1. MOMO TAP OPENED @ QNET..WARNED http://y.ahoo.it/d1LwKpiI $TSLA $YELP $FEYE $TWTR $SCTY $LNKD $MBLY http://y.ahoo.it/ImZAXSjP

  2. Unusual Call Vol $TGT $GPRO $CIEN $BBY $YHOO $S $QCOM $UNG $SCTY $LOCO $RIG $CLF $FEYE $DAL (1 of 2) http://y.ahoo.it/cgpaDY5i

  3. Unusual Put Vol $RAD $RSX $GPRO $XLU $LULU $DIS $RIG $IYR $SCTY $JPM $YHOO $IBM $CAT $TSLA (1 of 2) http://y.ahoo.it/B7hkUK3t

  4. Unusual Option Vol $AVNR $DD $VLO $PFE $WAG $SCTY $YHOO $AA $TSLA $BBRY http://y.ahoo.it/MALULArD

  5. $SCTY Hit resistance, broke 8,21,50 day w/volume, wait for bullish reversal for new setup. $BABA http://y.ahoo.it/PBcN7mZf

  6. $SCTY Not Flashed my screen today missed to short

  7. always listen to your stops!! I saved myself $3 by exiting remainder $SCTY @ stop of 71. too bad ...cant win everything even if confident.

  8. @suriNotes: Elon Musk s Correlated stocks $TSLA $SCTY http://y.ahoo.it/DDbKWpVP :)

  9. @dawnmail: @AsianOptionsGirl schwindle but grt call on $SCTY Yeah that was a great call Friday for SCTY

  10. @AsianOptionsGirl schwindle but grt call on $SCTY

  11. guarentee $SCTY caught hella bulls off-guard. dope looking #VSBD1 breakout on Friday

  12. @GrinderAK bought $SCTY http://y.ahoo.it/yhwSNrzg and $TSLa on the dip

  13. Monday TODAY S VIDEO IS UP HERE: http://y.ahoo.it/3Z0lctaL $CSUN $SCTY $ABTL http://y.ahoo.it/H5HSaBH7

  14. $SCTY I want to own this stock but looking at the one year cart it could drop back down into the 50 s real quick.

  15. $SCTY OI for maturity 09/20/2014. 65.00 Highest put. 75.00 Highest call. http://y.ahoo.it/5zILIg3E

  16. $SCTY Max Pain is 70.50 for maturity 09/20/2014. Last close = 67.36. http://y.ahoo.it/rcKlRFNy

  17. $SCTY Being contrary isn t bashing. If you have reasons to be short/long, state them. Anything more is ego.

  18. $SCTY This crashed on $TSLA sympathy. All the positives are still in place. Bears, take a bow. I told you so isn t productive.

  19. Are the $SCTY bulls going to apologize to @AsianOptionsGirl for bashing her for the last week and a half? You guys were pretty adamant.

  20. Rough day for the bulls. Too busy today to post any ideas. Our recent action has been in $GILD $TWTR and $SCTY.

  21. Today I shorted $JAZZ $YELP $TSLA $LNKD $SCTY all are down. Tomorrow my short list $AVNR $GPRO $MBLY $UTHR $YHOO too

  22. $SCTY Anything could happen however I m seeing no significant reason(s) to be long. http://y.ahoo.it/U8AByeDb

  23. EOD: * News * Stock/Option Movers $SPX * Top Option Story $SCTY * Open Interest * Biotech Update http://y.ahoo.it/eSJPsH0A

  24. $SCTY I will buy when it gets to 40 s. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling that s where its headed.

  25. $SCTY I hope all those despicable commentators well. I am now going long on NETE. Excellent buying opportunity after big sell off #BigBounce