1. @Lach14 ACTUAL INSIDER KNOWLEDGE trumps everything else. EXPERIENCE matters. CONTACTS matter. INSTINCT matters $RUSS $RUSL $RSX

  2. @Lach14 Do I get to say I told you so ? There s NEVER a substitute for a guy in the room . Buyers of $RUSL yday were fools. $RUSS are wise

  3. Today s Option Radar is Ready $BITA $PRU $XLE $RUSL $MGI $MDBX $SQQQ http://y.ahoo.it/EC8ddcdm

  4. @Loyola80 @exequenda @Whatsuptimbo Head & shoulders breakdown. Looks more like a longterm hold than $RUSL though. Good buy at 11-12 $RUSS

  5. $EEM changed my mind about it over intermediate term. Several emerging markets are resource & commodity rich. $RUSL looks especially good.

  6. @jeepnsam: $RUSL http://y.ahoo.it/orihpQfY Riding this baby up to $20 & $plug $kndi $rad $jaso

  7. $RUSL OBV continues to climb. Ref 4 hour intraday chart views

  8. $YNDX today obama basically stated russia cant be trusted, a f u to $RUSL not a long term hold :(

  9. @exequenda Anyone who bought $RUSL early today made $$$. Fixed it for ya. Eliminate the war discount and Russian stocks are on sale.

  10. Gainers: $RTRX+19.19% $RUSL+18.15% $IIIN+16.15% Losers: $RUSS-18.10% $MGI-16.90% $BKS-13.28% Stock Movers Report: http://y.ahoo.it/KxTc2taM

  11. $WB saved the market....and $RUSL...Happy Easter all!

  12. Anyone who bought $RUSL or $RSX today is TSTL, seriously. Also, gullible as a rube. Hey, it s your money, not mine. Glad I m ts/sci.

  13. @MercenaryRT: Russia economy worsens even before sanctions hit http://y.ahoo.it/JQyFXDri $RSX $RUSL $RUSS $SPX

  14. $YNDX $RUSL kiss & make up ??

  15. $RUSL http://y.ahoo.it/7o4KFd0U Riding this baby up to $20

  16. $RUSL stay away stay away from this sinking ship

  17. $RUSL on the move!!! $KNDI $RAD $TSLA $JASO $PLUG !!

  18. $RUSL - http://y.ahoo.it/U4UHCYHJ - Upside Blowoff - 15 Minute Down Reversal - Red bar after 7 higher highs and higher lows

  19. $RUSL Would be shorting here if my broker had shares to borrow

  20. $RUSS $RUSL volatility of these etfs can give you a coronary

  21. out 1649 $RUSL

  22. trading $RUSL now

  23. $RUSL on the move!!! $kndi $rad $tsla $jaso $PLUG

  24. Gainers: $RTRX+17.07% $IIIN+15.23% $RUSL+13.19% Losers: $MGI-15.56% $RUSS-13.19% $UEPS-11.78% Stock Movers Report: http://y.ahoo.it/Ouv63xfV

  25. @futurenow Russian stocks are very oversold. Can wait for a slight pullback, but $RUSL can run if given the right momentum.