1. $SD God awful. As always

  2. $SD just watch the dollar...its at the top of a 10yr channel now, if breaks out could get ugly

  3. $SD reality is : the real selling has not yet begun. Watch 3.50 at a theatre near you

  4. $SD 3.50 coming

  5. $SD Only immediate salvage here is the IRS approval of the salt water unit. Everything else is longer term. IMO

  6. $SD the dam rsi and stock are so low you can barely see them...gotta bounce good at some point...

  7. Energy sector might hit zero within next 5 minutes $EXXI $AREX $SD $RIG $ESV $NE $DO $OIH - keep it going

  8. $SD they are not mostly short sellers. Institutions are trying to beat each other to the punch.

  9. $SD shorts took the opportunity

  10. $SD Freakin short sellers. Special place in hell for those dirtbags

  11. $SD Managment are you buying back stock yet?? Good lord what a disaster this stock is

  12. $AREX $EXXI $SD assume the position

  13. $SD time to reload for a quick ride to 4.35.

  14. $SD look at all the smiling face Jack in the boxes.

  15. $RIG $SDRL $HERO $SD $HK Market down this is bouncing back bottom is in load up load up on oil 6 months play for big $$$

  16. $HK oil almost back to $93.00, should ve been buying $SD at the open as well.

  17. $svxy, added at 73.08 and sold 79 call for 1.15 that expires next fri. Long $sd, $FNSR

  18. Oops $ATPG Missed Creditor covenants+Collateralized assets+Lease Buyer market+Low Oil prices are 2015 recipe for disaster for $HK $SD

  19. With huge debt-to-equity, shorts betting like $HK $SD are next $ATG. Need oil > $100 and Saudis to save 2015 capital programs

  20. September 30 2014 Stocks Continuing to Hit New 52-Week Lows http://thestockmarketbasics.com/2014/10/01/september-30-2014-stocks-continuing-to-hit-new-52-week-lows/ $VALE $SLV $ABX $CLF $SD $AUY $IAG $RIG

  21. Not hyperventilating on $SD, will wait to see if short int expanded the float artificially again, won t b surprisd 2c 70 mill+ next update

  22. $SD executive hiding behind their assistants and voice mail which goes to automatic messaging. Never return calls. Liars & bull$$hitters!

  23. $SD big boys dumping right in front of your noses!

  24. $SD 3.50 next stop. 4.50 churn failed

  25. $SD all you dooms sayers this is a nice come back, lets hope it holds till close