1. $RSX,$RUSL,Good Luck. New budget rule to rely on crude price within $50 — Russian Finance Minister

  2. $RUSL first block filled at $16.8

  3. $RUSL buying soon

  4. $RUSL I am waiting this monster to kiss 14sh...

  5. $RUSS Still holding since 31.60. Looking to get out with small loss anything over 29s. Don t know if I ll be mentally ready for $RUSL

  6. $RUSL well now what happen with this Russian Jet got shot down?

  7. Premarket Top % Losers: $MCUR -12%, $KBIO -11%, $CHS -9%, $RUSL -8%, $BRCD -7%, $SIG -6% $CANF $DUST $DWTI $UGAZ $JDST $MBT $TKC $X $TIF $YY

  8. $RUSL making a move to the $21 from the looks on the weekly chart

  9. $RUSL bought back looks good. lot of strength in this baby

  10. $RUSL Take off has begun note: plane is stratojet Running on crude oil.I can tell on the exhaust gasses .WV engines ?

  11. Premarket Top % Gainres: $CANF 25%, $KBIO 17%, $BTU 16%, $CTIC 12%, $VNCE 10%, $SN 8%, $TOUR $UVE $YPF $ARGT $CLDX $DGAZ $SRPT $RUSL $MNK

  12. $RUSL kaboom!🤑🤑🤑http://m.investing.com/news/commodities-news/oil-spikes-higher-after-bullish-saudi-comments-372531

  13. $RUSL out of this due to oil weakness.

  14. Detailed written and video analysis of $BRZU $GASL $JNUG $RUSL $SOXL $SPXL $TMF $UGAZ $UGLD $XIV $UWTI $YINN at https://www.b12trader.com/stocks-on-the-watch-11-22-15/

  15. $RUSL $RSX rare expanding triangle. Support @ $19, bearish move next. Detailed analysis at https://www.b12trader.com/stocks-on-the-watch-11-22-15/

  16. $RUSL wells fergo overweight Russia stocks http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-22/wells-fargo-reconsiders-russia-as-putin-steps-up-terror-response

  17. $RUSL 13 november turningpoint russia and RUSL http://southfront.org/relations-u-s-russia-nov-13-20-2015/

  18. $RUSL Made a chart for you to see why i.m.o. RUSL is and stays BULLISH for a long time to go (with ups and downs)

  19. $RUSL omg, I bought at 18.75. It tanked right away?

  20. Slow day with 7 alerts: 3 wins: $HZNP $CS $RUSL 2 evens: $CNO $BSX 2 loss: $PACB $BAK Charts and performance https://www.estockpicks.com/major-indexes-add-3-this-week-7-stock-picks-for-friday-112015/

  21. $RUSL Anyone hold this over the weekend?

  22. $RUSL why the rally? It does not seem to correlated to oil anymore. Weird

  23. $RUSL at $ 18.45 - Buy Stock Picks Alert at 12:28 PM ET #stocks

  24. $RUSL will take off in the near futre : https://www.rt.com/business/322806-russia-sanctions-lifting-budget/

  25. $RUSL Up on good day, up on bad day, up up up....this is my boy. talk about lifting sanction, boy will be up more...Go Putin Kick butts..lol