1. @CallmeCrazy $sd same story, different day. I am averaging back in.

  2. @scottzman It has been ugly but I ve traded this so long it doesn t surprise me. It s become par, until something big occurs & it will. $SD

  3. $SD Has been worse http://y.ahoo.it/r4yHIGAN

  4. $SD @SpikedBull, that s because insiders sold @6.97, not to mention the BOD that sold 1.6 mil shares earlier

  5. With nat gas strength today, look at related names for first bounce tomorrow. $CHK $PXD $CXO $SD

  6. $SD What a disaster this thing has been, Tom Ward and Dinakar Singh...mercy!

  7. $SD look at a weekly chart, can you say ugggg...tomorrow close red will be 6 weeks of red in row

  8. $SD If this is so good how come I do not see any insider buying it or maybe I am getting too old to read

  9. @SpikedBull Cramer aint terrible but he always pops the stock well further than they deserve to be which causes big pullbacks. $SD $DSX $HPQ

  10. $SD Knew it when Cramer gets master technician on the show the stock sinks hard a month later

  11. $SD 6.09, then boom, sit back down lol

  12. $SD ng hedges look better, originally thought they were early

  13. $SD Gets no respect even though they beats their earning the last three quarters.

  14. $SD I would not try to pick a bottom -----> http://y.ahoo.it/a1D9DCs3

  15. $SD 50dma turning south, 200 flattening out....flexion point in my books.

  16. $SD see ya sucka

  17. The Long-Term Bullish Bias Of The #Equities Market $S $SD $AIG $C $DISH http://y.ahoo.it/vpwQjee9

  18. $SD wary of earnings, but stocks dont usually fall 30% for no reason, assuming so, entry here is probably safe, oct 13 pattern

  19. @growacet speaking of which, the $PLUG guy @thcshgh, who s up 1000000% just said sell $SD buy $PLUG lol

  20. $SD get out go into $PLUG this SD smells like a true fish

  21. $SD screaming $5 handle

  22. $SD support at $6. breakdown thru that and $5.55

  23. $SD $6 strong support as long as there is no real bad news. Could be a great area to buy. ER though....

  24. $SD its time to move up the chart been beaten for weeks

  25. List of today’s Breakdowns to watch for pops & drops Thursday http://y.ahoo.it/qB6LkDxY $GNW $XLP $KO $XCO $WMT $SD $GT $TSN