1. $SD looking to lower my average cost , add 1,000 every .10 it goes down should pay off in a year or so

  2. $SD just wait till next week to buy if your not in yet, the gap at 1.44 will close by mid week,

  3. $CL_F all moving averages slaughtered...will re-evaluate energy positions mid next week, $SD $HK $WRES

  4. $SD what is going on here? any news? only news is bad news from thestreet, klr and barclays..

  5. $SD Getting close to $1.13

  6. $SD Wishful thinking.

  7. $SD i wanna see this last gap at 1.44 closed today, then start the uphill climb next week

  8. $SD oil looks weak still....

  9. $SD We need a hail Mary buyout

  10. @SandRidgeEnergy: $SD In case you missed it – catch the Q4 conference call replay at http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=914222&s=1&k=F81105877D1CF2394DEA229B8AA6C06C

  11. run to the round house, $SD can t corner you there.

  12. $SD The F*** stock of the year

  13. $SD its going to close those gaps, 1.55 then 1.44 so just sit tight...

  14. $SD Really tanked today, sorry if anyone is in this. Hope it goes up so you can have some type of recovery

  15. $SD See you guys/ I had to leave this one behind. Good luck all.

  16. $SD Why do I feel like John Wayne at the Alamo and the only weapon I have is a 1000 SD shares to throw at Santa Anna

  17. $SD Glad to be out, Thestreet has a history and placing bad labels on certain companies should be investigated http://www.thestreet.com/story/13069208/1/which-oil-producer-is-next-to-fall-after-sandridge-energy-downgrade.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO

  18. $SD Q1 2015, SandRidge will have essentially exhausted its entire enormous cash pile. The company s drilling carries have also run out.

  19. $SD What Happens Once The Cash Pile Runs Out?

  20. If my $SD calls weren t already worthless http://seekingalpha.com/news/2349716-sandridge-price-target-cut-to-0_50-with-more-losses-ahead-barclays-says Only hope is for a buyout in the coming months. Moving on!

  21. $SD rolled some VSLR profits in to this. No way it hit .50 cents. Some one will pay 4 bucks for this company and my 50K shrs will be there.

  22. $SD I smell a buyout coming soon similar $TLM a few months ago. http://studentinvestorpro.blogspot.in/2014/12/how-did-i-make-100-profit-on-talisman.html

  23. $SD Morningstar has this rated as a 5 star stock. Are they on crack?

  24. 2000 shares $SD OR 1000 each of the following 3 $ACI $ANR $WLT? Any Suggestion Appreciated.

  25. $SD u people r clueless. so what they have a line of credit . thats like saying, dont worry, i can pay my mortgage with a credit card LOL