1. $RUSL Conference about to commence. Subjects: Ukraine, Sanctions, Ruble.

  2. Of course. I hope they go for it. I think Putin is going to use some of the $416 billion to cover a chunk of national debt $RUSL $RUSS

  3. $RUSL $RUSS. Short $USDRUB 62.50 even 1M

  4. $RUSL $RUSS about to start live coverage on Putins conference t -30 minutes

  5. $RUSL Russian parliament to vote on bill on Friday to recapitalize Russian banks with $1 trillion rubles ($17Bil USD) http://itar-tass.com/en/economy/767656

  6. $RUSL crazy - erased entire days gain in a matter of about mins - people getting scared ahead of putin s comments apparently

  7. @barna @WWFM $RUSL that is

  8. $RUSL Russia could always back the ruble with oil and NG - plenty of both - offer some sweet rates on oil contracts for next year

  9. $RUSL 58.43 looking good

  10. $RUSL Rocky doesnt win this one. Drago does! DRAGO!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SUzcDUERLo

  11. $RUSL Relatively new to trading. What tends to happen on reverse split? Stock goes up, down, sideways at different price? Long @ $2.50...

  12. $RUSL just watch rusl next week 1for6 reverse gl

  13. $RUSL Also oil is up!

  14. $RUSL 4am est is Putin s public address could launch this guy back to 5!

  15. @wengang1 @Apples_Oranges91 short $RUSL and long $RUSS , there is no change in fundamentals to date. Haphazard interventions by russian govt

  16. $RUSL $RSX http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-17/previewing-putins-moment-truth-annual-press-conference-and-address-russia

  17. $RUSL What happens when putin comes out tonight and announces hes backing his currency to gold

  18. $JNUG $JDST right now the big money is in $RUSL. $RUSS

  19. I analyzed $BBRY $NQ $RUSL and much more in my video market recap from earlier: http://marketchess.com/2014/12/17/stock-market-recap-121714-video/ $IWM $SPY

  20. $RUSL $RUSS What s a demagogue to do? Get crazy. This is hilarious. Article (with trailer) in MAXIM. http://www.maxim.com/tv/putin-goes-action-hero-commercial-press-conference @tigertrades

  21. @LagunaGirl Have you played $RUSL?

  22. $RUSL Holding since $2.00 yesterday!

  23. $RUSL Free bird, clear skies till next resistance 5-6 dollars

  24. $RUSL Double since yesterday low.

  25. $RUSL $RUSS Russia is still rated as an investment grade credit rating according to $DB. LOL Why do people trust ratings anymore?