1. $SGYP , Chart looks to be telling us of a re-charge. What the heck do I know. Just LUCK, Labor Under Correct Knowledge. Wedging, $3.5 near

  2. 3 Stocks That Should Move Significantly Higher Soon $AAPL $FWM $INVE $SGYP $WFM http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/3-stocks-that-should-move-significantly-higher-soon?post=57523&userid=5651

  3. $SGYP well I added...I hope this dip below 3 is short lived

  4. $SGYP keep playing with the bull shorty, the horns await you.

  5. $SGYP hoping this sits still here until tomorrow. I ll have powder...

  6. $APRI , Long, $SGYP, Long, $HEB, Long, $ATHX, Long, $PFE, Long, $NPSP, no longer Long, singing song, cha ching. $ICAD, Long, $URG, $WYY, buy

  7. out rest $SGYP 2.98 from 3.13 for meantime.

  8. $SGYP im not worried on SGYP, im just bored,. lets make some moves

  9. $SGYP, Hey shorts - here is some free advice. Get your heads out of your rear ends, come up for some air & go short IRWD. Ha, Ha.

  10. $SGYP come on shorts is this all you got? 20,000 buy order set at 2.95 lets go chop chop!!

  11. $ZGNX Abuse deterrent formula approval on tap Friday. Will run hard $MSTX $XOMA $CPRX $THLD $DSCO $CLTX $IDRA $BOTA $SGYP $SNTA $RIGL $GERN

  12. $MNKD $VHC $INVN $PLUG $SGYP all gap up targets. $NBG $STEM $LIQD still bottom searching and need news. $TRI strong and steady.

  13. $SGYP Short interest basically unchanged

  14. Positive again today.Only .15% after a crazy close but I will take it!Up $MNKD $PLUG $VHC down $NBG $INVN $LIQD $SGYP $STEM VHC rocking!

  15. $SGYP pretty strong today considering the sea of red

  16. $SGYP about to put NHOD

  17. $SGYP, Hear that shorts (previous message) - your days of screwing shareholders are Numbered. Judgement Day is approaching- Ha, Ha.

  18. $SGYP We are now only 4-4.5 months away from Phase 3 data read. the long side is where the money will flow soon IMO

  19. $SGYP

  20. $SGYP action since yesterday points to break towards $3.50 and then $4+ very soon.

  21. @pv74 $SGYP Thx 4 the info. Seems pricey to me so I ll give it a pass for now.

  22. $SGYP does anyone have an expiry date and exercise price for the warrants $SGYPW ? Thx.

  23. 5 top stocks on NASDAQ (Jan. 27): $WSCI, $SGYP, $MITK, $CNIT, $CVTI http://www.nna100.com/stock_ranking.php?p=NASDAQ-Top-100-BUY-Rating-Stocks&d=2015-01-27

  24. @jrich2 $SGYPW cusip: 871639118 EXP: 11/14/16 WT+$5,4879 = 1 $SGYP share

  25. Great day up 4.05% overall. Up on $VHC $PLUG $SGYP $STEM $INVN $LIQD $MNKD $TRI down on NBG