1. $S might sell $5.00 and $6.0 puts for oct 17 expiration. thinking about the trade. will see.

  2. $S Long: bullish!

  3. $S Strong chart, looking like we re headed higher; http://y.ahoo.it/q426SOR5

  4. Open positions $ARO $JCP $S $GRPN $LULU $RIG and closed $BBRY $ABX $USLV thanks for giving me 97% since Jan 1. You deserve labor day off!

  5. $PT $OI $NIHD speculative telecom plays have worked out in the past. Anyone remember $CLWR $S ???

  6. August 29, 2014 Relative Strength Scans http://y.ahoo.it/xS6IpNg7 $QQQ $IWM $FDN $IAI $IYF $LNKD $SLXP $PCYC $AUQ $GILD $S $LL $CRR

  7. $S did u guys not see that 940,000 buy at close?

  8. @TRADE2TRAVEL ok that makes sense to me, you never know though.. Are you in some put options then? or are you avoiding $S altogether?

  9. @TRADE2TRAVEL you don t think $S will meet earning expectations?

  10. $S what is your outlook for September? thus far, it s been a slippery slope..

  11. $S Long; bullish!

  12. $DRL LOL! Should PR settle this just for the tourist $s from longs who could come to PR to celebrate? FIESTA!

  13. $S sprint is the 3 largest carrier market cap 22b tmus is the 4 24b market cap ther is a sale goin on and is on the sprint side

  14. $S when Dish bids on TMUS , watch this drop to 4....I warned you last time what would happen when the merger failed...people didn t listen

  15. $S what happened to above six this week ??????????

  16. $S I am long $S and added to my position yesterday. But sprint does have a big loser mentality I hope massa son changes that

  17. $RSH my screen is like a christmas tree. $DGLY, $GPRO, $S, $AAPL, $AMD. Have a great Labor Day everyone.

  18. $S Its done. Dropping lower.

  19. $S I got out at 5.66. Dont see it going nowhere soon. Maybe it will test 4 s

  20. $S now I am feling the pain this is not good

  21. $S Don t see this going anywhere soon. Higher highs where I see lower lows


  23. $S $BBRY Sprint to Offer Free WiFi Calling in US http://y.ahoo.it/VDwKVO3y

  24. $S to offer Sony Xperia Z3 and free Wi-Fi calling in the US http://y.ahoo.it/j09S8EMk

  25. $INO $PLUG $BBRY $S the bears are coming out of the woods today.. .