1. $HPQ $AVP $S $RAD $FTR $AKS Downhill

  2. $S boost!!!!

  3. $S or $TMUS will be bought by $CMCSA after they prepare to beef up their wireless initiative first http://www.rcrwireless.com/20151123/cell-tower-news/towers-bought-by-comcast-funded-cti-towers-tag17

  4. $S is still on the way down but after that (Also: $T $BCE $TMUS)...

  5. $S Sprint May Touch One Last Time ($3.20) by Chris Lau

  6. $S great read about Sprint:http://seekingalpha.com/article/3703936-will-sprint-bounce-back

  7. $S have patience it will get there, has no choice... I expect a merger with TMobile and that means $$$$$

  8. Why Nikesh Arora bet $483M on SoftBank s future http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-11-24/all-in-why-nikesh-arora-bet-483-million-on-softbank-s-future-ihechztu “Our task is not to talk (...) but to get it done” $SFTBY $S $BABA

  9. $S can it,hit $5 again this year?

  10. $S Im watching to see if the double bottom trumps the H&S pattern here.

  11. $S yes solid black Friday promotion. Should jump Monday

  12. $S $5+++ let be it!

  13. $S In @ $3.83. Can only go up, right?

  14. $S bid just reached a million @ $3.81. I think this is a buy opportunity. Even if charts show bearish atm.

  15. $S What the hell just happened?

  16. $S good support at 3.74 as long as it doesn t break.

  17. $S thinking this might be a good entry point... Right? Things settling down from the 1/2 promo?

  18. $S due for a pop

  19. $S Proposes Most Affordable Calling Option For Consumers- $DBD $UNXL http://streetwisereport.com/sprint-corporation-nyses-proposes-most-affordable-calling-option-for-consumers-diebold-incorporated-nysedbd-uni-pixel-nasdaqunxl/137641/

  20. $S Sprint now offers Ipad Pro: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sprint-offers-ipad-pro-161500955.html

  21. $S Moody s says Sprint s Mobile Leasing Solutions deal is credit positive for Sprint:

  22. $S http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/sprint-signs-12-billion-deal-for-the-sale-and-lease-back-of-certain-leased-devices-to-newly-formed-mobile-leasing-solutions-llc.htm?previousArticle=12068&nextArticle=12064&gotoArt=%2Fnews-releases%2Fsprint-signs-12-billion-deal-for-the-sale-and-lease-back-of-certain-leased-devices-to-newly-formed-mobile-leasing-solutions-llc.htm

  23. $S Sprint names Gracia new general counsel http://seekingalpha.com/news/2947776

  24. $S going down

  25. $TMUS TMUS CEO laughed a lot last week, but today, not doing better then $S