1. $SBUX Will this stock go up after earnings tomorrow ?? What price are we guessing

  2. @spookytrades popping his adderole as we speak; just tweeted him a $sbux grande

  3. $PEP $KO $GMCR $SODA $SBUX who came up with this rumor (a stake in sodastream from starbucks)...

  4. $SODA Highly unlikely but what if the $SBUX investment was a hoax. $SBUX is in a quiet period and can t respond. Clever market manipulation

  5. $SODA Odd that $SBUX has $2.5 B in cash but only buying a $100 MM stake. $SBUX bought Tevana in 2013 for $670MM. News feels strange.

  6. $SODA Do you see how skewed this reporting is... USA Today is reporting that $SBUX is in talks to buy out the whole company. lol.

  7. $SBUX here comes the call buying volume .. gonna be a wild ER

  8. $SODA $SBUX you got to love manipulators with their pump n dumps. Why in the hell would SBux by that? Seriously. Nice pump dump though

  9. $SBUX hop on.. time to fly http://y.ahoo.it/ao0lG0M9

  10. @JohnnyFever $SODA would be a great purchase for $SBUX

  11. $SODA Carbonated coffee? $SBUX will lift PT to 80

  12. Yes folks, I had $40 $SODA Puts for last week, went calls today on this rumor odd that $SBUX reports tomorrow after the close

  13. $SODA now up nearly 16% on $SBUX chatter. If it doesn t pan out, how long before a $DNKN buying $SODA stake rumor starts? Or $THI? #sarcasm

  14. $sbux still official comment on $soda .. FWIW

  15. $SBUX this is one I want to buy for long term...when we finally get that correction.

  16. $SBUX has 7 of 15 AOM sub models with a Sell rating.

  17. $SODA a 10% stake is only $100 million, That is loose change for a $SBUX or a $KRFT

  18. Starbucks Corporation Seeking SodaStream International Ltd Stake http://y.ahoo.it/QRDTkzut $SBUX $SODA $GMCR $KO

  19. Starbucks $SBUX is in advanced talks to purchase 10% of SodaStream $SODA

  20. $SODA rather it s $SBUX or $KRFT or some other Monster, $SODA is going up fast very soon, clearly she is in play and there is no Float!!!!

  21. @JimmyCrackCorn: $SODA $SBUX $GMCR Israeli Proverb... Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls. Cover your SodaStream short

  22. $SODA $SBUX $GMCR Israeli Proverb... Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls.

  23. $SODA may be setting up for a Golden Cross opposite of the Death Cross $SBUX is making. SODA better http://y.ahoo.it/EGehnV22

  24. $SBUX Head & Shoulders pattern with PT around 55- so much better to buy $SODA instead http://y.ahoo.it/K5hHtBlz