1. @WOJIPARU: $SD betting the house on this... all free $$ buys more.. 2016 I will be in heaven! Or homeless.

  2. $SD betting the house on this... all free $$ buys more.. 2016 I will be in heaven!

  3. [VIDEO] Weekend Market Analysis 12/27/2014 $BABA $GM $GG $AAL $MU $ORCL $VZ $CX $SD $TWTR $KGC $NBR $BTU $CHK $RIG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu82TtduJTk&feature=youtu.be

  4. $SD Has the earnings date been set I ve seen multiple diffrent days?

  5. $SD Bullll

  6. $SD Long at $6.19 and wondering if I ll ever have that $4.50-ish opportunity to exit again. If oil turns upward and SD follows, maybe hold.

  7. $SD I am seriously concerned. I think from now on I use stops on everything, trades or investments ...no matter who is in them or not.

  8. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Dec/26 $WUBA(-10.5 %) $CLD(1.0 %) $RRC(12.0 %) $SD(4.5 %) $IBIO(1.4 %) $SN(-3.2 %) $SLCA(3.8 %) $RDN(-2.8 %)

  9. $SD $HK $KEG total head fake in the $XLE today, I m still bullish on all, to be continued...

  10. $XLE going for hod s, expecting a little bounce in these $SD $HK $KEG

  11. $SD accumulate and just sit back...

  12. $SD Bankruptcy talk is foolish. Well capitalized, adequate cash flow, cost containment in place, long term debt well structured, profitable

  13. $SD Saudi Arabia’s assumption of oil at $80 a barrel for next year that govt expects a rebound in prices, world’s biggest crude exporter.

  14. $SD A rise in oil price can make this go up 10% easy

  15. $SD, crud...short interest climbed, about 2 million higher.

  16. $SD anyone with access to the updated short #? TIA

  17. $SD May have bottomed and started a recovery

  18. $SD Had a very nice recover after weak start looking forward to see what the new year brings

  19. $SD jump in buy of lifetime. Cancel noise.

  20. Bankruptcy Bros try to bounce then fall 2x. No love. $SD $AREX $SDRL $RIG $EXXI

  21. $SD Bonds rose 2% of face value, price changes in a Company s bonds often parallel to the stock s price. Could be nice finish this week.

  22. $SD Like those Christmas colors.

  23. $SD Come On Ups A Daisey

  24. $SD down 5% on 800k volume. um, hello manipulation. Market cap was getting near cash on hand. can u say takeout.

  25. $SD boy what a joke this early trading is almost every morning da boys are playing ping pong with this