1. $SEED time to go up! Been buying on the dips!

  2. $SEED China stocks going up massive seed Will breakout today!

  3. $SEED caught shares again 1,57 avg

  4. $SEED getting some volume for a breakout

  5. $SEED what was that at 4pm sharp someone threw a F...k You pass and undercut the bid by a dime just as Seed was gonna finish green up .10

  6. $SEED gap filled. New attempt breaking 1,75$. Holding full position still

  7. $SEED added 7k 1,645 avg

  8. $SEED moving up for a while now on fairly light vol. no news not a peep from the company. why is price moving. something coming, sumthin up

  9. $SEED breakout you diamond!

  10. $SEED $CETC $CHLN yes China is a buy http://www.barrons.com/articles/how-to-invest-in-chinas-13th-five-year-plan-1445218483

  11. $SEED 1,75$ first target to break. Chart still looks verry strong

  12. $SEED bouncing up again! 2$ is close.

  13. $SEED boom!!! Going big today!

  14. $SEED looking to break 1.65$ for strong breakout continuation

  15. $SEED at may 2014 Xindaxin wanted to aqcuire $SEED for 2.50$. Got rejected because They thought value was too low for shareholders.

  16. $SEED 1,75$ target for today

  17. $SEED grabbed 2K on 1,55$ couldnt get more but this one Will bounce big! Breakout is real!

  18. $SEED placed new bids

  19. @AaronX: @PennyStockResearch: $GBSN Looks Ready to Go! Stocks on watch $LF $SEED $OMEX $DSKX $TRUE $MCUR $RITT $MOBI #stocks #pennystocks

  20. @PennyStockResearch: $GBSN Looks Ready to Go! Stocks on watch $LF $SEED $OMEX $DSKX $TRUE $MCUR $RITT $MOBI #stocks #pennystocks #watchlists

  21. $GBSN Looks Ready to Go! Stocks on watch $LF $SEED $OMEX $DSKX $TRUE $MCUR $RITT $MOBI #stocks #pennystocks #watchlists

  22. $SEED strong volume comming in. Im not the only one buying this

  23. $SEED added 5000 shares

  24. $SEED breaking out! Could hit 2$ soon!

  25. $SEED expecting EOD run