1. $CL_F daily. Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures Daily. $CL_F $USO $OIL $SCO $UCO $DTO $DNO http://stocktwits.com/message/30512931

  2. @cybercash28: $SCO when down to $65 watch for entry. $DWTI about $96

  3. $RUSS $SCO down $5 in 2 hours, normal... #3XGarbage . Mucho dinero I left on the table, oh well.

  4. $SCO love this friday headfake. Monday is gonna be insaneeeeee

  5. $SCo at $66 $DWTI $96 like i thought..now we need to watch closely

  6. @twitforbrains Heck, why not. Not much more downside, can always adjust cost. I was going to short $SCO today. didn t ugh

  7. $SCO dammm im getting rocked, hehehe yeah right!!!!!!

  8. What he said @JFinDallas: $RUSS $SCO more puking into the close would be my guess, $UVXY too. #SantaSqueezeFriday

  9. $RUSS $SCO more puking into the close would be my guess, covered that too early, $UVXY too. #SantaSqueezeFriday $SPY

  10. Jan 2016 Option Disconnect: $SCO Put for 20 while the $UCO for 4 ???? Really a $16 spread!

  11. $SCO oil is weak. This is just a relief rally and to lure in new longs. BIG POP COMING!!!

  12. @daisy9 Daisy, $JDST $SCO $ERY.. are 3 times ETF, you would loss money faster than any stock.

  13. $SCO when down to $65 watch for entry. $DWTI about $96

  14. $SCO trying some SCO right here at 71.60 oil not working

  15. Closed out all positions for holidays. $SLV short - flat trade. $QIWI short - 3R winner. $AERI long - 3.75R winner. $SCO long - 5R winner.

  16. $SCO Trying to pin oil at $56, cant imagine itll hold. Today is a very big day for oil

  17. $USO, $SCO, $UCO - I was having problems finding a live WTI oil chart, found it here though. http://www.investing.com/commodities/crude-oil-streaming-chart

  18. $USO, $SCO - Think 56 is resistance for WTI oil. Let s go lower.

  19. $SCO Nice head fake yesterday to sweep out the mid $60s stops and then resume the decline in crude. Classic

  20. Got out of $SCO a little early today ($74.25, entry was at $71.90). But wanted to lock in gains before EOD. Will repeat tomorrow hopefully

  21. @cooltraderpro Confused? If you re calling 80-85 on $SCO then clearly you re bullish on this?

  22. @InsiderBuySuperstocks $SCO 2x top and negative divergence could easily lead to higher prices in oil instruments. http://stocktwits.com/message/30434475

  23. $SCO i am completed confused on this stock. 80-85 next week.

  24. $SPY Top 4 etfs: $BIB +5.7%, $SCO +5%, $RXL +4.2%, $QLD +4.2% As Biotech, Sh Oil, Drugs, Nasd move up.

  25. $JNUG $SCO Value plays abound in these sectors