1. $S Just got in .. What happened ?

  2. $S $TMUS All this nonsense talk about delay due to being prepared for DOJ/FCC. $40 price is too low. Son lowballing.

  3. $S will drop below 7.50 eow......street has no confidence in Sprint or Masa

  4. $S $TMUS Would not be surprised to see merger announcement as market forces the announcement by killing Sprint stock.

  5. $S will not hold 7s if acq is going to be announced in Sept as reports claim. Tomorrow $TMUS will fly. Deal metrics will get all crooked.

  6. $HLF $NQ and $S all buys today

  7. $S Not happening till September :( http://y.ahoo.it/7nJ819LI

  8. $S a big loss coming

  9. @TRADE2TRAVEL @davidbrown01 $S isn t 4 short term investment, it s long term. Hour by Hour fluctuations are not as important as strategy

  10. $TMUS $S Nonsense that they are putting together arguments for fcc...not like fcc/doj starts the day deal announced

  11. $S And don t forget the dividened that the pumpers said was coming! Hyaterical!

  12. $S pumpers are awfully quiet now.....thought this was going to the moon.....

  13. $NOK $BBRY $MSI $AAPL $S $VZ $ORAN $DAL $MSFT $GOOG $GOOGL Samsung Forecasts its Q2 Earnings Fall Below Expectations http://y.ahoo.it/tPkNx1Hs

  14. @TravelerRob skeptics often louder than smart guys who vote w/ $s...$MONT $RDA $FMCN $GA...the spreads always closed, even if not on 1st day

  15. $S glass house

  16. @davidbrown01 $S with out a deal for tmobile I just dont think its going anywhere, anything above $8 valuation was based on rumors.

  17. $S boom goes the dynamite

  18. $S DUMP DUMP DUMP...Son needs to know that the market wont wait for ever for a deal. DUMP it t $5.

  19. $S - oversold on intraday 1min.. Should bounce back and close green..

  20. $S I meant below 8

  21. $S $TMUS Dump starting. Masa Son keeps sitting on pot. No movement. They should be dumped. Who wants Masa s sh*t show.

  22. $S down below 7, street has ZERO faith in Sprint , ZERO

  23. @davidbrown01 @TRADE2TRAVEL $S will eventually be a profitable investment. Its a smart buy under 10 dollars if your strategy is long-term

  24. $S First profit earnings post in forever !!!

  25. $S I expected more of a reaction