1. $SCON $CLNT Running up. Get on the train!

  2. $SCON I used to trade this dawg back in the day

  3. $SCON Still awaiting news..

  4. $SCON it s alive 💀

  5. $SCON no volume here

  6. $SCON SOUTHWIRE also indicated STI as operation partners. http://y.ahoo.it/Ra2wNSdo I can smell big opportunity for STI

  7. $SCON NEXANS is going to place the big order anytime... Strongest Buy. Anytime between now and July end, PR may announce

  8. $SCON Closed position, essentially sideways for two months

  9. Earnings announcement: $SCON is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Aug 13 2014

  10. Watchlist: $HSOL $AVNW $WYY $SMSI $SCON $SEED $IMUC

  11. @progerian: $SCON was added to Russell Microcap Index...

  12. $SCON was added to Russell Microcap Index...

  13. $SCON Is this another buying opp or fall on company support level


  15. Share an idea on $scon love this stock.

  16. Watching 6/26 TOP 10 $ACFN $AXAS $BLDP $GORO $LTS $MUX $SCON $SOL $VRNG $ZIXI ..KA BOOM..

  17. $SCON this will be up tomorrow and day after .. Expecting to go 3:50 +

  18. Watching 6/25 TOP 10 $AGEN $AVEO $CPRX $DCIX $GFA $IGC $JRJC $MSO $RMGN $SCON ..KA BOOM..

  19. $SCON Time to load up bought more @2.91 average Pps @2.6852

  20. @lionelg: When is the conductus wire going to be at full capacity @ commercial grade last cc was mid end may/jun long $SCON

  21. $SCON taking it s time but could double on sales orders

  22. $SCON higher highs and higher lows. Still low volume. continuing the gradual incline until next quarterly report. Stay above 3 = good

  23. Took some $SCON for swing 3.08 just a nibble

  24. $SCON pickin up a little

  25. $SCON Superconductor Technologies Inc. on Preliminary List of Additions to Russell Microcap Index.. http://y.ahoo.it/6x4JmdEQ