1. $SGYP Is looking a little too stretched at this point for an entry. I ll look for an entry below $4 to get in.

  2. Hello Monday watch list is $ohrp $gbsn $amrn $sgyp $rexx

  3. $SGYP take small baby steps 2 the upside, watch your old areas of supply for your guide, this is NOT a recommendation but a consideration.

  4. $SGYP - Let s get it up!

  5. $SGYP still ~2 months b4 data. long way to go. and market can do a lot of weird things between now and then. won t go straight up but trend

  6. $SGYP predictions for tomorrow?

  7. $SGYP On my watchlist

  8. $SGYP market watch analyst recommendation

  9. @Fahad17 $SGYP hey what website are you using to get the SGYP forecast data?

  10. $SGYP

  11. $SGYP Mgmt doing great here, IMO. If P3 results are excellent, NDA will be already priced in. So the best way to maximize profit and

  12. $SGYP. Rumored putting itself for sale. Cantor sees $8.50 in buyout http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-26/synergy-pharmaceuticals-said-to-consider-options-including-sale?cmpid=yhoo

  13. $SNSS $VVUS multibagers ? http://www.thelion.com/bin/forum.cgi?tf=wall_street_pit&msg=2535442&cmd=read and $SGYP data may bring bidding war ? $NLNK 90 or 20 on data. KIPS multibagger along $IDRA

  14. $SGYP longs are the grittiest longs in the game. Dragged through the dirt & grim for years, but now they see the light. Will Gap Soon.

  15. After-Hours Gainers as of 5:15 p.m.: $MSG +5.3% $XON +3.0% $USLV +2.3% $SGYP +1.9% $HFC +1.9%

  16. $SGYP - Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fireā€¦!

  17. $SGYP Open up your chart back to 2010. Would love to see some nice jumps to past levels on P3 or buyout news.

  18. $SGYP looks like headed to 4.62 soon, hopefully much higher!

  19. $SGYP IMO this hasn t even broke out yet. If we dont get serious shenanigans in the coming wks then we should see $5-$6 before data & >$8 P3

  20. $SGYP Just a chart of a dagger, violently being thrusted into the eye of a short.

  21. $SGYP Number of hedge funds owning - 5. Baker Bros, Englander, Simons, Griffin, Fink, No dummies here.

  22. Williams Over -20 http://www.dailystockplays.com/Williams-Over--20-2015-03-27.html $FXI $CAG $BSX $JBLU $PHM $GIS $ACI $HOT $IPG $SGYP $LKQ $FLEX $YNDX $SPF $XLS $TOL $SVU $YELP $KMX

  23. $SGYP I m one freaking 1% from pulling even... Bought a lot of dips this last year

  24. $SGYP was my winner for the week with not much else happening. Holding $SGYP $MNKD $NBG $COH $RCMT $VHC $INVN $LIQD

  25. $SGYP What a strong finish!!! Roughly 1 million shares in the last 5 minutes. Next week is looking good!!!