1. $SD 3rd. qtr. results just around the corner. No more excuses ex: weather, not sufficient electrical sub-stations. Bottom line, RESULTS!

  2. Insider Transaction: $SD Purchase at $4.96 per share of 10088 shares by Officer Chang Wayne on 2014-09-12.

  3. $SD imo 2 runs at 5 with both getting forcefully rejected means we go lower

  4. $SD amazing how i get ostracized for nailing this disaster. im still long btw, from 4.94. some cant see beyond their own biases

  5. $SD anyone feeling good about today s chart?

  6. $SD and we ve come full circle

  7. $SD $HK WTI Crude still has a $94 handle & Brent Crude has a $98-$99 handle; OPEC countries will support prices. Middle East unstable.

  8. $SD follow the chart people

  9. $SD the dreaded pop and fade. never changes

  10. $SD good to finally see someone at the company step up and buy some stock

  11. SandRidge Energy SVP Wayne Chang Buys $50,036 in $SD http://y.ahoo.it/q9DxVAGS

  12. $SD I gotta believe the institutions/mutual fund holders will step in IF we have a repeat/results like the second qtr. Patience is thin.

  13. $SD 3rd qtr. numbers are just around the corner. Bennett & team realize by now that production/earnings must improve or replace the team.

  14. 9/4/14 SandRidge Energy, Inc. Announces Share Repurchase Program: PR Newswire http://y.ahoo.it/UgLlbMbp via @MSN_Money $SD

  15. Sandridge Energy Inc. s SVP & President Midstream just picked up 10,088 shares http://y.ahoo.it/jhtqkO7h $SD

  16. @growacet if i tell you that tomorrow, as a whole, energy stocks finish down, r u really telling me u d wager $SD is green? nothing crazy

  17. @growacet i dont think its that farfetched to assume if $XLE was down today, that $SD would b too. pre-markt it was. it reversed

  18. say what you want, but Ill bet you $HK gets to 6.50+ well before $SD

  19. $SD while im sure many consider this a huge victory, currently +1.5%, once again relative to peers, $HK, $OAS, $XOP, still underperforming

  20. $SD Still at bottom basement prices

  21. September 15 2014 Stocks Hitting New 52-Week Lows http://y.ahoo.it/4JTpg7Iz $SDRL $OREX $SD $BTU $RIG $HLF $CREE $EXXI & Many More

  22. @VOH20 i wouldnt be surprised if bennett just sold 2 $SD shares to fund his mid afternoon pina colatta.

  23. $SD I suspect Bennett will start the buy back program soon. (200 mil) Not sure if it will make a significant difference/bolster the price.

  24. $SD this will go to about 4.50 before stabilization or strangulation

  25. $SD you see? I told you