1. $S cover cover lol

  2. $S came in yesterday at 3.12, left at 3.30.... bye sprint, you are oot risky

  3. $S -All stocks are up. This will be down today or tomorrow. Sorry all. I hate false hope.

  4. $S is trying to pull off 3.10 resistance

  5. $GEVO Hourly - Broke MA(50) $plug $s $kem $snss $rada

  6. $S I didn t know that this stock knew that it could move in more than one direction.

  7. S Top news - Jul 28th, 2015 $S goo.gl/aHb87T

  8. $S @CKTRADES did the ER leak?

  9. $S what is going on here.... i bought this at 3.12, now time ot short or wait til er

  10. $S so yesterday BS article abt $S part of Chrysler recall was way for crooks to load cheap?

  11. @schaeffers: Sprint just hit a record low of $3.10 off over 8.5% today.Puts trading at 4x normal,with Aug. 3-strike put leading the way $S

  12. $S keep it up

  13. $S Will be in $2 s, before ER, just a matter of time

  14. Last 4 qrtrs of $S s price movement on the earnings announcement. Reporting tomorrow. http://www.tradingthedate.com/stocks/S?utm_campaign=Earnings+Tomorrow&utm_medium=social&utm_source=stocktwits

  15. Notable opening imbalances: $BABA -20K, $BAC +143K, $S +306K, $F +134K, $GM +36K, $MCD -24K, $GLW +45K, $AA +89K, $ABX +106K

  16. Retired Dividend Growth Investors Are Lulled Into A False Sense Of Security community voted today http://leveredreturns.com/marginhunt?idea=55b6e84020baeed200140c4f $NFLX $S $T $VZ

  17. Futures Soar On Hope Central Planners Are Back In Control, China Rollercoaster Ends In Red $RAI $F $PFE $GILD $S... http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/futures-soar-on-hope-central-planners-are-back-in-control-china-rollercoaster-ends-in-the-red?post=69934

  18. These Telecommunication Services stocks are trending on Estimize this week: 1. $T, 2. $VZ, 3. $S http://www.estimize.com/t/fq3-2015?utm_medium=alerts&utm_source=stocktwits#chart=historical

  19. $S out at 3.5 for a decent loss I ll wait until it hits 2.50 maybe get back in. But for now......

  20. $S should we stay put in our shorts over earnings?

  21. $S Should really consider selling their coal division i guess

  22. $S Never seen a worse excuse for a 10% selloff in my life. The fiat story? What a joke. Since when was sprint a security co? Manipulation.

  23. $S fastest way to lose billions , buy sprint! Masa need to save face for SoftBank shareholders $SFTBY

  24. $S Would somebody by this miserable Company already!!!

  25. $S softbank needs to bid and win the 600mhz