1. $XRT still magical...again this sector is as mispriced as a sector has been in a log long time $XLY $RTH

  2. $RTH really jumped off the charts compared to other cons discret ETF $XLY $FXD $VCR $XRT $IYC $RXI global,

  3. on 1/21 sold my Fidel Real Est Var Annuity Looked 4 $AAXJ clone but 2 no avail BOT their cons discret sub like $RTH

  4. Bill Gunderson: How I Am Investing In Low Priced Oil http://www.smarteranalyst.com/contributor/2015/01/15/bill-gunderson-investing-low-priced-oil/ $OIH $OIL $PZZA $RTH $SONC $STZ $TXRH $UCO $USO $XOP $JCP

  5. Afternoon Delight, same time every day...the bounce in $XRt $RTH is just another sale...

  6. @mytfine $RTH in particular is due for some serious price adjustment.

  7. US Control Retail sales declined 0.4% vs unrevised gain in Nov of 0.6% - $RTH $XRT $SPY

  8. US Retail sales in Dec 2014 declined by 0.9% vs est of rise of 0.1% vs downwardly revised 0.4% gain in Nov - $RTH $XRT $SPY

  9. BTFBubble baby!! Get your irrational confidence on $RTH $XRT - Again this sector is so mispriced its so obvious

  10. Green yet? I mean Data is so good. Economy is rocking at 20x earnings with little organic growth. $SPY $XRT $RTH

  11. Look Move in the Retail space relative to other groups. Bad news in Energy means 5% drop $XLE $OIH - man $XRT $RTH these things need to go

  12. Retail sector has gone straight up on people hiding there because Gas Prices. Utter f n BS. Sector should be down 5%+ today $RTH $XRT

  13. Lg Cap All-Time Highs at 70 names with Healthcare, REITs & Retail leading list. $XLV $IYR $VNQ $XRT $RTH $WMT http://stocktwits.com/message/31255683

  14. $XHB $XRT $RTH - all mispriced

  15. video going out . talking $juno $fmi $rth banks etc . good action Accessatrader.com

  16. Again nothing more mispriced. Comically so at this point $XRT $XLY $XLP $RTH


  18. Lg Cap All-Time Highs leaps to 70 stocks with Healthcare, REITs and Retail leading list. $XLV $IYR $VNQ $XRT $RTH . http://stocktwits.com/message/31073509

  19. $RTH explosive move back to new highs after that pull in... lots of strength in retail, still.

  20. Lg Cap All-Time High list jumps to 30+ names with 75% being REITs, Retail & Healthcare. $IYR $VNQ $XRT $RTH $XLV http://stocktwits.com/message/31014273

  21. January 2, 2015 Sector ETF RS Rankings http://gtlackey.com/january-2-2015-sector-etf-rs-rankings/ $VPU $VNQ $XTN $SCHH $RTH $GDXJ $XME $IEZ $MLPG $TAN

  22. Remember $XRT $RTH $XLP $XLY on Sale now at 42% overvalued to start 2015.

  23. One last 3:00 Buy program for the boys...gotta expand those Consumer Multiples to north of 20X on 1% Growth $XLP $XRT $RTH $SPY

  24. Paying Higher Premium for Accounting Gimmicks and Lower Organic Growth - Always ends well. $SPY $XRT $RTH $XLY

  25. Nothing remains dumber than the year-end move in $RTH $XLY $XRT $XLP