1. $RUSL Two more downgrades left to be announced Fitch & Moody. Price in ..Nada. Let the fun times begin

  2. $RUSL long 300 shares @ 15.99 for fun.

  3. $RUSL add to shorts $18.x POC there is no interest in LONG $RUSL wait to add to $RUSS if it doesn t gap higher Tuesday http://stocktwits.com/message/31774968

  4. $RUSL AH 16.18

  5. $RUSL Holding for the bounce.

  6. Gainers: $RUSS+23.58% $BBEP+21.06% $ATNM+18.41% Losers: $RUSL-22.83% $FENG-11.41% $MBT-9.16% Stock Movers Report: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/market-tools/stocks-on-the-move.html

  7. $RUSL I like Big Bounces and I cannot lie.

  8. $RUSL Thanks Rusl for the gains , I TOLD YA! LOL!

  9. $RUSL Oh I LIKE Russia, especially when I make money!

  10. Seems like nobody likes Russia. $RSX $RUSL I wonder if their stock market can go to 0?!?


  12. $RUSL, nicer this time, out 3/4

  13. $RUSL I cannot believe peoples irrational, Im not going to be spooked by you to 10 bucks, but lets say it does, its in my trade plan to buy!

  14. @harrys825 I got stopped out of $RUSL .. just got back. Ended up taking cash and adding to $JDST for quick flip here.

  15. $RUSL slumps about 15.7% today. It tends to be weak. https://www.marketmemory.com/indicators/gap-indicator/rusl

  16. $RUSL Just short it to 10, as most peeps busy w/low-snow storm. I m waiting patiently.

  17. back to flat $RUSL, easy dime

  18. $RUSL Long again for the bounce.

  19. $RUSL i would wait to enter this one. could continue down for a day or two. once oil bounces it might be time to get in. on watch list now

  20. @TickerFisher Why not short INDIA all the BRICS will inferno $INDY $INDL $RUSS $RUSL $RSX http://stocktwits.com/message/31767412

  21. @ZTradeCZAR Lost your mind? This country is going into years of recession....... $RUSL

  22. started $RUSL long

  23. $RUSL 10 s here we come :-)

  24. possible gapper for tomorrow: $RUSL

  25. @TickerFisher Too late . You should have started a short on $RUSL last week. Also be aware market may close due to bad snow storm up north.