1. $SD doesnt take much to cause oil to run up. Kerry and iran summer camp not going to end in any deal . Middle east is blowing up isis

  2. $SD any hope for $1 again?

  3. $SD , others like $eog and $pxd will follow if oil doesnt go back to $120 (they have insane valuations)

  4. $SD this company was not around in 99 ... when gdp was .70 ... that stock was $30 12 months ago

  5. $SD LOL I told you $SDT Watch American Greed it takes both sides to make a ponzi

  6. $SD reality is that only management makes money. Oil at low prices for the next few years at least!

  7. $SD these companies operate a legalized type ponzi. Take investors money to bankroll their lifestyles.

  8. $SD now continues to pay more than $4 dividend paid in shares at average price in July. 2.6M pref. shares -> more dilutions for common shhd.

  9. $SD this stock was once a $65 stock.. Many years at $10 then $7 and now 0.69.. Directors made millions $

  10. $SD talking heads say they are surprised oil down chartists watching $wtic saw this coming since if fell below its weekly and daily sma 10

  11. $sd a company blessed with positive traders since $7. Amazing. Everyone smiling on the way down. Expensive rollercoaster freefall rush!

  12. $SD starting to see some positive signs coming out of SD camp. Thank u SD

  13. $SD SandRidge Energy, Inc. Declares Semi-Annual Preferred Stock Dividen http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sandridge-energy-inc-declares-semi-201500100.html

  14. I love the bk/delisting comments on $SD. Insiders are buying, liquidity was solved, and debt isn t due until 2020.

  15. $SD Guessing the regular shareholders wont be getting this dividend.? ;-) http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sandridge-energy-inc-declares-semi-201500100.html

  16. $SD needs to go up ~40% from here to not get delisted. If Iran starts exporting decent quantities soon this co. is done.

  17. $SD

  18. $SD Numbers are fundamentally sound. Good risk for pennies on a dollar. 71 cents. http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=SD

  19. $SD Risking 5,000 shares here kiddo trade.

  20. $SD Cue the In here with x thousand more shares posts. Jesus how far does this have to drop for you people to learn...

  21. $SD http://okenergytoday.com/2015/07/northern-oklahoma-big-well-2/

  22. $SD anyone feel this has leveled off? Jump in point? Looking to lower my share cost on this stock.

  23. $SD I believe the market is valuing SD now based on its current debt situation. Hopefully good news comes out soon to change the trend.

  24. $SD how does drops in oil prices affect the world economy and geopolitics?

  25. $SD is it good when oil prices are low?