1. $VNM $INDY $SCIF $FXI I really meant bullish in those countries from Asia and bearish in Latam, specially Colombia, Peru and Chile

  2. Today s Pre-Market Losers $SPPI $UWTI $SCIF $RUSL $DOD $WTI http://www.optioncast.com/stock-options-blog/optioncast-pre-market-movers-stocks-biggest-overnight-moves/

  3. forget Latam and $EPU $GRAM invest in $FXI $SCIF $VNM $INDY (Asia)

  4. This week even better spnsrd by SHORTS: $GDX $GLD Longs: $LC $UNG $CURE $TWTR $VGK $HEDJ $INDY $HIMX $VNM $DATA $SCIF $AIG Cov Call: $BABA

  5. @allstarcharts: $SCIF is the Market Vectors India Small Cap ETF - has broken all downtrend line from last year s highs Nice Job J.C.

  6. $SCIF Long

  7. $SCIF long swing trade www.Northstaractiveequitytrading.com

  8. India consumer stocks on “very stretched multiples” http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/omgis-crabb-india-consumer-stocks-on-very-stretched-multiples-fe-trustnet/ $INCO $EPI $INDA $INDY $PIN $SCIF $INXX $SCIN $SMIN $IFN $INDL

  9. New Pairs trade to go on: short $INR (Indian rupee vs. dollar) / Long $SCIF (India small caps)

  10. $VNM $SCIF $EWN $DBJP $RSX $HACK $SMH $UGAZ $BOIL $GXG $BNO $GREK Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers

  11. $VNM $SCIF $EWN $DBJP $RSX $HACK $UGAZ $BOIL $GXG $BNO $UWTI $BRZU Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-FEBRUARY-11-4616.html#comments

  12. $XES $OIL $USO $DBO $DBA $FXN $UWTI $BRZU $GREK $SCIF $EPHE $EWL Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-FEBRUARY-9.html#comments

  13. These high RS ETFs have pulled back toward their 50-day line. Could be opportunities. $INDY $SCIF $IYR $VNQ $ICF http://www.etfscreen.com/screener.php?sn=9549c

  14. Audible: out $EPZM $GILD $CELG $SCIF $OVAS

  15. India ETFs: Best of the BRIC House…Again http://www.etftrends.com/2015/02/india-etfs-best-of-the-bric-houseagain/ $EPI $INDA $PIN $SCIF

  16. $PIN $EPI $INXX $SCIF All looking good

  17. $SCIF Nice finish

  18. Adding $EEM short again (got stopped out) against my $SCIF (India small cap) long.

  19. $SCIF sold 1/2. buying more $TLT in LT. Will look at calls as well here in a bit. #DeflationaryVortex

  20. $SCIF India wants to get out. #long http://stocktwits.com/message/31616187

  21. $SCIF long against $EEM short. 100% long | 100% short

  22. I like $FXI short ; $SCIF long. still got the $EEM short on.

  23. Which India ETFs have been surging after a recent hike cut by their Central Bank? $EPI $SCIN $SCIF $INCO $INXX http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/160737/india-etfs-surge-after-surprise-rate-cut

  24. India ETFs surged after rate cut. $EPI $SCIN $SCIF $INCO $INXX http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/160737/india-etfs-surge-after-surprise-rate-cut

  25. $EPI $PIN $INDA $SCIF World Bank: India Set to Become World’s Fastest-Growing Big Economy - Real Time Economics - WSJ http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2015/01/14/world-bank-india-set-to-become-worlds-fastest-growing-big-economy/?utm_content=buffer20ced&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer