1. $SCTY just say it- 31.57 near term gap close. 0.32 to 31.89 pivot, then fat gap to 35. Open calls, Paris, 50% short= short bad & long good

  2. $SCTY $sune

  3. $SCTY called this and own options from 25! check it out

  4. $SCTY $SDEG interesting solar tech advances http://spectrum.ieee.org/nanoclast/semiconductors/materials/nanopillars-hide-solar-wiring

  5. 5k to invest tomorrow where do you put it $DIS $CSIQ $FB $SCTY $AAPL $NFLX others?

  6. Is $OIL Stocks About To Decouple From $SOLAR Stocks? $SPY $DIA $QQQ $HDGE $VXX $OIH $XOP $TAN $SLTD $SCTY $UUP $JASO $CSIQ $GEX $UUP $GRID

  7. If $SCTY can get over 32, then chances are that it fills that big gap. Momentum indicators are supportive.

  8. $SUNE $TERP $JA $SCTY #ActOnClimate https://twitter.com/hashtag/ActOnClimate?src=hash

  9. $SCTY very happy that I loaded up on $SCTY when it was down, It s got more room to go up

  10. $SCTY—> Something smells fishy.. maybe smell shorts burning soon —> $TAN $FSLR $SUNE

  11. $SCTY if we can hold 33 then I will play this long to 44 https://www.tradingview.com/x/zzm6CN8t/

  12. $SCTY SCTY gonna rock. 48% short, Elon buying and options peculiarities causing more buying. Can t wait for morning! Poor shorts.

  13. CALL SWEEPERS UNLEASH INTO MORNING FADE | $FB $SCTY LEAD THE BUYING SPREE | ACTION IN REVIEW https://www.wallstjesus.com/action-in-review/december-1st-2015/

  14. $SCTY so close to breaking even!

  15. Reminded: see excellent @OMillionaires stream for $SCTY post looking at current dynamics trading. Add Chanos to mix. Ty @prettydarntasty

  16. Tuesday SOLAR CITY IS HOT closing up over 9 % $SCTY

  17. Aggressive call buyers stepped up and finally popped $SCTY. Lots of action with $TERP. Carried to $SUNE and $VSLR (faded though). #Solar

  18. Today s winners: $TERP $CNX $SUNE $SCTY $CACC $WYNN $MRVL $MUSA $KOS $LLY

  19. $SCTY RSI closed >50.

  20. $SPX moving higher after breaking wedge, moving 2 top of trading band (Orange) helping stocks $SCTY $CSIQ $FB

  21. $SCTY shorts took profits and gone. only increased 9% today.. so new buys today


  23. $SCTY nice day here in the Sun.

  24. $SUNE Breakouts holding and advancing in $SPWR & $SCTY showing strength unlike damaged $SUNE selling off into close.

  25. $SCTY @HOD +8.74%, hitting the mid Fib Channel trend line, needs to break to get to the 50 DMA..