1. $SD probably gonna buy if it hits 1.60-65 not gonna miss the usual run up to the 2 s again. Easy money

  2. $SD was trading in the mid 7 s lasy year when natgas was around 6..when that recovers will see SD also go back up..patience

  3. $SD...Study: Global Warming Has Slowed...Climate Models Wrong

  4. $DGLY Baltimore news gone. [CNBC / CNN] Iran seizes Western cargo ship. Change to Oil Stks, $AA $SD

  5. $SD any prediction on ER? est is -.04 but I don t see that happening.

  6. under $10 stocks $PRAN $AKS $RAD $SD

  7. $SD nice bounce SD!

  8. $SD all in SPDC bullish pattern about to brake .40s

  9. $SD going up now

  10. @Kanbarsky $SD Potential continuation Downtrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts 1.50 stock it Is. May go to sub 1.

  11. $SD Back in today along with $UWTI, GST, possibly HK as well.

  12. hopefully $SD $HK and $WRES follow in $KEG s footsteps today

  13. $SD Potential continuation Downtrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts

  14. April 27 2015 Investors Alert http://snip.ly/992m $SD $AGEN $AERI

  15. $SD been watching this 1 a while. It follows oil prices it also goes up and down with $OAS pretty close.

  16. $SD May 6 ER. Anticipate bad. could suprise but be careful here. My guess I would buy after weak ER and expect it to double there after.

  17. $SD there is nothing you can do with $1.50 stock. Don t fight the market

  18. $SD Got rid of this early in the morning for a ridiculous 3 cent profit. Now I am glad I did that.

  19. $SD..long entry set at 1.50..like it long term.

  20. $SD any chance this goes back to $2?

  21. $SD waiting for a good day to unload all my shares before the 6th

  22. $SD this is why http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/04/27/why-investors-are-short-selling-sandridge-stock.aspx

  23. $SD why...

  24. $SD Sandrge. Long Goood Luck !

  25. $SD $HK $WRES these 3 just took a big drop at the exact same time