1. $S In PM at 6.80. Good luck everybody! Looking GOOD.

  2. $S Doesn t look like any (needed) pullback action today. Winds in the sails and at our backs not headwinds... rare thing. Good luck to all.

  3. $S Market looks be solidly up today. + news on 3 fronts: Scotland stays, Baba IPO, & triple witching- historically stocks end up. $Spy $VXX

  4. $S there is other ways to get $BABA - buy more $S $YHOO

  5. $BABA $S $YHOO Did I miss anything??????

  6. $S Never been all-in a stock and sleep so soundly! Alibaba, Mr Son, SoftBank, cup and handle.....Moon!

  7. $S IMO the quick juicy bit in this trade is from 8-11 but its gonna be stuck in the 7-8 zone for a few months before that happens.

  8. $S Double-edged swords for $S include $BABA IPO + IP6 reaction 9/19. Long term factors success of new data plans and network upgrades.

  9. $S

  10. $S SoftBank iPhone 6 has the best speed now in Japan. Upload in 20 and down load 50-60. 2.5ghz works best with iPhone 6.

  11. $S Most stores ran out of stock for Softbank subscription while AU and Do Co Mo have stocks. Lines so long in Tokyo.

  12. $S Softbank in Japan has the highest pre-orders more than 400k sets.

  13. @S1L3Nt $gld price has been going down for 3 years and is just a few $s away from a multi year low so it s all selling, no ones covering

  14. $S Sprint Aligns with San Antonio Hispanic Chamber and Restaurant and Builders Associations http://y.ahoo.it/Nw9y9veA

  15. $YHOO - Perfect day: $BABA exceeds expectations, announces it is buying $YHOO which announces buying $S -> move 2 Malta. K, tongue-in-cheek

  16. $BBRY Will BlackBerry Ltd. Shares Double Again? http://y.ahoo.it/lGJj14LY $AAPL $S $GOOG

  17. $S Sprint is teaming with 3 Amigos

  18. $S Gap up $7.5 tomorrow !!

  19. $S This is going over $7 tommorow! World market is up!!!!

  20. $S BOOM BOOM ------>> Sprint is teaming with three respected San Antonio organizations to empower and aid their thousands of members.

  21. $S i am out with 23% profit today so i can join the $BABA bangwagon! I will be back with you soon $S

  22. $S Could break 7 by October

  23. $S All Clear ---->> Strong Senate vote for Obama on Syria rebel aid http://y.ahoo.it/3GWdlUzG Should be $7. Tomorrow

  24. @Gbones2692: $S By the power of Greyskull , how do you like you coffee ? PT getting closer http://y.ahoo.it/qbrUSuxo

  25. @Gbones2692 Im playing Russian Roulette right now with $BBRY and $S in my portfolio 60/40 respectively.