1. article about $SD with HAWK included.

  2. @stock_research45 $SD went up in spite of Cramer, not because of him...his reputation precedes him.

  3. $SD If anyone can provide a reason other than the typical Cramer pump for this to pop ~8% since Mad Money, I m all ears?

  4. $SD Only fools buy it here. Wait at least a week for the Cramer fan club to stop throwing their money at this. Sub $6/share by May.

  5. $SD Patience will pay off. Earnings report, IRS ruling on MLP, lowest cost producer, refocus assets, potential buyers. All falling in place

  6. $SD Earnings Beat coming here real soon!

  7. $AXAS and $SD looked good yesterday

  8. $SD well here it is teasing its way at 7 again will it make it this time?

  9. $SD Earnings in 19 days. I will enter below 6.40 or close above 7 If neither occurs within a week or so I will take small earnings position

  10. Monday s Top 10 Momentum watch list: $SD $sina $trq $yndx $hk $athl $biof $bwp $jns $rgen

  11. $SD Q1 2014 #Earnings Conference Call live webcast presentation happening on May 08 at 9:00am EST >> http://y.ahoo.it/G85EuW9E

  12. $SD, I m thinking sellers hoping to get back in on a pull back might finally be disappointed...but we ll see.

  13. $SD 25mil shares.......

  14. $SD 15:24_15:31 was accumulation fest...

  15. $SD 16.7 mil shares today...this cant just be Cramer pumping

  16. $SD 52 million shares short-channeling Clint-So, do you feel lucky?

  17. $SD Lets see. $SD always fades, and Cramer pumps usually go back to where they came from within a few days. what to do...

  18. $NQ I can say good day for me glad I added more yesterday $SD, $GRPN, $RNDY..GLUUneeds to pick it up

  19. $SD WOW this baby took off

  20. $SD Sandridge 5 1/2% move! NICE!!

  21. $SD out 1/2 $6.8

  22. $SD Nice couple days. Looking to see well above 7 by June.

  23. @WOJIPARU $SD has massive short interest, what ll they do if selling is insufficient to cover?

  24. $SD Break the 6.75 wall !

  25. $SD Turnaround story!