1. $SD They cant fire Gilliland that is who they rent office space from, or maybe buy drilling mud, or it may be Oliver. Or another one. SNAKE

  2. $SD they should fire gilliland too. effing POS dumps every share he owns while CEO is touting turnaround and shareholder value lol

  3. $SD Maybe Lawler will take his other croonies. Craig Johnson is legit replacement. Lawler is a stain on the sheets.

  4. $SD Notable crossover of MACD and EMA with Divergence at 0, could be setting up for big pop. Looks similar to past bounces, bottom formed.

  5. $SD up marginally from my buy in....better than down marginally

  6. @Barracudatrades no worries, hard to believe we re on the same side with $SD eh :-) We re both probably wrong.

  7. @Barracudatrades contrarian investing means looking for the extremes, and $SD seems bearish to the max, the antithesis of a stock like $MOBI

  8. $SD is getting very cheap and CUDA likes. I hear people crying so the CUDA is buying. this will be another ez winner under 5 i buy more

  9. $SD couldn t stay on the sidelines any longer...I think we re headed for another brutal winter

  10. $SD @scottzman Down because people think COO leaving (for a CEO job) means no sale pending. I believe opposite is true.

  11. $SD my gosh guys, this is good news and more will be coming, this compnay isnt going belly up, I live here in oklahoma city, its all good

  12. $SD Even Tom Ward didnt kill the stock this much

  13. $SD This managment team is awful. They clearly dont care about the shareholders.

  14. $SD looks like 5.17-18 is where the new sell limit stands, heading lower

  15. Market Report -- In Play ($SD): http://y.ahoo.it/IzhXCzKE http://y.ahoo.it/2TX02iH4 via @MSN_Money

  16. SandRidge Energy Announces Executive Management Changes; Retains Strong and Talented Leadership: PR Newswire http://y.ahoo.it/SbDy8yhL $SD

  17. $SD every single pop is faded. this is toast. say high to the 4s

  18. @JimCramer was high on $SD at 7, now he s bearish. This one is not working at all. That was not a good quarter and it s not delivering.

  19. $SD To the shorts, I think it would be hard to short with true confidence seeing as the stock has corrected so much.

  20. $SD usually when something is too easy, the market corrects itself. this tho, every1 and their mother could short and make money

  21. $SD oversold look for bounce is oil prices holdup

  22. $SD about to get really ugly....

  23. @FlightCharts Correction. $sd trigger is 5.13.

  24. $SD Lawler took COO position with BP

  25. @FlightCharts $sd triggers short