1. $SGYP Short interest through October 15th is flat, at 16.2M shares. I m certain it will be up as a result of Oct 21.

  2. up .66% to end a good week. Up today on $VHC $YHOO $NBG $MNKD $PLUG $SGYP $STEM down $NLNK $INVN $LIQD $CYTR $JAKK on watch for next week

  3. $SGYP we really need some insiders to buy here. Have a good weekend longs..Hoping for news next week.

  4. $SGYP shorts are trying to tire the longs until something significantly happens. Let s check the short position after close today.

  5. $SGYP are we stuck in a 0.5$ radius swing? for how long?

  6. $SGYP 5K buy orders are followed by 100 share sell orders to move it back down a penny. Their HFT computers are better than yours

  7. $SGYP Shorts will not let s this over $3 without a massive fight.

  8. $SGYP $CYTR $NWBO - Getting dry powder ready today for these three long term holds. Expecting a shake today...

  9. Good day on $CYTR $MNKD $VHC $SGYP $INVN up smaller was $LIQD $NBG $PLUG $YHOO flat on $STEM and down $NLNK overall +2.97% coming back up

  10. $SGYP would you look at irwd up 7% sgyp is way undervalued

  11. $SGYP Look at $TROV go!

  12. $SGYP Shorts aren t holding this <$3 to cover here. They know it will pop. They are hoping to cover <$5 with the help of longs selling

  13. $SGYP Probably Good place to grab it. My pt is 5,5

  14. $SGYP Good volume/green w/ good news out. This alone might be a sign of a bottom. Still hoping I called it right. Youll owe me beers n Vegas

  15. $SGYP Waiting to see over 3 in a few days, possibly next week.

  16. $SGYP @Riverwalk - hope you sold your recommended $TROV yesterday because it s getting pounded. Really smelly huh?

  17. @LarsonLE $SGYP $TSLA was the same way in the early stages, hammered to no end by shorts. Hopefully we will have the same result long term

  18. $SGYP Let s say there is good data for SP-333. Where do we see the PPS going? Anywhere? Or no one because of the financial issue at hand?

  19. $SGYP buying big tomo

  20. $SGYP I want to start a position here after I sell my BGMD after FDA clearance hopefully soon before EOY.

  21. $SGYP They should just sell company for $6 a share to screw shorts

  22. $SGYP we need an HFT that works in reverse, ha!

  23. $SGYP Funding is highly likely to happen any time within the next 45 days. That will be the end of short manipulation

  24. $SGYP this drop is silly. I actually want it to wait until January so I can throw my fat bonus in this before it takes off

  25. $SGYP Added at 2,78