1. Shining Stocks in News Recap: $HK $EBAY $SCHW http://www.senecaglobe.com/shining-stocks-in-news-recap-halcon-resources-corporation-nysehk-ebay-inc-nasdaqebay-the-charles-schwab-corporation-nyseschw/35240/

  2. $SCHW daily chart, liking above 30.81 the 200sma

  3. Stocks In Focus $PDI $SCHW $SNE $GOLD

  4. $TWTR $SCHW closed position from friday. Will report Monthly gain at the end of day. Congrats to those that longed in $ACI

  5. News Fact on Vanguard Level- $SCHW, $CATO, $CLF http://www.streetwisereport.com/news-fact-on-vanguard-level-the-charles-schwab-corporation-nyseschw-the-cato-corporation-nysecato-cliffs-natural-resources-inc-nyseclf/126788/

  6. Volatility Measure: $PG, $TSLA, $SCHW http://www.streetwisereport.com/volatility-measure-the-procter-gamble-firm-nysepg-tesla-motors-inc-nasdaqtsla-the-charles-schwab-corporation-nyseschw/126748/

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  8. Weak Trading Activity Continues For E*Trade http://www.trefis.com/stock/etfc/articles/311854/weak-trading-activity-continues-for-etrade/2015-08-31 by Trefis Team $ETFC $AMTD $SCHW

  9. I remember trying to short $WUBA at 70 and 80. Thanks, $SCHW

  10. A slew of key names on the Financials At Risk list: http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=150&f=cap_largeover,fa_debteq_o0.7,sec_financial,ta_rsi_nob60,ta_sma50_pb&ft=2&o=perf4w $WFC $JPM $BAC $C $MS $GS $SCHW $SAN $UBS $DB $BCS $LYG No bueno!

  11. $XLF downside being 19 upside slow and steady over the long-haul $SCHW

  12. Most Active Stocks Alert: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/most-active-stocks-alert-charles-schwab-corp-nyseschw-altria-group-inc-nysemo-google-inc-nasdaqgoogl/1526571/ $SCHW $MO $GOOGL

  13. $SCHW hit by online outages in busy trading stretch

  14. $SCHW Yes it s up


  16. $SCHW Schwab finally up & running for those of you that use it.

  17. $SCHW Yep, I m down. Not good.

  18. $SCHW crap company, fix you servers!

  19. $SCHW Schwab Online Trading system is down this morning, possibly due to high volume.

  20. $SCHW Not good Uncle Chuck.

  21. $SCHW says online access to trading platform unavailable

  22. $SCHW hearing various reports SCHW systems are experiencing outages, traders on social media stating inability to execute orders.

  23. $SCHW yep threir system is down https://twitter.com/CharlesSchwab/with_replies

  24. $SCHW temp down.

  25. $SCHW Is our money safe? Hacking?