1. $SCTY missed the chance @ 64, strong movement up from 68 this morning and staying close to the bottom of uptrend channel. More upside ahead

  2. @theoptiondon: $SCTY 30.05% short interest. 2.45 dtc ..setting up to BREAKOUT after basing for ~2wks. PT 75+ soon http://y.ahoo.it/9r10EMFN

  3. $SCTY To whoever told I wasn t going to be able to get in under $61... you were right! Hats off.

  4. $SCTY sold more 67 calls at $3.75

  5. $SCTY boom!

  6. $SCTY selling area here imo.. 66.4 was the posted entry yesterday

  7. $HLF anyways back at $SCTY $TSLA elon musk everybody! http://y.ahoo.it/8eibzYyg

  8. $SCTY : 60-15-4min still in Potential continuation Uptrend http://y.ahoo.it/OpjGdkgO

  9. Tuesday 1 hour in Dow + 72 We at + $16,003 $GWPH $VIPS $SCTY $ADEP $SFUN $ANAC $TQNT http://y.ahoo.it/Vj4wBrH0

  10. stocks i m watching that have 20%+ short interest: $SCTY $WUBA $SPWR $TSLA $AMBA $NYLD

  11. $GOOGL $GS $SCTY Range early is what we want. Targets by mid week is key. As range dies down in to the end of he week.

  12. $GOOGL $GS $SCTY targets achieved only one left is $EBAY...

  13. $SCTY SolarCity s Rise Presents An Opportunity To Short apt SA article http://y.ahoo.it/UoCJ6pn0 deja vu all over again -YB

  14. $SCTY Beast mode

  15. $SCTY calls are 75% from yesterday

  16. @FlightCharts $scty still running

  17. $SCTY #stc JUL4 2014 $70.5 calls @ 1.40 | Position Closed [+21.74%]

  18. $SCTY in for an afternoon feeler short, great candidate to consolidate

  19. $SCTY #stc JUL4 2014 $70.5 calls @ 1.30 | Closed Half Position [+13.04%]

  20. $scty weeee had low entry of the day boom , read the big biys flow @optionsstats

  21. $SCTY back in colors :)


  23. $SCTY in for a quick DT 67.95

  24. $SCTY Double Bottom Pattern Entry: 56.40 Stop: 45.78 (-10.62) T1: 74.2 to 81.9 T2: 104.2 to 120.3 http://y.ahoo.it/zGacv4Ux

  25. @GICfutures $EBAY $GOOGL $GS $SCTY HELD the STOP & RR areas and continued to targets.