1. $RUSL when will this hit 30 you think?

  2. $GREK $RUSL $FREE Die Hard

  3. $RUSL should ve bought more but my deposit did not clear on time.

  4. $RUSL back to dizziness

  5. $CNXT $ASHS $PEK $GREK $LABU $CHAU $RUSL $XBI $$XME $JO $BIB $EDC Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-JUNE-30-4911.html#comments

  6. My hitters of the day: $AST $RUSL $NWBO $CALA $MWW $ERN $CRIS $CLDX $ANTH $CCIH $AMRN $UGAZ Losers: $UVXY $MSFT $SYMX

  7. $RUSL I knew this was going to happen arg I invested in gold LOL

  8. $RUSL said it was cheap!

  9. $RUSL dead cat maybe...

  10. $RUSL yike missed this one....

  11. $Jnug $JDST $uwti $dwti $rusl $russ what will not happen. Rate hike? Iran deal? Greek exit? What do I invest in tomorrow?

  12. $RSX $RUSS $RUSL Moving Average

  13. $RSX sailing through support. Just a reminder to $RUSS and $RUSL followers, T/A doesn t work on 3x — track $RSX

  14. $RUSL looking for a double tap on the 76.4% fib line and then possibly lower. See the chart.

  15. @Drraf701 @StockTwits $SDS $SOXS $UVXY $YANG $JNUG $USLV $RUSL next week. All green but RUSL.

  16. $RUSL it s an ETF , so this will fluctuate with the market. Let s hope for a Greece deal next week.

  17. $RUSL nice to actually see a green day!

  18. $RUSL ok done buying, you can start going up now.

  19. $RUSL looks like 23.07 is good buy will be waiting right there lol

  20. $RUSL averaged down to 24.55.

  21. $RUSL most likely will go lower due to anxiety about greece

  22. $RUSL cheap!

  23. $RSX $RUSL is walking the plank again. Loaded $RUSS as USD/RUB floats up, Iran deal looms, Ukraine remains volatile, and RU economy sputters

  24. $RUSL looks similar to March 30th, a short burst up, consolidation/higher lows then BOOM. Break through the cloud and all get steak dinners.

  25. $RUSL loosing its chance to get through a thin cloud. If it fails to break up fib support awaits. See chart.