1. $SCOK want to see how this story ends? Check out $SCEI. This too should be under $0.50 and will eventually track towards it.

  2. $SCEI, 13D filed by Peracca Alain http://y.ahoo.it/KmcX9gdo

  3. $KNDI next? Chinese Scams are real: $APWR $ABAT $FEED $CELM $CCME $CNW $CHBT $FUQI $LLEN $PUDA $SCEI $UTRA $YUII http://y.ahoo.it/HheDXQhC

  4. Chinese Stock Scams are real: $APWR $ABAT $FEED $CELM $CCME $CRTP $CNW $CHBT $FUQI $LLEN $ONP $PUDA $SCEI $UTRA $YUII http://y.ahoo.it/2AMEk79z

  5. Activists Short Insolvent China BAK Battery http://y.ahoo.it/QdnhXImK $CBAK $CMGE $CREG $HOGS $CGPI $SCEI

  6. @gabbs yea careful man, I have no short position or anything on these stocks, just trying to lookout for the little guy $SCEI $CLNT

  7. For those of you bullish on this stock I d like to point you to $SCEI as an example of how this stock will go(2010-11). China= scam. $CLNT

  8. Added $ATGN $DGICB $TRUE $CDII $OMPI $SCEI $CERP $CEDC to list of double digit gainers at http://y.ahoo.it/cIXh8iq0

  9. @ACInvestorBlog nice $SCEI call

  10. $SCEI I remember warning people about this Chinese scam stock at above $2 bucks. Hopefully the smart ones got out, also mentioned others

  11. $SCEI So is this worth buying again now? haha

  12. $SCEI Any suggestions for shareholders? Wondering if this ever be back on NASDAQ

  13. URGENT: $SCEI filed to delay releasing quarterly earnings results (SEC Filing Form NT 10Q) http://y.ahoo.it/Dt5k6Kf8

  14. $SCEI Why has this halted for multiple days?

  15. GeoInvesting - GeoInvesting Identifies Major Inconsistencies in Sino Clean Energy’s ($SCEI) Story http://y.ahoo.it/GxRZPIe8

  16. My new rule is to never trade the likes of $dang $renn and $scei ever again.

  17. $SCEI If it weren t for bad luck SCEI wouldn t have any-it was the paper company that owned their facility previously that screwed this up

  18. $SCEI I m long-In sales not every quarter is going to be good-read the report-a Q2 acquisition will INCREASE production by 1M metric tons!!

  19. RT @EE551976 $SCEI Take a minute and read the q1 report. The company has so much cash it s incredible it s only at 1.31

  20. This is a great buy! $SCEI

  21. $SCEI I really like this price. I would definitely get into this if I had the cash.

  22. $SCEI As of 3/31/12 total current assets were $103,741,659 and total current liabilities $7,171,981 = net working capital of $96,569,678

  23. $SCEI cash provided by operating activities was $22,423,642, as compared to that of $5,055,560 provided by operating activity same time LY

  24. $SCEI Take a minute and read the q1 report. The company has so much cash it s incredible it s only at 1.31

  25. $SCEI filed latest Quarterly Report http://y.ahoo.it/nTsuUGrg