1. Our TMStocks - every morning. If you missed it, today s list included $SFUN, $ALXN and $FTI

  2. Let s Not Forget About China | stock market analysis, BRICS countries review $SFUN $NQ $KNDI $YGE $EDU

  3. Just finished up my big 3 (only showing summary). China top23 $BIDU $SFUN $JKS http://y.ahoo.it/gnotOLVR

  4. I m placing my bets on the one partnered with $BIDU tencent $SINA and $Z (exclusively)...and taking market share per $GS. $ej $sfun $LEJU

  5. Setups I liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow $SFUN $SGMO $NQ $SINA $AAPL $POWR $XLF $FB Other setups I like http://y.ahoo.it/Fju23ioO

  6. Long watch list for tmw: $whr>145$, $apd>136.3$, $cbst>63.5$, $dow>54.3$, $px>132$, $res>25$, $sfun>12.3$, $dal>39.3$.

  7. $SFUN $LEJU $EJ etc who will be the ldr? - place ur bets

  8. I should have stuck with $SFUN. Awesome run here. Urggg!

  9. active %gainrs $INO #Pharma 12.26 +10% 10M Ph2 update, $SFUN 11.72 +8% 10M 5yr plan, $POWR 9.75 +8% .7M $140M new biz http://y.ahoo.it/Vs0OoCps

  10. $SFUN above 12.05 resistance -- next is 13.40!

  11. $PBYI $SFUN holding strong

  12. $SFUN only couple hundred shares available to short from my broker..

  13. $SFUN Long and Strong! Nice room to climb http://y.ahoo.it/Nn2I7KhA

  14. $SFUN Making HOD

  15. $sfun - haa lay luuu yah... haaaa lay luu yah... ha lay luh yah ha lay luh yah.. haa laahaayyy luh yah

  16. $SFUN on 1 year weekly, at the center b band. Looking for move thru 12 for long momo entry

  17. $SFUN the big ease --> We may be close to near-term bottom of the property sector http://y.ahoo.it/9nWqogR6

  18. $SFUN on watch

  19. @NextTrade1122 except for $SFUN

  20. $SFUN out 11.92 +.05

  21. @Loyola80 $SFUN etc $KWEB printing a potl c&h

  22. @TrendHunter: $SFUN printing a big trend brk Chinese internet

  23. $SFUN printing a big trend brk

  24. Amazing Run @OptionHut: TMStocks (top momentum) for today $SFUN $ALXN $FTI

  25. $SFUN in @11.86 for $12