1. Today only made money on $UVXY $TVIX $SDOW $TZA I bought this morning $RH for long. I bought $SOXL and $ERX $XIV for swing trade


  3. $TVIX $vxx $sqqq $spxu $sdow huge sell-off before close fear of holding over weekend ?

  4. $VXX $UVXY $TVIX $SDOW $SQQQ $SOXS I m still holding. even I can t trust this market. may be a couple more days. volatility broken.

  5. $NUGT $UGLD $UVXY $SDOW nailed it !!!

  6. Tomorrow trade $TZA $TVIX $UVXY $VIX $SDOW $SPXS $FAZ $ERY $DGAZ $DWTI all go green just watch and trade go high roof

  7. $SDOW DOW open down almost 1000 points tomorrow moring $XIV will Tank $5. $UVXY will go up $4 and $TVIX will go up $2

  8. $SDOW can t wait for tomorrow open

  9. $SDOW BREXIT is happening. Dow futures are looking to be down 650 pts

  10. $VXX $SQQQ $SPXU $SDOW LIVE FEED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg

  11. $NUGT $UGLD $UVXY $SDOW it s more like 20-30% down and 50%+ up

  12. $NUGT $UGLD $UVXY $SDOW all in. Either 20% down or 30% up. Bring it on.

  13. $SDOW they should come out tomorrow and say yeah we are leaving. then an hour later come out and say SIKE! would be awesome to watch!

  14. $SDOW If Brexit, I m betting on this to go back to $20.

  15. Covered Call Alert: PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT DOW30 $SDOW returning up to 27.84% through 16-Dec-201 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2016/06/20/covered-call-alert-proshares-ultrapro-short-dow30-sdow-returning-up-to-27-84-through-16-dec-2016/

  16. $SIJ $SDOW $QLD https://t.co/KFvCs9iOZP The Brexit Debate Is So Out Of Hand Because Nobody Understands What It s Really About

  17. $SDOW $EUO $QLD $SRTY $IYG $SRS $SIJ The Scariest Brexit s Impact On The World Report Yet https://t.co/xeB4O3ZS4c

  18. $DB It was right after Jo Cox was assassinated. Holy crap. The market is cold, so cold. $CS $SPY $DJIA $TVIX $UVXY $SDOW

  19. $GLD, $IAU, $SDOW, $DXD, $UGLD, $DOG, $DBP, $OUNZ, bearish engulfing stocks, http://www.stock-screener.org/bearish-engulfing-stocks.aspx

  20. $SDOW $SDD $QLD $SIJ $SRS $SSG $SRTY $SOXS $SLJ $SFK $EUO $EUM BREXIT THE Movie https://t.co/FldPYrFiXr

  21. $DB and $CS started rallying at 10:35 today. Any reason why? $SPY $DJIA $TVIX $UVXY $SDOW

  22. For those who are 3x leveraged (like myself): $SPXL $SPXS $TQQQ $SQQQ $UDOW $SDOW $TNA $TZA

  23. $UWTI market is has turned negative $SQQQ $SPXU $SDOW

  24. Short term Rally expected $UVXY TTZA $TVIX $SDOW $VIX

  25. Current Holdings: $SCO $BIS $LABD $FAZ $SQQQ $SDOW $SPXU $YANG