1. $SGYP anyone listen to slingshots call? http://www.slingshotinsights.com/projects/41

  2. $SGYP Will be buying this stock tomorrow , if I get cheaper.

  3. $SGYP Thoughts on SP-333 timing: http://stocksagacity.tumblr.com/post/98830813807/thoughts-on-sp-333-catalyst-timing

  4. $CYTK $SGYP $NVAX $IMRS Truly pathetic.

  5. $IDRA $SGYP $ARWR three short horsemen

  6. $SGYP This is just getting ridiculous now. So many other stocks out there that are better but I m keeping my position for now.

  7. Down 1.5% today on a rugh day. $CPRX $PLUG $INVN tried to save me but wasn t enough with $CYTR $VHC $NLNK $MNKD $BIND $SGYP $STEM ganging up

  8. $SGYP I think we need some inside buys soon. If not we could be in for some more 52 week lows..I feel like I put my $ in timeout.

  9. $SGYP I know I m long...but damn this blows

  10. $ECYT No near term support on these $GALE,$CYTR,$CYTX,$SGYP,$OREX,$NSPH.

  11. $SGYP Got my Laugh for the day - riverwalk has returned.

  12. $SGYP Good news... Bad news... Buyout coming :) Offer is 25 cents. :(

  13. $SGYP, Wonder if we get a new 52 week Low today - Come on shorts, Go For It.

  14. $SGYP Is there news of a buyout?

  15. @Think4selfe Mini bio stocks to watch out for rest of the week $OREX,$CYTR,$EXEL,$SGYP,$OXGN

  16. $SGYP At this level, it a great trade and an investment. The choice is yours. SP-333 next catalyst. November is the month.

  17. $SGYP, Hoping that any Funds that Sold out get back in at these cheap prices when the new quarter starts on Oct.1.

  18. $SGYP prediction: Breaks a resistance trend line tomorrow morning, rises to $2.98-$3.02 midday, closes around new resistance level 3.05-3.07

  19. $SGYP Just made a nice amount of money in $CPRX this one is next on my list to get in. Love the fundamentals here.

  20. $SGYP BO is a better offer for a co. than an IRWD BO. SGYP has a better drug profile 100% worldwide rights. IRWD owns 40% of Linzmess

  21. Break even day today overall. down 0.02% Up $VHC $PLUG $CPRX $STEM Break even on $BIND Down $SGYP $NLNK $INVN $GTAT $CYTR $MNKD $YHOO

  22. $SGYP looks like full IBS-C P2 data will be presented at ACG conference Oct 17-22. WIll have posters on SP-333, not sure that means P2 reslt

  23. $SGYP We need some good news. That they aren t going bankrupt would be good for starters.

  24. $SGYP we need to figure out why sgyp down 3% and irwd. Up 3% this looks like a drug issue

  25. $SGYP Thanks shorties for the extra 25,000 shares so cheap, drop it again tomorrow and I will add some more!!! Beautiful!!!