1. @Shartnado $SCTY makes the most sense considering the divergence in valuations. Don t think it s likely but certainly a possibility.

  2. $SCTY $SCTY Bullish Diamond idea. Bullish diamond indicates a breakout to the upside with a PT of $82 http://y.ahoo.it/EqffSoyb

  3. $SCTY OPEN INTEREST FOR SEP 5, 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/cYb2WW7s

  4. $SCTY ~4 week downtrend since earnings continues. Updated chart. Next resistance is 200 DMA $63.49 http://y.ahoo.it/hpkIVERh

  5. $SCTY Seeing a bunch of accumulation at these levels. Weekly looks great. This will be 80-85 $ stock in 3 months. Patience. Accumulate.

  6. $SCTY 200 day MA is at 64. More down to go

  7. $SCTY im in full pos@$67.10,1st 500shre @69.09. $KNDI small @ 17.55~now turn to beast tomorrow. :)

  8. $SCTY will consider buying at 200d. until then, I will be sidelined

  9. Solar ETFs Hot again; Brighter Days Ahead? $TAN $KWT $YGE $TSL $SCTY $CSIQ $SPWR http://y.ahoo.it/1vNlJzZ6

  10. Which gives first? The likes of $SCTY showing relative weakness? $FSLR consolidating earnings bounce? $CSIQ surging. #trading #uncertainty

  11. $SCTY run for the woods

  12. @AsianOptionsGirl indeed - we ll stop out on the remainder around 68.50 area if $SCTY can recapture it

  13. $SCTY Only one indicator screaming buy, yet all this doom and gloom makes me want to buy more. Especially now, when it kept above $67 today.

  14. @jarym thank you - hope you have an excellent week $SCTY

  15. @AsianOptionsGirl we ll be back but did not like that velocity of down move today in $SCTY stalled below the 50sma -

  16. We rolled some of the profits in $SCTY into our $GILD #trading short from 107.50 - we added at 108.50 for an avg 108 - breather time #hedge

  17. Will keep the 1/4 #trading short runner in $SCTY from 70.10 avg on - prospect for quick snap back to underside of 50sma as volume has cooled

  18. @ZacksResearch: Is it time to get back into Solar ETFs? $TAN $YGE $TSL $KWT $SCTY $CSIQ $SPWR http://y.ahoo.it/Xh2Wmuda - knew that before

  19. We covered 3/4 of #trading short in Solar City at 67.51 avg from 70.10 avg $SCTY this was our 4th trade in SCTY in the last month -see posts

  20. $SCTY run for the hills ?

  21. $SCTY LOD is $66.80. Will it close below that? High chance. This is dropping more each day.

  22. Is it time to get back into Solar ETFs? $TAN $YGE $TSL $KWT $SCTY $CSIQ $SPWR http://y.ahoo.it/tT47T5VF

  23. $SCTY $FSLR @SPWR like the solars here to stay,expect a turn around in the near future,almost forgot!!!$TSL $CSIQ

  24. @Smitty61 I don t currently have a position in either $TSLA or $SCTY

  25. Caution signs for $SCTY from Twitter and StockTwits streams. http://y.ahoo.it/AwMdCnty