1. $SGYP $MOH Nice ..

  2. $SGYP - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/sgyp-technical-analysis-trends-pivot.html

  3. $SGYP just curious wasn t last ticker @ 9.12? Seems like Stocktwits hasn t updated and is showing 9.05.

  4. $SGYP There was never a deadline for a BO on Monday or next week for that matters. It is a figment of a short imagination.

  5. $SGYP hmmm I just searched all over. No new nothing really yet. A few articles but same old stuff.

  6. @ralhan8or Tired of fidelty, Whats the best trading platform $aapl $tsla $cmg $amzn $sgyp

  7. $SGYP Now since Synergy is the bees knees I expect a premium of precisely 259%. You heard it hear first.

  8. $SGYP In 2014 Idenix Pharmaceuticals was bought out by Merck at a 229% premium. Seth Klarman made $1B in one day. What a guy.

  9. I have been wondering why Cantor hasn t written about $SGYP after P3-2, and then I find out Irina Rivkind left Cantor in July.

  10. Tired of fidelty? Whats the best trading platform $aapl $tsla $cmg $amzn $sgyp

  11. $SGYP A watched pot doesn t boil. Too much BO talk.

  12. $SGYP The $19 offered, $25 asked rumor is straight-up b.s. pumping. If co.s are that far apart, deal NEVER happens! Amazingly stupid pump!

  13. $SGYP Always open eared to hear from beton. He s been here since the beginning and gets it all.

  14. $SGYP Downside is capped. Any short attempt is met by equal buying pre$$ure.

  15. $SGYP @betonbio Well said! Enjoy life and wait for the B/O now. $15 - $18 seem to be the consensus and realistic.

  16. $SGYP Latest Rumor 19$ B/O offered, SGYP management asked 25$ !!!!

  17. Also from YAHOO $SGYP MSG Board -

  18. $SGYP ...Which would explain the increased number of short shares as of late. Short interest goes up as they average down

  19. Maybe $SGYP shorts are averaging up to avoid being furiously squeezed at these higher levels and actively taking losses now...

  20. $SGYP : bottom line : results and numbers do not lie...screaming buyout folks and a premium will be paid IMo...extremely

  21. $SGYP : drug to treat a 20 billion GI mkt which is growing...SGYP will fill the gap and go way beyond...$20 plus IMO...exttremely

  22. $SGYP : IRWD down from about 17 to mid 10 s in the last 6 months...wonder why? clue SGYP has a far better, blockbuster type first in class..

  23. $SGYP oops, Do we know, not new we know!

  24. $SGYP new we know exactly what day 2nd quarter financials are being reported or isbit still an estimate of August 10? Does any one know?

  25. $SGYP If we r in a BO situation, I bet 10 Wall St investment banking Firms fought over this Co! These r the advisors who get 2-3% of deal.