1. Finally, remarks stated regarding $SBSA earnings transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/3045786-spanish-broadcasting-systems-sbsa-q4-2014-results-earnings-call-transcript

  2. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A - James, Barclays: 4Q14 radio segment special events revenue? VP: $2MM.

  3. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A - Jonathan, Stonehill: 4Q typically highest? VP: 2Q, 3Q, & 4Q are somewhat in the same ballpark. COO: 1Q historically lowest.

  4. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A - Jonathan, Stonehill: YoverY revenue down , but EBITDA up why? VP: Bulk of it was decrease in expenses in radio and TV.

  5. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A Howard, CWCapital: 2015 AIRE margins? VP: Costs are pretty fixed. So, with higher revenues, margins should go up.

  6. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A Howard, CWCapital: AIRE trend? COO: Pacing well for full-year. VP: Dec. came little softer than expected.

  7. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A - Patrick, Baird: Events EBITDA margins? VP: Ended year close to 10%. 4Q14 was almost 19%. Last year 17%.

  8. $SBSA 4Q14 Q&A - Patrick, Baird: 2014 events revenue breakout? VP: 4Q14 $2.1MM; 4Q13 $900,000. 2014 $12.4MM; 2013 $14.4MM.

  9. $SBSA 4Q14 Call - Jose, VP: Radio and TV station OpEx were lower. CapEx $348,000. 2015 CapEx outlook, $2-3MM. Paid $53,000 in cash taxes.

  10. $SBSA 4Q14 Call - Jose, VP: Revenues: consolidated $36.3MM, down 3% vs. 4Q13; radio down 2%; television down approx. $600,000.

  11. $SBSA 4Q14 Call - Albert, COO: 2014 TV revenues down. 2014-end average monthly unique users in digital platform, 1.4MM.

  12. $SBSA 4Q14 Call - Albert, COO: Held over 30 events. In station group, delivered strong audience shares and grew ratings.

  13. $SBSA 4Q14 Call Albert, COO: In 2014, AIRE added Por el Placer de Vivir con Cesar Lozano, The Joy of Living show with Dr. Cesar Lozano.

  14. $SBSA 4Q14 Call Participants: Albert Rodriguez, COO; Joseph Garcia, CFO; Jose Molina, VP, Finance.

  15. $SBSA 4Q14 PR: AIRE Radio Networks platform expanded reach, content offerings and advertising client base according to roll-out strategy.

  16. $SBSA 4Q14 PR: FY14 consolidated net revenues $146.3MM, down 5% YoverY. Net loss $19.95MM or $2.75 per diluted share.

  17. $SBSA 4Q14 PR: Radio segment net revenues decreased 2% YoverY. Television segment net revenues decreased 13% YoverY.

  18. $SBSA 4Q14 PR: Consolidated net revenues $36.3MM, down 3% YoverY. Net loss was $5.97MM or $0.82 per diluted share.

  19. Spanish Broadcast ($SBSA) Reports Q4 Loss of $0.82

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  22. Earnings announcement: $SBSA is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Mar 31 2015

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