1. $LIVE pump and dump garbage CEO is a scammer former board $SAPX board member # buy the pump hold the bag

  2. $LIVE like an OTC company with their daily hot air pumper PR s #CEO was former board member of $SAPX which is all anyone needs to know


  4. $LIVE the CEO who is a former $SAPX board member seems to be more concerned about the stock price then running the company hmm... #SCAM

  5. $LIVE another PUMP & DUMP...CEO supposedly buying shares was once a $SAPX insider..that should say it all

  6. $SAPX up 133% Friday from 0.00 to 0.00 at least 6 Rev. Splits, last was 1 for 100 shares. Bigger POS than $newl ... For now.. no position.

  7. Someone on yahoo compared $NEWL 2 $sapx which closed today at 0.007 per share down 12% on the day. ;o) GL

  8. @valuewalk: Paul Singer To Warn Of Derivatives Catastrophe At Davos http://y.ahoo.it/NGrBK9wV $SPY $SAPX $FED $EWU $GS worth a read

  9. Now if $ZLCS told NASDAQ to f off the way $SAPX did, then I would be worried. Stks that go under 1 a share get a NASDAQ love letter.

  10. hoping for a good week $nok $alu $sapx !

  11. Big drops yesterday htt://stocksabouttodrop.blogspot.com $SIHI $DVOX $AMTY $SAPX $NTIC $LEDS $TGIC $DSTI $DRTX $TNGN $FTNT $GNVC $CNIT $CAPS

  12. $SAPX $FB $BBRY $SPY check out SAPX http://y.ahoo.it/AymF9JEZ

  13. anoyher good day for $nok and $alu !picked up some more $sapx .

  14. pretty good day for $sapx $nok $alu .

  15. On the list of over 10% gainers include $ANAC $EXM $INS $EGLE $SAPX see http://y.ahoo.it/HkcMoq3K for full list

  16. Added $AERG $PNTR $SAPX $CHYR $MTSL $TNGN $STRS to list of daily double digit gainers at http://y.ahoo.it/rf49Den5

  17. @Wazoo lol go buy $DRL $SAPX very unreliable metric for a company whos inventory loses value very rapidly. and they aren t profitable... yet

  18. sold $BSBR +.27 looking at $AAPL $LF $PVA and $SAPX

  19. Tomorrow big day... $BAC $BSX $HRG $LF $SAN $SAPX $SPPI

  20. stocks to watch: $GLUU, $CLWR, $USAT, $ENPH, $STEM, $SAPX, $COCO, BONT

  21. Started positions in $DQ $SOQ $SAPX. Looking for doubles at a minimum.

  22. $SAPX has issued a 1-for-70 stock split and now has 1546000 shares - http://y.ahoo.it/KgW26vSl

  23. Hold overnight $ceco $mitk $sapx

  24. $born & $sapx getting bids today for anyone liking to $spy penny stocks. $peix also getting a bid.

  25. $SAPX http://y.ahoo.it/alfLV2z9 Read up.