1. @Sixth_Sense Thinking about call options on $RXII . Need to do my DD first, risk/reward.

  2. I hate long weekends after a decent week $rxii $grpn

  3. @xtothem $RXII if you see that presentation they can branch out to pulmonary fibrosis. Roche just bought $ITMN $8.3B for pulmonary fibrosis

  4. $RXII I ll also bring your attention to Slide 37 - Partnering Activities in 2013....thoughts on what they are looking for here?

  5. $RXII First time I had seen this presentation. Shows double blinded data from P1...pics say more than words. http://y.ahoo.it/9dlMl7as

  6. Been holding $rxii for awhile now. Hopin this month makes it worth it

  7. $RXII Damn $SYN is up 100% in 6 weeks. That s ok, my portfolio is up 96% in 3 weeks thx to $TKMR, $ICPT, $RGDO and $RXII. All trades posted.

  8. @Sixth_Sense $RXII its all depends on what value wall street gives a hypertrophic scar drug. It could possibly gap higher nobody knows

  9. @Sixth_Sense enouch cash until Q2 2017, but close enough $RXII

  10. @Sixth_Sense @flabeach321 Drank last night to celebrate $RXII, drinking today to celebrate drinking last night:)

  11. $RXII I normally don t recommend other stocks while I m in another stock, but keep an eye on $AEZS. I may have to start some DD on them.

  12. @MoneyInc365 @StockPug ...$RXII ...so 8+ and a partner....hmmmmm,then start mac d trials & fibrosis=hmmmmm...OK...$$$$$$$

  13. @StockPug $rxii Would not be surprise if they announce positive results and a partnership to fund RX-109 thru Ph3. That s our thoughts.

  14. $RXII Not that long ago, the price rocketed up (albeit briefly) on pre-clinical data. PRE-clinical. Ph2 is so much more significant.

  15. $rxii Our price target of $8 has nothing to do with it being the # n which we would have a clean million in value. But we do like round # s

  16. $rxii reiterating our price target of $8+ with positive update. We ve remain consistent with this target for at least the past 7 tweets.

  17. $RXII At 50 market cap or whatever lots of room to run once retail gets their money back from 6s on down

  18. $RXII No one has a clue in regards to price its undervalued and will move up eith good news- down with bad thats it

  19. $RXII I m looking for some nice upward movement next week! $$$$

  20. $RXII As odd as it sounds, I think we need a higher short interest for the pps to sky rocket. Should see it pick up in the 4-6 range IMHO.

  21. $rxii Was $6 a few months ago before any of the recent good news and pending ph2 update. Assuming good update, $8+ is reasonable estimate.

  22. @SpikedBULL Been thinking that with $RXII!

  23. $RXII

  24. $RXII Yahoo message board says $4 after news i do not believe that.

  25. @SpikedBULL I m in $RXII, nothing else right now. Thinking of picking up more and also looking at $ARWR & $TNXP.