1. $S Lets get some short covering back to 7! ;-)

  2. $S bought at 5.38, holding for growth. New CEO is going to make Sprint more competitive and shareholders very happy!

  3. Trying some short..ideas? Thinking $JBLU $LUV $KATE $HD $AA $HPQ or $S

  4. $S This baby boy is looking to gap up. My range is 5.64-5.93 tomorrow. Definitely looks like it will close higher.

  5. $S Did Sprint turn down $DISH 25.5b bid? Can someone fill me?

  6. $S closed higher, combo breaker or false start? We Will see tomorrow.

  7. $S yeah baby lets get back to high 8 s

  8. $S Now poised to go higher!

  9. $S ads all over my $TWTR feed lately. I like.

  10. $S It s all good I ve a feeling Mr. Son is secretly loading up millions of shares at this pps. As you know, He bought tons of shares before

  11. @BidnessEtc: The Pursuit of $TMUS http://y.ahoo.it/8G6TavDI $ILIAF $GOOG $MSFT $S $DISH $CHTR $DTEGY $TMUS

  12. The Pursuit of $TMUS http://y.ahoo.it/sAWKlmlR $ILIAF $GOOG $MSFT $S $DISH $CHTR $DTEGY

  13. $S Held up well today! More upside tomorrow.

  14. @Tonytrade @Dudweiser not really considering it was trading @ 5.80 last week and has never gone under 5.36 $S $BBRY

  15. @Tonytrade: @Dudweiser: $S and if it can t hold 4.80 could go to zero!! Right... Lol will prob see $5.80 before $4.80!!

  16. @Dudweiser: $S and if it can t hold 4.80 could go to zero!! Right... Lol

  17. $S not sold yet, if it can t hold 5.40 could go to 4.80

  18. $S Just the beginning of its recovery! Long: bullish!

  19. #Sprint Announces Aggressive New Pricing, Undercuts All Other Major Carriers $S $T $TMUS http://y.ahoo.it/dhUtoow2

  20. $S Who said $4. last couple of days ???

  21. $S undervalued buying more here!

  22. $s that is the time to load ..tomorrow over $6

  23. $S I m out $5.50 easy money overnight

  24. $S I m just waiting for the $DISH Announcement to buy the remaining 20% and take the company private

  25. $S $VZ $T $TMUS Whoa! Really insightful article by Sam Quest... not. Pfft.