1. $SGYP Took a small position (4.5k shares) in AH with some spare change I had lying around. Can t pass up the DD I did earlier this year. GLA

  2. $SGYP The big question is where oh where will you all go once you cash out $

  3. $SGYP - Main supports and resistances (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/05/sgyp-main-supports-and-resistances_26.html

  4. End Of Day Scan: Over Keltner Channel $TSN $TTWO $SGYP $NPTN $ALNY $EXAS $DSKY $CLLS $RDUS $PMC www.dailystockplays.com

  5. 155 stock tips from 68 analysts were posted today on 133 stocks. Most rated: $PRTY $SHAK $TWC $SGYP $SBUX https://closingbell.co/discover/most-rated

  6. $SGYP -Decent gain of .09 cent while the Nasdaq goes down 56 pts. It does move us a day closer to data release and the shareholders meeting.

  7. I just see over-reaction to news in the biotech space. I prefer slow, sure growth. $MNKD $SGYP

  8. $SGYP the 12M sh day last week may have been a sea change. Surprised shorts did not hammer this down on a bloody day w/ relatively low vol

  9. $SGYP if the market was up .... We would have seen 5% easily

  10. $SGYP Nice start to the week!!

  11. $SGYP Renko candles

  12. $SGYP nice to see the volume and price action like this on a down market day though this really didn t follow the rest of the market prior

  13. $SGYP Up 3 pennies yet MF is +$1.04M & buy/sell is 2.26...Got to love this casino...I mean market.

  14. $SGYP I added a little @ .34 just for the hell of it. Just chilin here and $ATNM $SYN waiting for the real turn of events

  15. $SGYP bobbarker, $9 would make us, less the shorts, the happiest people on earth! I hope your sell order goes through ASAP!

  16. $SGYP How about a run-up to $4.60+ into the close (on a red day) on data anticipation in PM

  17. $SGYP brought to you today by the number 4.39...Pinned or what?

  18. $SGYP I have a sell order in at $9, it s nice to not have to worry about this stock for now

  19. $SGYP Wednesday seems like a great day for P3 data .... Just saying ...!

  20. $SGYP first resistance at 4.48 then the 52 week high- 4.68 volume is low today

  21. $SGYP 5.30 s and 6.00 s would be next resistances, if 4.60 s break.

  22. $SGYP nice support on bloody market day. Let s get this over $5 pre data plz!! GLTAL!!!

  23. $SGYP b4 we applaud the SA article, this is same guy Rec to sell at $4.50. Where was his call to buy back at $3.50?

  24. @Think4self $GALE $ENTA $SGEN $ADHD $SGYP $SPRT r strong today. Could have made good money shorting $INO $AAVL $STML but always next time

  25. $SGYP This is my only pos UP today...