorrow! Nearing the point of diminishing returns @ $0.00.

  5. @cheri1 @Velvetcrowbar Well said....$RSH BK was 100% certain with plenty of coverage from credible media sources....

  6. Just visited my local $rsh they are boxing up everything. Wanted to cry. Said they are sending all clearance to stores that are closing.

  7. $RSH were can I sell my rush stocks?, I can t trade on my broker account

  8. $RSH You should ve listened and sold this when it was still above 1.

  9. $RSH whats the link to see the stock price

  10. $RSH delisted? ouch

  11. Big news today with $AMZN possibly switching from selling the #Firephone online to selling CB Radios at their new $RSH stores

  12. $RSH shares as toxic as Johnny Manziel.

  13. $RSH now 10 shares costs slightly more than a cheeseburger at $ MCD. Not sure which one is more hazardous to your health.

  14. $RSH AH $RSHC .111

  15. $RSH forgot the golden ST rule. can t post about individual stock names - trolls. can t post about 3X ETF s - gambler junkies. block.

  16. $rsh can t believe what I m reading trendline bottom average down?? What does it take 2 c all that stuff is irrelevant here.Why not buy more

  17. $RSH touched bottom trend line of falling wedge today.

  18. $RSH if you did not see this coming you don t have any business trading

  19. @Velvetcrowbar: $RSH @cheri1 All I can say is another great call & omg they should have listened!! ty so much :)

  20. $RSH .11

  21. $SPY Anyone want to bet on no interest rate increase this year? I ll wager all my $RSH holdings...

  22. $RSH -54.62% today. Closed at .109. Tough day for the longs.

  23. $RSH $S sprint is really taking off. Wonder if it has anything to do with getting shack s stores?

  24. $ARO rallies in hopes it will replace $RSH as target of LBO BS rumors. $JCP and $AEO join in sympathy. $BNO and $USO on Greeks going bust

  25. @tokmelo: NOPE!!! wishing for .30 won t happen ☺ @TeachNTrade: $RSH Dead cat bounce tomorrow or not? Thanks for your opinion David