1. $RUSL increase in short action %5 http://shortsqueeze.com/?symbol=rusl&submit=Short+Quote%99

  2. $RUSS $RUSL $RSX Russia admitting they re entering a recession and preparing for failure. Oil will got below 40 soon https://www.energyvoice.com/marketinfo/76556/russia-said-to-keep-50-oil-outlook-in-budget-after-crude-gains/

  3. $RSX $RUSS $RUSL Great article. And everyone knows oil Wil hit $35 a barrel so russia will get near bankruptcy. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-wp-blm-news-bc-russia-econ-comment27-20150327-story.html

  4. $RUSS $RUSL $UWTI $DWTI Iran, powers close in on 2-3 page nuclear deal; success uncertain: officials http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/27/us-iran-nuclear-deal-idUSKBN0MN2QU20150327?feedType=RSS&feedName=Iran&virtualBrandChannel=10209&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&dlvrit=59365

  5. $RSX 1.5 million sh traded at the AH low http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/rsx/after-hours $RUSS Hold $RUSL

  6. $RUSS ,$RUSL ,$SCO Fed Chair Yellen says rate rise may well be warranted this year

  7. $RUSS ,$RUSL ,$SCO In electronic trade, oil has extended losses and fell as low as $48.26/barrel and is now -6.1% at $48.32/barrel

  8. $rsx $rusl $russ This is matter of time!!!

  9. $rsx $rusl $russ Russian Economic Contraction Deepens: less optimistic and see 2015 GDP down by at least 4%. http://www.nasdaq.com/article/russian-economic-contraction-deepens-in-february-20150327-00414#ixzz3VcHkWoQr

  10. $RUSS ,$RUSL , squeeze

  11. $rsx $rusl $russ USO 17.15 -1.06 (-5.82%) UWTI -16.52% Oil 48.47 -5.76%

  12. $rsx $rusl $russ DOWN! DOWN! DOWN! MICEX 1571.55 -0.65% RTS INDEX 856.44 -1.4% SBERBANK 61 -2.94%

  13. $RUSS $RUSL $RSX another sign of the end - GAZPROM will be audited by a Russian company first time in 20 years, bye bye PWC

  14. $RUSS ,$RUSL ,$SCO ,Rig count BHI only 12 off line..

  15. $rsx $rusl $russ Please check this. One picture better than one thousand words.

  16. $RUSS ,$RUSL ,$SCO :; Notable as we are heading into the weekend with some geopolitical uncertainty; some chatter of a ceasefire in Yemen

  17. $RUSS ,$RUSL ,$SCO , 5.19% fall in WTI Crude to $48.76/bbl

  18. $RUSS ,$RUSL $SCO May crude oil futures fell $2.56/barrel to $48.87/barrel

  19. $RUSS ,$RUSL Terrorism in Mideast was triggered by rash actions of external players — Russia s UN envoy ,Yes Russia would know about that

  20. $RUSS ,$RUSL $SCO Yemen Gulf Intervention Premium Erased, WTI Tumbles Back Below $49 .ZEROhedge

  21. $RUSL $RUSS $13 brent in free fall

  22. $RUSS,$RUSL Poroshenko Says 80% of Security Officials Were Russian Spies in 2012 — Report

  23. $RUSL - oww. traffic merge. wedge. https://www.tradingview.com/x/EMDmGqIi/

  24. $RUSS owners need 2 take care; manipulators trying 2 reverse trend & doing it quickly; looks like they are trying 2 go long $RUSL. gl.

  25. $RUSL , base 19.14 ,Strong base 17.59