1. Adobe: Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday est d to be $11B in online sales, ↑15% YoY & 30% of all online sales in Nov ($39.5B) - $XRT $RTH

  2. 40% of annual online fraud happens during last 3 months of the year - $V $MA $DFS $AXP $AMZN $EBAY $TGT $WMT $COST $XRT $RTH $XLF $SQ $HACK

  3. NRF: US holiday shopping on track for 3.7 % rise this yr vs 4.1% last yr - $WMT $AMZN $TGT $COST $XRT $RTH

  4. $LULU NOT enuf of a sure thing ALSO $SPY $RTH are close to their highs. Never say never. mayb another time.

  5. Consumer spent almost $27B through 1st 24 days of Nov, 8.5% rise over comparable period last yr - $AMZN $RTH $XRT $WMT $COST $AAPL

  6. Moody s to start considering companies ability to detect & defend against cyberattacks when determining credit ratings - $XLF $RTH $XRT

  7. Consumer confidence unexpectedly low - will this affect retail stocks heading into the holidays? $RTH $XRT

  8. iSight Partners uncovers most sophisticated POS malware seen to date. ModPOS scrapes card #s & keystrokes from terminals - $RTH $XRT $V $MA

  9. The One Retail ETF That Isn t Disappointing $AMZN $COST $HD $XRT $RTH $RETL $WMT http://www.benzinga.com/trading-ideas/long-ideas/15/11/5997436/the-one-retail-etf-that-isnt-disappointing

  10. US Inventories to Sales ratio from 1990-2015 - $RTH $XRT $QQQ $XLP $XLY - $SPY $SPX

  11. Target will offer guests not one, but 10 DAYS OF BLACK FRIDAY deals beginning on SUNDAY Nov. 22. $TGT $XRT $RTH $SPY http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/target-to-start-black-friday-deals-5-days-early/ar-CC9mX3

  12. Despite concern for retail stocks, consumers appear likely to increase holiday spending $RTH $XRT $MACRO

  13. Ahead Of Black Friday, Enthusiasm For Retail ETFs Wanes $AMZN $BBY $RTH $XRT $WMT $TGT http://www.benzinga.com/trading-ideas/long-ideas/15/11/5981400/ahead-of-black-friday-enthusiasm-for-retail-etfs-wanes

  14. $RTH $TGT $BBY chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/AWs3dfkI/

  15. 6 ETFs For The Holiday Season $RTH $XRT $UNG $FCG $JETS $PEJ http://www.etf.com/sections/features-and-news/6-etfs-holiday-season

  16. $BBY $TGT $JWN $M $KSS $RTH chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/viu5mf8E/

  17. $RAX $AKAM $CRM $MSFT $RTH $HAL chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/GRgunqwX/

  18. Top 10% of US h/holds ($120K+ annually) acct for @½ of all consumer spend & spend est to↑ 6.6% in 2016 to $406B - $RTH

  19. JPMorgan ests US govt to revise 3Q15 GDP ↑ to 2.3% due to ↑ in wholesale inventories in Aug/Sept later this month - $RTH $XRT $SPX $SPY

  20. Retail inventories ex-autos, which go into GDP calculation, increased 0.5% in Sept after similar rise in Aug - $RTH $XRT $SPY $SPX

  21. UofM consumer sentiment index rose to 93.1 in early Nov from 90.0 in Oct - $RTH $XRT $SPY $SPX

  22. Barclays trims 4Q15 GDP ests by ⅒ of a percentage point to 2.4% annual rate due to lackluster Oct retail sales - $RTH $XRT $SPY $SPX

  23. 86 stock tips from 26 analysts were posted today on 83 stocks. Most rated: $AAPL $AXN $JWN $MW $RTH https://closingbell.co/discover/most-rated

  24. $RTH not to be a wise arse, but it s down 2.7% today, 2 points below 76 and broke 2 pivot supports

  25. below lower bollinger band $XIV $XLP $TAN $XHB $FTSE $EWP $JNK $MKY $USO $EEM $FXI $USO $RTH