1. $SCON The power of stink bids folks,,,you would be surprised how often they fill in algo world.

  2. $SCON what s happening :/??!

  3. $SCON Don t like the close today but the charts show trending upwards. Hopefully some news soon.

  4. $SCON whats this f**ckery??!!

  5. $SCON Very quiet action, low volume, com on SCON get going already! Calm before the storm?

  6. $NETE, $SCON, $ASTI, $GOL, $HEB, $MPET, $UGAZasti

  7. $NETE $SCON $ASTI $GOL $HEB $MPET $UGAZ ............... which one should I invest in real quick ?

  8. $SCON Good sign when workingdog shows up, guaranteed to go green. Thanks pal!!

  9. $SCON is next to split...CRDC is a way better company...so SCON is very soon or just leave and go to OTC

  10. $SCON should see a r/s here soon...R/S are going to be routine this year...CRDC just did one

  11. $SCON Days like this are an opportunity, good days ahead!!

  12. $SCON How much longer is anyone s guess,follow the big players $$

  13. $SCON Stink bids sometimes fill folks...hold a core,trade the fakeouts,and if the real run comes,your core will be free. IMHO

  14. $SCON one small ask of 300 shares at .22, and then it moves up to .24. Even one small purchase is a large move.

  15. $SCON Besides markets down over 300, still doing well!!

  16. $SCON I expected a little down day after all those days of gains, if you got more under .20 your good. Will still have a decent close

  17. $ANCI $SCON No float here folks,one PR and we are off to the races imho.

  18. $SCON Monday blues or bigger problems, any ideas?

  19. 4 Stocks Which May Trigger A Short Squeeze - $TBIO $ DSKX $RADA $SCON

  20. $SCON I think they get it done, investors don t take large positions to lose. I say they get a few sales on that wire. All signs point to it

  21. $SCON The only thing that matters is qualifying the wire and selling it, if they can t do it, they don t survive to see 2017

  22. $SCON These investors should have no problem getting this over a $1. Will easily get there by spring if not sooner. No hurry patience!!

  23. $SCON @Glopolon These investors taking position into the company, good things to happen, Maybe a buyout/acquisition/sale. OS is pretty good

  24. $SCON Frigate must have been a part of the October offering, http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=70847&p=irol-SECText&TEXT=aHR0cDovL2FwaS50ZW5rd2l6YXJkLmNvbS9maWxpbmcueG1sP2lwYWdlPTEwNTIzMzY4JkRTRVE9MCZTRVE9MCZTUURFU0M9U0VDVElPTl9FTlRJUkUmc3Vic2lkPTU3

  25. $SCON 5% of 31,735,683 is 1,586,784 shares. So it is confusing just how many they own