1. $SCO wow,this stock was at a high of $276 in 2010

  2. $SCO $erx http://in.reuters.com/article/2015/01/30/oil-prices-idINKBN0L318L20150130 Oil price will average less in 2015 than during financial crisis - Reuters Poll

  3. @jj605v @PI_angler That s hilarious. I have three positions: $FXCM $SCO and $ECIG hashtag almost twinners!

  4. @sponga: $DWTI expect a big drop in oil tomorrow http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-01/china-s-factory-gauge-sinks-to-two-year-low-as-slowdown-lingers $USO $UWTI $SCO $SPY $TVIX

  5. Oil Near a Breakout - Lets look at UCO http://www.dailystockplays.com/Is-Oil-Near-a-Breakout---Lets-look-at-UCO-2015-01-31.html $UCO $USO $SCO

  6. $SCO http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2015/01/31/Cheap_Oil_Could_Save_Planet/ Could tanking oil prices be a ploy to reduce GHG emissions? Above article suggests this, interesting alt idea...

  7. $SCO anyone know where to stay uptodate on oil prices over the weekend?

  8. $SCO it really comes down to the Saudis,if they close the taps a little,run for the hills,if not a few less rigs in the USA isnt big deal

  9. $SCO $DWTI $XLE $CVX $XOM $BBEP $EOG $VNR SCO is struggling to remain above $100. This is a good sign that oil has bottomed.

  10. $SCO the really fat pitch is a bounce to 100ish and a rollover from there. Then your sitting on the nuts hand in position

  11. $SCO bearish engulfing week pickup in vol. big trendline break price an RS line. Great ideas don t come around everyday. IMO this is one

  12. $SCO First SCO trade. Looks interesting. I was told by a friend to buy when it was 65$. finally bought on the dip.. just 230 shares.

  13. $SCO the rips in oil today is not the sign of a new trend or related to fundamentals and should be sold , IMO. If oil pops, buying more

  14. $SCO snapped that uptrend from november lows. Has oil bottomed? Who knows but I think SCO has topped! Would love a bounce back to 100

  15. @HitTheBidRadio going long here text week with $XIV and $SCO

  16. $SCO I ve been waiting for this excellent entry point for two weeks and I finally got it! Will wait till Tuesday though

  17. $SCO bought by end of day for next week oil drop. expecting at least 5% gain

  18. $SCO trying to add more in afterhours but no sellers near this price

  19. $SCO bought 3000 shares today,holding over weekend

  20. $SCO sigh... Lost 200k in one night, need something to get drunk tonight...

  21. @J2015 $SCO is shorting oil, so moves inversely to the price of oil. Didn t do well today, should recover partly Monday.

  22. @Doozio Still, an overreaction, I don t think oil s hit bottom yet. Holding $SCO through the weekend, though would rather not be.

  23. $ERX time to slip back over to $sco

  24. @Taxman63 $SCO could be a really nice gain over the weekend.

  25. $SCO here she goes