1. $SD Putin is pissed, hes had enough of sanctions, and he s making waves, http://www.vox.com/2015/11/24/9791158/putin-plane-russia

  2. $SD http://www.marketwatch.com/story/oil-prices-rise-as-investors-go-bargain-hunting-2015-11-24

  3. $SD by lifting Iran sanctions we pressure OPEC, No to Keystone, helps Frackers, Sanctions to Putin, helps Frackers, we got a poker gamehere

  4. $SD Putin is moving anti aircraft ships in to shoot at Turkey , just in time for Turkey Day! I m closing out tomorrow, Putin is pissed

  5. $SD .35 After Hours, remember Jan26 the deadline for delisting, come on Saudi and Iran start shootin, we need 100 buck oil

  6. $SD Think like a Bear, those fat butted shorters go to lunch at 11.30 EST and come back 2 hrs later, they always close out before Lunch

  7. $SD On a good oil day, with dow up sell at the short cover volume rally at 12.59 PST set chart at minute , shootin ducks in a pond

  8. $SD After a Dow down day and a drop in oil futures buy, Oil futures up, weather bad, dow up sell at 12.59 PST, volume down 11.30est LUNCH

  9. $SD dont buy into Goldman Sachs 20.00 oil, Currie shorts it, this is a good read http://www.thestreet.com/story/13291648/1/goldman-sachs-jeff-currie-sees-20-oil-not-a-chance.html

  10. Oil $GDP $HK $KEG $PGH $PGN $PVA $SD

  11. $SD hmm a buy of 670000 shares after hours, wonder who that was at .34 big fish are sniffin in our pond

  12. API Data Show U.S. Crude Supplies Up 2.6 Million Barrels Platts forecast a decline of 200,000 barrels http://www.marketwatch.com/story/api-data-show-us-crude-supplies-up-26-million-barrels-according-to-sources-2015-11-24 $SD

  13. $EXEL This stock blows...Glad I took my interest elsewhere, like $KBIO, $AEZS and $VLTC...oh yeah, and $SD ...I forgot to mention $EPE. =)

  14. $SD WTI (Jan 2016) End-of-Session on CME Globex Electronic Click Link in Reply for New Session @ 6:10ish PM ET

  15. $SD Nice day fellas/gals! Hope to see it continue!

  16. $SD there has been a lot of big $$$ buying into this stock the last week whats up?

  17. $SD if it go above .35 tom we will be trading .35-.40 again ...

  18. $SD Blue Horseshoe made 4300 Today, time for a beer, battles begins at the bell tomorrow....tiger blood

  19. $SD so is this one of cnbc conpants to default?bk? Well have to wait and see

  20. $SD Someone just made huge orders at .34 and you are going to sell at .32. What other word must I describe you as other than an a**.

  21. looked like Blue Horseshoe loved $SD before close

  22. $PVA $SD oil countries issues just started. Russia passenger plane, Russia bomber and now heli went down. Turkey & Egypt will have to answer

  23. $SD put/call now 10

  24. Share an idea on $SD SD will pop 3% at closing or everyone gets a beer

  25. $SD $PVA $HK $PQ $GDP $WRES big conflict in Middle East.Obama says Turkey has right to defend its airspace http://www.marketwatch.com/story/obama-says-turkey-has-right-to-defend-its-airspace-2015-11-24