1. @ETFDailyNews is this what u wrote too? Why Oil And Gas Prices Won’t Be This Cheap For Long http://etfdailynews.com/2014/10/20/why-oil-and-gas-prices-wont-be-this-cheap-for-long/2/ $RSX $RUSL

  2. $RUSL Bought a bit

  3. $RUSL I m eager to enter here, but would advise caution. Oil tepid, and sanctions still in place. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-19/russia-rating-cut-by-moody-s-on-sluggish-economic-growth.html

  4. @anhyun45 think if oil goes like you said to 75 $RUSL is gift. hope not because if it does the world economy is in full fledged depression

  5. $UGAZ $NGAZ.. hello eveyone. let me introduce $RUSL $RSX.. which are about to take off soon.. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-19/morgan-says-buy-russia-stocks-seven-weeks-after-sell-call.html

  6. $RSX $RUSL Morgan Says Buy Russia Stocks Seven Weeks After Sell Call

  7. @Think4self $UGAZ. and $RSX $RUSL

  8. @nolosses Still holding $RUSL? Have stop loss set up? ST heading lower if $75 is where Oil is headed.

  9. @nolosses $RSX looks weak ST w/ Oil price to drop to around $75. I am looking to enter $RUSL around $9.50 or below if it gets there.

  10. Picked up some $RUSL 9.74. Close stop. Limited downside big upside.

  11. $RSX $RUSL $RUSS crude oill future is up again. Found a bottom last thursday. Bullish on russia

  12. @Good2go I may just go w/ $RUSL, seems to be a little safer, was in it before, but got out because of oil decline and no Ukraine deal.

  13. $RUSL Updated deal ! http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/18/us-ukraine-crisis-gas-idUSKCN0I70Q820141018

  14. @Danoc That I am.. Made my money on the short and now feel $RUSL is a winner.. Lets see what happens

  15. $RUSL nice day. We will see $16 soon.

  16. $RUSL $RSX Played $RUSS and made $. Worst trade I ever made because I was praying for chaos. In other words was blood money.Don t need it.

  17. $RSX Rally + ruble rally = $RUSL best place to be

  18. $RSX $RUSL Putin quitting the booze? Reason coming back to Moscow. Lots of good news.

  19. $RUSL $UGAZ $VALE $JNUG $ANV $AG $GDX lets all turn green now!

  20. $RUSL Agreement made!

  21. $RSX $RUSL $RUSS Wow, over 12.5 million shares of rsx traded in less then three hours. 1.5 x Volume for entire day

  22. $RUSL Ladies and Gentlemen, we got ourselves a sqeezems! Come join the Party!!

  23. $RUSL BOOM!! on our way to 15 boys and girls...be careful because Putin can be a real jerk and this will drop faster than oil prices LOL!!

  24. $RUSL Wow! how high we going? cнимите!

  25. $RUSL Confirmation of troop withdrawal, gas deal, and lifting of sanctions could have this skyrocket in the near future