1. $SGY nice volume today

  2. $SGY Channeling up.


  4. $SGY dont fail me $SGY! IN at 10.19

  5. $GBR take it on over to $SGY

  6. $GEVO $SGY sure should have...BLOCK!

  7. $GEVO i should of hopped on $SGY when I had the chance

  8. $SGY anyone hear anything about shell...

  9. $SGY You know that post I made that said I was going to re-enter around 9.80. Yeah totally missed this dip, forgot to set alerts.

  10. Share an idea on $GALE Also been having fun with my $SGY I bought last night. Green-Green-Green

  11. $SGY REALLY a LOT of gains since the R/S. Great long! Oil is back up

  12. $DUST gonna let this and $SGY ride baby !!

  13. $SGY out for 8% overnight gain. Goodluck you guys and gals

  14. $sgy do some DD over management here. This is a good company and well run and they will recover no doubt about it.

  15. $sgy bought 1k at 9.92. No brainer.

  16. $sgy any good news and the stocks flies to the 20s in no time. Like a rocket.

  17. $sgy is a great producer of natural gas. Natural gas prices are recovering nicely.

  18. $SGY not gonna sell even if it dips

  19. $SGY

  20. $SGY may re-enter around $9.80 if it dips that far.

  21. Well out at 9.98 $SGY.

  22. $SGY $BAS 18 million shares short

  23. $SGY BAS basic energy services short squeeze

  24. $SGY good entry point u think high 10s later today or tomorrow

  25. $SGY when is the next payment due for sgy