1. $SDRL bought too high today. Hoping it ll hold at least 4

  2. $SDRL $RIG $UWTI 4hour hammer for Asia; local junkyard youll see them buying scrap/steel (stockpiling ANY commodity)

  3. $SDRL @Davidpaulson @ridethewave1966 its all about timing entry and now getting DA BOUNCE and Cookie! NOM 🍪👍🍪👍

  4. $SDRL just put my sell order in for $10

  5. $SDRL keeping a close eye on where this closes tomorrow vs the 10 WMA (3.97)

  6. $SDRL imma block all the bears on here, annoying af

  7. $SDRL buy monkeys buy!

  8. $SDRL yep

  9. $RIG $sdrl yep

  10. $SDRL bye bye 4

  11. $RIG $ESV $SDRL $DO why do you expect drillers to be in the green when WTI just dropped almost 2$ from it s high of 46$ today!?

  12. $RIG $SDRL it went red and back a couple times already... momo? try trading it fool 10.02 - 10.61

  13. $SDRL 500 long from my bounce call! Stops breakeven!

  14. Current positions: Long $SDRL $RIG $DIS ..... Short $AAPL

  15. $SDRL I shorted this and got out on gap fill but if your still short I d take profits. RSI looking for bounce.

  16. $SDRL just barely into the bottom entrance for overbought. It will touch under 4, and be a value buy.

  17. $SDRL heading back to 5 in a month or two.

  18. $RIG $sdrl going red - no momo

  19. $SDRL anybody buying ?

  20. $SDRL bought yesterday at 4.05 out at 4.35.

  21. $SDRL it won t let me post a pic! Easy trade. Short from open with sell volume. Close at 4.14 with gap fill. LEARN PATTERNS! Gaps fill!

  22. Good news from $RIG about to short squeeze the industry.... $SDRL $CHK RIG already accelerating, can t wait for midday oil rebound ; )

  23. $SDRL I can t believe people are buying

  24. $SDRL I feel like you can short this from open like everyday this past week and close out mid day! Look at daily bars lol.

  25. $SDRL Picked up another 1000.