1. Love seeing biotech tank as evidence by $IBB with my shares of $RVX.CA (RVXCF) only shedding a single penny at the close.

  2. $RVX.CA not bad, closed down one single penny on a pretty brutal day, and didn t need news to do it :-)

  3. $RVX.CA going back to $3 and then up from there :-)

  4. My biotech $RVX.CA avoided the biotech meltdown somehow, but then it wasn t hyped by touts and shills, moving higher so far today.

  5. RVXCF ( $RVX.CA) SA China biotech review: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3132526-week-in-review-wuxi-pharmatech-announces-3_3-billion-go-private-offer

  6. Within a year I m betting $HMPR takes off for me like $RVX.CA has recently.

  7. $RVX.CA back over $3 next week is my prediction...After that? Watch the volume, if it stays low then no telling how high it could go imo.

  8. $RVX-CA $3 coming soon!

  9. $RVX.CA is a harder buy at $2-$3 than $ZIOP was at $13+ for the herd, no shills promoting it....the herd loves promotoion

  10. biotech tanking? Not $RVX.CA (RVXCF) going green and getting ready to go back over $3 and then to $4+ imo.

  11. $RVX.CA (RVXCF OTC foreign) feb/mar/apr saw big jumps at the start of each month....looking for that to continue in May.

  12. Chart #5 showing Markets Breaking down $RVX

  13. $VXX Potential problems for small caps when analyzing the Russell volatility index $RVX

  14. $RVX.CA liking the trading action...Another leg up coming?

  15. The pattern for $RVX.CA has been big gains at the start of Feb/Mar/Apr...hoping it continues with May, c mon $4

  16. If biotech sector is getting hammered today, that bodes very well for $RVX.CA imo, because its bucking the trend.

  17. $RVX.CA @growacet looking good!

  18. $RVX.CA consolidating on low volume again, looking for $4+ when the trading picks up again.

  19. $RVX.CA my 2.65 order didnt get filled. bah!

  20. $RVX.CA thinking this is going to be a $5+ stock before too long.

  21. $RVX.CA added, (RVXCF) I think this is a consolidation period again.

  22. $RVX.CA Tight stops on this one if you dare to own. May 1 2013 closed $3.67 June 1 2013 closed .23 cents.

  23. $RVX.CA @growacet whats your avg currently?

  24. $RVX-CA is this going tomorrow?

  25. $RVX.CA (RVXCF) a pretty unknown and unhyped little Canadian biotcheck, volatile en osti lately...still thinking there s big upside