1. $SFTBY Sprint up and now BABA down.... SFTBY... very sad

  2. Should boast very well for $sftby earLY Indian invstmnt https://twitter.com/derekpietro/status/571385382564204545

  3. $SFTBY does have $31B net debt, but it also has more than $85B assets. The remainder core biz makes $7B op income/year. Multiple on that: <3

  4. Todays $30B valuation for Ant Financial indicates that it ll be worth up to $100B in 2017 given funding scheme of Alibaba $BABA $SFTBY $YHOO

  5. Alibaba Affiliate Ant Financial Plans China IPO http://www.wsj.com/articles/alibaba-affiliate-ant-financial-plans-china-ipo-1425023474 Probable Alipay/Ant Fin listing in 2nd half of 16 $BABA $YHOO $SFTBY

  6. $S improving network, added customer base, added more stores, more towers, massive spectrum equity, $SFTBY, better plans, better prices..

  7. $SFTBY Looks green again in Japan!

  8. @jlr85 And diversify. There s many more stocks worth to invest. And if you want to play $S rather invest in $SFTBY (make sure to hedge JPY)

  9. $S is just a speculative bet as of now. Positives: Spectrum assets, $SFTBY backing. Negatives: Cash burn, losing market share, bad brand

  10. $SFTBY sold SFTBY position. buying energy stock and going to re-enter $29 under GLTA

  11. $SFTBY baba and s on the move as well.....

  12. $SFTBY anybody know why sftby is up 3%...this could be the reason---

  13. $SFTBY 3% up in JP---http://stocks.finance.yahoo.co.jp/stocks/detail/?code=9984.T

  14. $SFTBY moving up very slowly, lets go Softbank!

  15. $SFTBY softbank mobile game business is booming ! worth reading !! http://seekingalpha.com/article/2935686-softbank-the-mobile-games-business-is-booming

  16. If $S had insufficient value in spectrum or no emergency financial backing from $SFTBY then I would close the book. They have both = life.

  17. Why India Continues To Rally Despite Worst Earnings Since 2009 http://blogs.barrons.com/asiastocks/2015/02/22/why-india-continues-to-rally-despite-worst-earnings-since-2009/ That s why corp investors like $SFTBY are betting $ on

  18. SoftBank Unveils Pricing for Humanoid Robot Pepper http://blogs.wsj.com/japanrealtime/2015/02/23/softbank-unveils-pricing-for-humanoid-robot-pepper/ Pepper offers some nice up-selling opp s down the road $SFTBY

  19. $SFTBY Mr. Masa you are a very unpredictable billionaire. I kno how powerful SoftBank is. Carefully moving forward Ok, but throw us a bone.

  20. continued... $GLUU position self to be acquired now ==> $KING $SFTBY $TTWO $CMGE $GOOG $MSFT $ATVI $ZNGA $AMZN $NFLX $BLK #BiddingWar

  21. @hummerman95 $SFTBY stated they are not selling but buying more


  23. @Buttx Probably so. I m wondering China would allow those two to merge with a combined market share oft 95%. $BABA $YHOO $SFTBY $TCEHY

  24. $SFTBY Good spot to take a shot on the long side. Stop at 28.60

  25. $BABA $SFTBY $YHOO http://m.thedrum.com/news/2015/02/15/chinese-taxi-apps-backed-alibaba-and-tencent-merge-competition-heats Chinese taxi apps backed by Alibaba and Tencent merge as competition heats up