1. $XHB $EWT $FDN $RTH $QQQ $ITB $BRZU $JDST $DUST $TQQQ $DZZ $SCIF $EWS Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-APRIL-24-4783.html#comments

  2. Low unemployment, but no wage growth. Good environment for discount retailers... $BIG $FDO $RTH $MACRO

  3. sld my $RTH 76.18 @ 9:53 AM bot on Fri 3:59 40 secnds 75.54 also bot on Fri DOG $DOO @ 45.11 3:59 .5 secnds I STILL OWN closed 4/20 45.10

  4. $WMT $IYC $XLP $RTH looks like quite a bit more pain to come in the retailers.

  5. near the close I couldn t stop myself bot dog $DOO 45.11 and $RTH Mkt vectors retail 75.54

  6. Going Shopping With Retail ETFs http://www.etftrends.com/2015/04/going-shopping-with-retail-etfs/ $XLY $XRT $RTH $FL $TJX $ROST $HD $AMZN $LOW

  7. Retail industry has concluded another profitable period of seasonal strength. http://www.equityclock.com/2015/04/14/stock-market-outlook-for-april-15-2015/ $XRT $RTH

  8. $RTH made $ on it & was a quik tradr on it +7.69% Fidelity Var annuity Consumer Discretionary 1/23 - 4/13 60 DAY MIN HOLD 2 avoid 1% pen

  9. $RTH Market Vectors Retail ETF is similar 2 my Fidelity VIP Consumer Discret that I am selling today in my Fidelity Var Annuity

  10. Momentum going wrong way? 3mo avg of US retail sales sitting on/slightly below crucial 2.5% level. $macro $XRT $RTH

  11. The retail sales consecutive month miss parlay still live!! Get in there and Buy the Equity Bubble!! $XRT $RTH $SPY

  12. @jackdamn: U.S. retail sales increase 0.9% in March. Retail sales minus autos climb 0.4 in March. $ES_F $XRT $RTH

  13. No worries. Its Tuesday tomorrow. Consumers will eb out in full force spending those part-time dollars $XRT $RTH $SPY

  14. @cheri1: $SQBG I like the r/r trade Monthly chart setting up for a res.of move higher. $RTH http://stocktwits.com/badlink.html 3/8 up 15percent

  15. Lg Cap All-Time High list > 20 names with Retail the only theme. $XLY $RTH $XRT

  16. Scan: Bullish Harami Pattern $RTH $IMPV $ETB $REED $EMAN

  17. 2 Retail ETFs To Play The ConsumerSpending Surge $XLY $RTH $WMT $AMZN $HD $XRT http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/2-retail-etfs-to-play-the-consumer-spending-surge?post=62111

  18. Connecting the dots for discount retailers http://mytradingincome.com/connecting-the-dots-for-discount-retailers/ $BIG $FDO $DLTR $RTH

  19. U.S. personal interest income has persistently lagged interest payments past three years. #ZIRP #QE #Fed $XLY $RTH

  20. @ZachScheidtAgora: It s official! Sears creating REIT, Seritage Growth Properties, which will buy 254 stores for $2.5 bil $SHLD $RTH

  21. Congrats to my Income on Demand subscribers - the move in $SHLD today leaves our puts in GREAT shape! $RTH $XRT

  22. It s official! Sears creating REIT, Seritage Growth Properties, which will buy 254 stores for $2.5 bil http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurengensler/2015/04/01/sears-to-raise-2-5-billion-by-forming-reit/?utm_campaign=yahootix&partner=yahootix $SHLD $RTH

  23. 3) If there are more low-wage jobs, and gas prices help these shoppers, discount retailers should benefit $MACRO $XRT $BIG $RTH

  24. Upward trend on #Consumercyclical #U.S. $IYC $PEJ $RCD $RTH $PMR - up 17% in 6 months - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Consumer_cyclical,U.S./one_year/absolute

  25. BTFBUBBLE let s go!! Almost there. $SPY $IBB $XRT $FB $TWTR $RTH and sell til the Fed comes home $VXX