1. $SD..Frustrating.

  2. @Wishiwasgolfn I bought $SD in July of 2013 just north of $5 then made a luck guess just north of $7 in June...then bought back above $5 :-(

  3. @Wishiwasgolfn 72.35 million shares short on $SD.....WoW!!!

  4. $SD short interest, was looking at a chart....got my facts wrong, shows last time at 70ish mill was early 2013

  5. $SD if short interest up to 70+ million, its the first time since 2010 when the PPS went from $4 to $13ish

  6. $SD always late with short int #, it was due on Oct 17th.....so what s the deal? Playing with the #s after more recent trading?

  7. Short interest out on $CREG, $HMPR, $AEZS, $ASTM $MOBI..all the stocks I chk..but $SD late as always. Still fidgeting with the # s?

  8. @ClintonSPX $WLT wont be around in its current form in 2 years. $SD does not have enough cash to fund 2015 capex.

  9. $SD slammed hard after the opening bell and after trading higher interday slammed again at the close....kewl.

  10. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Oct/24 $ZTS(-2.6 %) $EBIX(-5.5 %) $CX(-8.3 %) $KRFT(-2.7 %) $INTC(-5.3 %) $CX(-9.0 %) $SD(-5.0 %)

  11. @HighNeg007 @ulyssesdehsieh108 $SD bulls and bears going toe to toe into the close

  12. @HighNeg007 and if they followed through on the buyback $SD will have less shares available

  13. @HighNeg007 learn to read, the credit facility is untouched for $SD, banks just giving them a vote of confidence :-) U don t have to agree

  14. @HighNeg007 Its like a bank upping a good customers credit card limit even if there s 0 balance....$SD is viewed as a good risk obviously

  15. @HighNeg007 $SD hasn t touched the credit facility, its undrawn...they just upped the amount. Call the banks if you think they effed up :-)

  16. $SD if company was any risk to go BK banks wouldn t have increased their borrowing facility at a lower interest rate....d uh.

  17. @ClintonSPX $SD is not a play on weather or any of that nonsense. At this point is a play on either a sale or a bankruptcy

  18. $SD bears are pretty much betting on warm weather in Nov. Low % bet IMO, but hey anything is possible.

  19. $SD Scumbag shorts are clearly in control of this stock. Dont know what it ll take for bulls to gain control again

  20. $SD IMO we ll touch the 3.50 s before seeing 4.50 s short term

  21. Blue light special, did you get your $SD special shares under $4? Courtesy Angry Bear Wholesale .

  22. Share an idea on $SD. Vote them out.

  23. @HighNeg007 cooperman ive been wrong about $SD anyone wonder what next 13f will look like?? - ask Sister. knows all the activists $RIG

  24. $SD wow nice recovery hope y all got my alerts to Buy that dip at 3.85 sweet

  25. $SD The S-1 on file w/SEC differs in $ amount from Bloomberg story.