1. $SGYP Yea..... this is looking tasty

  2. @Ihatetriplebogies $SGYP that is a serious trade AH. Going higher!

  3. $SGYP Volume continuing AH. Rising pps soon!!

  4. $SGYP long buy today...

  5. $SGYP $3 again, can we keep it?

  6. $SGYP double avg volume day once again. niceeeeeee

  7. $SGYP downside risk to this stock is really minimal. Been a boring few months but positive data could catapult us into $4+ range.

  8. $SGYP technicals are useless for this stock; signific movement will only happen once shorts cover and/or great data released

  9. $SGYP long

  10. $SGYP it s got that look

  11. $SGYP bought 3k at 2.92 and sell at 2.98 again

  12. $SGYP Red to Green and go!! Keep closely http://stocktwits.com/message/33239057

  13. @GTG007 $SGYP I think the co offers excellent LT potential & reminds me of NPSP in the early days. May take a long position right here. IMHO

  14. $SGYP @BetonBio just sold my 6 month hold on $ACRX today. It did the same thing $SGYP will do in March. See you in Vegas!

  15. $SGYP long base has been forming for 6 months.

  16. @FonsieTrader why $SGYP ?

  17. 6 Stocks to Watch Today $GRPO $YHOO $SALT $SGYP $URBN $LXP http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2015/02/6-stocks-to-watch-tomorrow-grpo-yhoo.html Also on Radar $FCX $GOOGL $AMCC $RIC $NM $BBRY

  18. $SGYP long setup http://stocktwits.com/message/33209851

  19. see also my thoughts on $GRPO $YHOO $SALT $SGYP $URBN $LXP http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2015/02/6-stocks-to-watch-tomorrow-grpo-yhoo.html

  20. 6 Stocks to Watch Tomorrow $GRPO $YHOO $SALT $SGYP $URBN $LXP http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2015/02/6-stocks-to-watch-tomorrow-grpo-yhoo.html

  21. $SGYP after the Dec cover shorts back to the same game with SI creeping higher. 13.85mn short as of 2/15; +200k. Time running out...

  22. Portfolio up 1.88% again today with wins on $VHC $SGYP $MNKD & $LIQD. Down were $NBG $PLUG and $INVN. Holding all.

  23. $SGYP Keep it under 3 boys before the big move!!

  24. $SGYP Be there done that

  25. $SGYP should head higher tomorrow if we hold these levels.