1. Sector divergence and the unending buying dy after day is insane and amazing $XLI $XLP 4XLK $IYT $SMH $XRT $RTH $XLY

  2. This Buying of Consumer Names on Day 30 after Multiples expanded by 4 turns is funny XLP $RTH $XLY $XRT - Nothing Matters

  3. Check the Clock, cause its Europe Close...4 hour Consumer Buy Program time. Been pre-programmed for 4 years. $XLP $RTH $XRT $IYT $XLI $XLK

  4. $RTH RSI 85 basically gone straight up since oct, sustainable? naw... http://stocktwits.com/message/29596093

  5. $RTH Is this time any different? rsi over 70 out of upper BB... http://stocktwits.com/message/29596069

  6. Mkt supposedly looks out 6 months to a year in advance so yest Retail up 4 weeks straight with Stories about Black Friday makes sense $RTH

  7. Hey look $VXX on lows...$SPY lowest Volume in forever as the Consumer levitates to 90+RSI - welcome to the Ponzi $SPY $RTH $XLY

  8. Unicorns, Fairies, Multiple Expansion and Sector Algos $XRT $RTH 4XLY

  9. RSI9 at 94 - highest ever seen for a sector...RSI 14 86 - sector been up 21 straight days on 0%-1% growth $RTH

  10. Sector Divergence off to the races. $XLE drops another 50bp to LOD as $XRT and $XLY $RTH extend Bubble highs. Unreal

  11. .5x way up and infinite on way down... $XLE $OIH $XME vs 100 RSI $RTH

  12. Day 21 $RTH

  13. If only $MOS and $POT marketed their product as cheaply made Vietnamese or Thai good sold at a loss in Dept Stores. $RTH

  14. Deck the Halls with Sector Algos!! 10AM pre-programmed Massive Divergences. $XRT $RTH $XLY

  15. Hey its Monday!! Sector algos back for week 49 of divergence!! $XLE $OIH $XME $XRT $XLP $RTH $XLY

  16. RSI 100 or Bust!! $SPY $QQQ $IYT $RTH $XLP $XLI $XLK

  17. $IWM massive fade - but the Algo that Launders Global Money still Green and wildly and comically overbought. $SPY $XLI $RTH $XLF $XLB $IYT

  18. It s Friday Afternoon in Ponziville. Rainbows, Unicorns, vol smash and multiple expansion. $SPY $XLP $IYT $RTH $VXX

  19. This is silly as well $LOW - whole host of 85/90 short term RSI $WMT $RTH - cmon folks

  20. Only 34.9% overvalued now $RTH

  21. North of 35% overvalued $RTH $XLP $XRT $XLY

  22. Oy funny cause it s true... $USO $XLE $OIH...meanwhile Consumer and Industrials nearing all time overbought. $RTH $XLI $XLP

  23. check out $XLY $XLP $RL $LOW $KO $RTH $WMT if you ever wanted to try shorts for 1-5 days these are my type of set ups..exhaustion type moves

  24. We ve made stocks 35% not 30% rich in this last run. Congrats. $RTH $XLP $XRT $SPY

  25. China liquidity is a boon to U.S. Retailers with no growth. 19 straight for $RTH. Wake me when sanity rolls in. $WMT $TGT $XRT $XLY $XLP