1. $SGEN Thinked we ve hit bottle: add today

  2. Top Gainers Biotech- $ZLCS, $VVUS, $SGEN, http://y.ahoo.it/McZJ53c7

  3. Earnings announcement: $SGEN is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, May 1 2014

  4. So yesterday told you mkt wold gap up today, $IBB over 220 , $SPX over 1850, $GILD over 70 (almost) and to buy $SGEN at 35-36 now up 5%

  5. $SGEN waiting to get filled

  6. $SGEN Positive they are going to surprise to upside and sitting on a bunch of calls but techs still an issue.Todays action didn t help

  7. $pcyc or $sgen? Thanks

  8. $ILMN $SGEN names I am looking to add soon

  9. $SGEN buy buy buyyyy

  10. $SGEN Looking at monthly 36 looks like it should hold. Problem is IBB looks like 194 is next stop which means low 30s probable.damn etfs

  11. $SGEN great time to add 36

  12. Stocks To Watch: IAC/InterActiveCorp $IACI, Pharmacyclics $PCYC, ISIS Pharmaceuticals $ISIS, Seattle Genetics $SGEN http://y.ahoo.it/u4nYkgTe

  13. April 11, 2014 Relative Strength Scans http://y.ahoo.it/l7g1hfe4 $DBA $USO $QQQ $IDU $IEZ $IYR $NBR $CXO $AA $SPN $VVUS $DDD $SGEN

  14. $SGEN - http://y.ahoo.it/1nJkOGSq - Downside Blowoff - 15 Minute Up Reversal - Green bar after 5 red bars

  15. $SGEN Looks like we are going for 35-36 region now. Got to improve my knife catching skills.


  17. $AAL $MS $JDSU $BX $RDN $SGEN bearish picks

  18. $SGEN Be nice to see what baker bros selling during this carnage

  19. $SGEN I guess this going down until IBB hits 219. Thinking 38.50 is when we will know if sector correction is over or not

  20. $SGEN A Biotech to Buy? At Rising Channel Support After . Completing 4th Similar Measured Move Down $IBB $XBI http://y.ahoo.it/Eq3hyh9B

  21. $IBB $XBI Bottom is in, buy $NPSP $26 $SGEN $41 $PCYC $99 $INCY $50 $BIIB $CLDX $JAZZ $REGN $ACAD $SPPI $ALXN

  22. $SGEN Waiting to see if this can breakout from 43 and end downtrend

  23. Insider Transaction: $SGEN Automatic Sale at $43.34 per share of 5600 shares by Officer Siegall Clay B on 2014-04-03.

  24. Best #Sentiment 8Apr #NASDAQ $TXN , $SAVE , $CLNT , $SGEN , $NTRS , $QCOM , $BMC , $IDIX , $CPSI , $LOGI , $CCRN http://y.ahoo.it/H2rQaZYl

  25. Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall Sells $242,704 in $SGEN http://y.ahoo.it/z34BeCok