1. $SQBG I like the risk reward trade following earnings. Monthly chart setting up for a resumption of move higher. $RTH http://stocktwits.com/message/33169947

  2. Fed September Lift-Off, Like US Stocks and Retail http://www.bnn.ca/Video/player.aspx?vid=557791 $FED $RTH

  3. $CST spinoff from Valero $VLO 4/9/13 Oil price falls & they don t pass all savings 2 customers Mor disposable income similar 2 rise in $RTH

  4. $SPY on strength we will short $GM add to $rth and $XRT short

  5. $SPY $C was for us as near a sure thing short as u get NOW? it is $XRT or $RTH going DOWN BOYZ load the boat

  6. $SPY SHORTS for today $XRT / $RTH $GM $MS - we will look to add to our $C short on any strength or take profits when it falls under 51.

  7. $SPY Good MORNING! DOW30 tells us banks doing DOWN. People we respect agree. We are SHORT $C heavy and $GS light. $XRT/$RTH short today

  8. $SPY $XRT and $RTH are shorts. tomorrow. no doubt from our end. We will load up. we are short $XLY at 74.45. We bet it kicker reverses

  9. $RTH Kevin the story about low gas prices = more consumer spending. Are we/they/NYSE/CNBC men still working this story ?

  10. $RTH bot at 15:47:11 75.18 (it took 14 minutes)

  11. $RTH tryin 2 by @ 75.18 offered at 75.25 down .65% 10% of portfolio is $WMT down because low paid workers all getting raises

  12. Can retail stocks and ETFs continue to make strong gains? $RTH $XRT $LOW $WMT $HD http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/164924/redhot-top-ranked-retail-etfs

  13. The Magical Mystery Tour Expanding the Bubble each day. $XRT $RTH $SPY

  14. interesting link via ZH: Track The Massive Congestion At The Port Of Long Beach In Real Time http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-18/track-massive-congestion-port-long-beach-real-time $MACRO $XRT $RTH $FXI

  15. Consumer remains on fire!! $FOSL $LZB $PERY. Just but retail...unreal... $XRT $RTH $SPY

  16. @zippy82 biggest monthly int rate rise in 6 yrs & today is still just the 17th of th month - 30 yr mtge $IEV $RTH $EPHE $VNM $XOP winners

  17. @Mondo72 for my serious $ will invest $IYR proceeds into $AAXJ $EPHE $RTH when things cheapen up a bit.

  18. $XLP is weak cuz 10 treas started to reverse ?! go figure 10 YR all time low yield 1/30 & 2/2 1.68% now 2.02% $RTH is better

  19. $XLP consumer staples paid 49.05 12/31 trying 2 sell 4 49.60 better choice is $RTH. Also Phillippines looks good $EPHE

  20. Unleash the Bubble!! $XRT $SPY $RTH

  21. @mytfine I choose $RTH!

  22. $XLP $XLY $RTH $XRT in a HUGE race to see who can become 50% overvalued. $SPY

  23. $XLY, $RTH break out, don t buy soft retail sales, price in consumers will spend gas savings. http://www.hedgopia.com/xly-rth-break-out-will-consumers-splurge-gas-windfall/ http://stocktwits.com/message/32642485

  24. Ignore everything lets go!! BTFBubble...this is just amazing $SPY $XRT $RTH $QQQ

  25. Lg Cap All-Time High list at 55 names with Retail, Insurance & Healthcare leading list. $XLY $XRT $RTH $KIE $XLV $XPH http://stocktwits.com/message/32562719