1. $SBUX No worries here!... This thing has $100 written all over it soon.

  2. There s a logical reason that $SODA lost momentum after news: investors have no faith after $PEP $SBUX $KO etc never bought. It won t happen

  3. $SBUX I think it s due for a correction to about 74-75 then back up (long term)

  4. $SBUX Bought some at 78.3AH

  5. $SBUX is all about growth at the end of the day. Not only internationally, look at how much they can still do here in the US

  6. $SBUX Prolly gonna open with an upgrade or two. Not that I give much stock to those, but plenty do

  7. breakfast sandwiches & baked goods help $SBUX /Starbucks raises guidance as profit rises http://y.ahoo.it/iPzm2ZFE #retail

  8. $BIDU and $DECK jumping away. $SBUX hanging in there but $P $KLAC $AMZN look attractive on the selloff

  9. Opportunity!! $DJIA $AAPL $AMZN $AXP $BIDU $FAS, $CAT $GOOG $HD $NFLX $JPM $SBUX $XOM http://y.ahoo.it/u9Zw8vB2

  10. $SBUX This is one I will buy in major sell off.

  11. $SBUX READ and BUY: http://y.ahoo.it/tpET1MxX

  12. $SBUX OK, here is what really happened AH: Some investors worried that opening more stores will cut through their gains. Short term worries.

  13. $SBUX I bet this opens green tomorrow.

  14. $SBUX target price $88.00

  15. $SBUX would we see. A price run up tomorrow we these food er. In @35 in @47

  16. July 24 2014 Earnings after the Bell http://y.ahoo.it/ZgNoa7yB $RFMD $P $SBUX $BIDU $AMZN $V $FLEX $AWAY

  17. $SBUX Great company, great stock, great coffee, great ambient. Stay Bullish my friends :)

  18. Hoping $SBUX Follows suit with $AAPL And after an excellent Quarterly report, falls after hours and turns positive the next trading day.

  19. $SBUX This is why options are a horrible product. MM manipulate the price for OPEX. It will trade higher when ppl dump calls at a loss

  20. $SBUX Dip will be bought, expect good and fast recovery based on ER and CC.Dont worry too much longs.

  21. $SBUX Is it Tomorw yet ??? 🚀🙏😀

  22. $SBUX Couldn t load the CC, bad guidance in CC or...?

  23. $SBUX reported a great overall report. Can t find anything bad. Buying more at open tomorrow.

  24. @StalkingHorse @realprime AH doesn t mean much... not even 1mm vol... I ll buy all day at $78 $SBUX

  25. $SBUX Note to self; self add to Starbucks position if its still down like this tomorrow - much better then apps for reminders :)