1. $RVLT Volume getting low. At these levels anyone that wants to invest $100k+ is gonna spike the price up nicely. Flipside there as well.

  2. $RVLT 💤💤💤💤 WAKE UP!

  3. $RVLT back in the one stock that s not moving up! Joy!

  4. markets looking good overnight, could see big days in $SYNC & $RVLT as they continue reversal trend from tuesday. A short seller whacking!

  5. Glad I rebought above 6 after selling high 5s haha $RVLT Fooled me again!

  6. $RVLT good re-entry point now.

  7. $RVLT Revolution Lighting s Double Bottom by Chris Lau https://www.tradingidea.com?idea=V0MSjABTascyUBw8

  8. $RVLT someone should tell them that this showroom needs some work - http://allaroundlighting.com/virtual-tour/

  9. $RVLT this one priced great for long term investment, has the possibilities for serious short term gains on catalyst events, no brainer

  10. $RVLT Not just navy, re: Lapenta s comments about going to Washington, something coming from that. Cohen group is good ol boys network.

  11. $RVLT Expecting that a navy contract in next 3-5 months would be a 15% jump in mktcap + value of the deal. Proving themselves would be big

  12. $SQM I ve plugged them before, doing it again... great play in lithium sector with tesla gigafactory coming. $RVLT great play in LED sector.

  13. $RVLT Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc Correlation Histogram MODE : 0.3 #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  14. $RVLT some possible news coming out tomorrow if not Monday. Navy contracts may be?

  15. I laugh when analysis say $RVLT will soar . The marketCap is skyrocketing but Its stock price will remain flat because of the dilution.

  16. $RVLT 7 transactions total so far today for 3k shares, someone just blow on it and the price will swing

  17. Just for the record, $RVLT passed $EFOI in mkt cap early Apr as anticipated, today passed in share price for the first time.

  18. $RVLT Looks like this is still down trending to me, but LED market is sure to grow. Putting this one on watch and looking for entry point.

  19. $RVLT very nice recap here by Zacks. This operational leverage is huge opportunity for investors. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rvlt-pure-play-saving-money-170000708.html

  20. $RVLT Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc Kurtosis : -0.58 Skew : -0.36 Correlation Histogram #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  21. $RVLT Im just waiting for one of these chartists that has no idea what has happened here in the last 4 months to come and try to predict

  22. RECAP 5/16 Positive Comments: $COO + Cleveland $HBM + RBC $RVLT- Zacks Negative Comments: $CDE - thestreetsweeper

  23. #Stocks 13D Filings for May the 13th, 2016, including $IMS, $TERP, $RVLT and more https://t.co/5f4X4EBKa9

  24. $RVLT barring surprise announcements, we will clear the 6 s like we cleared the 5 s. All these analyst targets of $19 - $25 mean something

  25. $RVLT Sadly I can t figure out how to take you off my trading platform so you remain like a ghost there just to haunt me haha. GL