1. Redbook s same-store sales in Oct 18th wk up y/y +4.1% vs 3.8% in prior wk - $XRT $RTH $SPY $SPX #GDP

  2. ICSC-Goldman Store Sales for Oct 18th wk down -0.3% w/w vs -0.7% prior. Y/y +2.1% - $XRT $RTH $SPY $SPX #GDP

  3. $RTH high of day. Can add more Nov puts

  4. All day fade in $NFLX, they should be selling discounted goods and low margins...thats the ticket $XRT $RTH

  5. Consmer Discretionary breadth composite $ICY $RTH $ITB $XRT $PBS http://stocktwits.com/message/28177900

  6. @mdudas: Why Retailers Will Love the Apple Pay Era -- consumers spend more when no paper : http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-10-17/apple-pay-launch-why-retailers-will-love-apples-payment-system $aapl $rth

  7. Short $RTH here via November puts as hedge to longs in other sectors

  8. stopped running Energy over last 20 minutes and now bidding Consumer - remember sell this $RTH $XRT $XLP $XLE

  9. Retail Sales ↓ 0.3% in Sept vs ↑ 0.6% in Aug. Core sales ↓ 0.2%. Clothing sales ↓ 1.2% - $RTH $XRT http://stocktwits.com/message/28048468

  10. even with today s hammer candles the $RTH $USO $XLF $XLK $XLP $XLV $NDX $SPX $DIA $BBH are still below their lower bollinger band

  11. Halloween 2nd most expensive holiday after XMas. Est avg spend $77.52/person vs $75.03 in 2013 to total $7.4B this yr - $RTH $XRT

  12. ICSC-Goldman s weekly same-store sales rate fell 0.7% in Oct 11 week w/ y/y down 0.1 to +3.8 - $RTH $XRT

  13. Time To Get Bullish On Retail ETFs? $XRT $PMR $RTH http://etfdailynews.com/2014/10/10/time-to-get-bullish-on-retail-etfs/

  14. $XLP and $XLU each UP 1% on the week. $RTH down 50bp while $XLE down 5.5% $XME and $OIH down 7.5% - $OIH down 21% in 6 weeks

  15. $RTH still pretending as if all is good and margins aren t going to be crushed to make numbers...Remains an obvious short

  16. Consumer Discretionary Breadth Chart $IYC $XLY $RTH $ITB http://stocktwits.com/message/27681974

  17. $RTH needs a 20% pullback to get in-line

  18. ICSC-Goldman Retail Store Sales: +3.9% Y/Y vs. +3.6% last wk - $RTH $XRT $PMR

  19. $RTH up 1.5% - just unreal

  20. this is the Fridayest of all the Fridays. Almost a 4 year capitulation of Fridays. $XRT $IYT $IBB $XLV $RTH $SMH vs $XLE $OIH $XME $GLD $SLV

  21. They ll spin retail sales for you into year-end cause thats what they do, but watch margins, they re gonna collapse $RTH $XRT $XLY $SPY

  22. $KSS up 20% since end of July $RTH up 4% $XRT up 3% most dept stores flat to up a few % = um ok....

  23. Retail ETFs: Increased Store Hiring Ahead of Holiday Shopping $AMZN $RTH $XRT $HD $WMT $PMR http://y.ahoo.it/6bBkDRKX

  24. Big day for Dept sales with no growth!! $RTH

  25. Retail stocks remain utterly oblivious. There is a big trade coming here $XLY $XRT $RTH