1. $SGYP @rameel5 big day tomorrow. Right???

  2. $SGYP 16 million short days to cover 16

  3. $SGYP Just bought some today.

  4. $SGYP At what point does HFT get tired of trading with itself? What a snooze.

  5. $SGYP baker Bros own 1.7 million shares

  6. $ZGNX $SGYP I remember when these 2 stocks of mine used to be exciting, so boring lately

  7. $SGYP And don t let me see anyone here get excited at $4.50 or $5. Excitement is only allowed >$7 ;-)

  8. $SGYP This is a buy and tuck away stock. Between OIC in Q4 and CIC in Q2 there will be a significant inflection point. GLTAL!!

  9. $SGYP Yeah baby

  10. $SGYP Synergy Pharmaceuticals Progresses with Mid-Stage Candidate http://y.ahoo.it/CaOxwU4S

  11. $SGYP Picked up 1500 shares at 3.75

  12. $SGYP Buying more every time I have cash. I ve got everything riding on this

  13. $SGYP Stay long and strong like my ...... Don t fold. Big payday in future. Jesus never tapped nor should you.

  14. $SGYP I need someone more expert than me to understand the movement of this stock. Even my girlfriend is green today.

  15. $SGYP this should be flying today! Crazy Stupid BS!

  16. $SGYP Just have to laugh at the price action of this stock. Am Long with many many shares.

  17. $SGYP I think my next move is dropping $2k worth of long term January $5 strike calls

  18. Not taking my $SGYP shares http://y.ahoo.it/yBNV5W8z

  19. $SGYP More shaking of the tree for weak hands today #kungfugripneeded

  20. $SGYP IBB and Biotechs are up today. SGYP will be up next with more +tive news

  21. $SGYP Shorts can t cover without raising the pps #buybuy

  22. $SGYP run today run

  23. #biotech #buy #stocks $RNN $TKMR $ADXS $IPCI $MSTX $IMMU $CRDC $SGYP $KBIO $INFI $ZGNX $ALXA and others http://y.ahoo.it/GRlHWuwU

  24. Trades from today: $MSTX $SGYP $IKAN $PRKR $CMXI $RNN $NSPH http://y.ahoo.it/a8YkttZx

  25. Roller coaster day up.15% Up $MNKD $POWR $SGYP $VHC $CPRX Down $BONE $CYTR $PLUG $STEM After the PLUG crash and burn happy to be up!