1. $RXII Flat... Like my ex s rump...

  2. $RXII Also I noticed the CEO hasn t bought shares since last week if no buys this week that means some type of news is approaching!

  3. @Capgains1234 $RXII it s being controlled, just keep averaging down and don t worry it will move on phase 2 results!

  4. @NOUSinsight Feel free to use my stocks as your testing samples:$INSY, $RXII, $CLRBD, $UNIS, $AMBS, $PLPL,$CBIS and $RDN. I hold my pharmas.

  5. $rxii

  6. $RXII Wasn`t that a fantastic run again today. BOOOOM!!!!! $8 before EOD!!!!

  7. $RXII Liked at 3.25 ~ added to avg down. P2 soon?

  8. $MNGA hopefully this will run tomorrow. If not I still have $RXII filling the gap tomorrow back between $2.80-$3.00 for a decent profit!!!

  9. $RXII Happy to hold.

  10. $RXII Doesnt effing move

  11. @Pennystockplayer $RXII it s in a holding pattern right now. Just need that volume to push price up!

  12. $RXII Don t let the bearish posts fool you. who in right mind would short RXI now? They are simply attempting to buy cheaper shares......

  13. $RXII Rally in the bio-tech stocks today.. Wonder why we haven t budged...

  14. $RXII they say it is lonely at the top. for RXI it is lonely at the bottom but not for bbear.

  15. $RXII Besides RXI-109, I like their Ethicor deal, secondary pipeline, and self-delivering technique, so there may be M&A fallbacks too.

  16. $RXII Putting my hand in the biotech cookie jar again. Vast potential and trading at an inexplicable discount. Awaiting Phase 2 outcome.

  17. $RXII we like Bbear

  18. We like $rxii

  19. $RXII is everyone out of bullets or on vacation?

  20. $RXII Fantastic day again!!! WE LIKE RXII!!!!

  21. $RXII MOOB!!! BONG STRUY!!!!!!

  22. @StaStu notice a pattern? $RXII trifecta news - ph 2 prelim, ocular initiation & specials update http://y.ahoo.it/Kf6t1Gwv

  23. $RXII......look at, $PBYI, and try do the same, OKAY???

  24. $rxii Strong buy!

  25. $RXII OK - My sentiment was changed from bearish to bullish: Strong Buy