1. $SGYP has formed a bullish saucer pattern and formed a nice angled platform setting itself up for a run at $5. Shorts know this & will burn!

  2. $SGYP craziest stock. $6.5 for 2 days then big guys crash it. Need a big buyer.

  3. Weekly Review (11/17 - 11/21) $ACT $HAS $DWA $HAL $BHI $CLDX $BABA $AMBA $GPRO $CYTR $SGYP $TSLA $SPLK $BBY $ARUN http://www.theinvestordailynews.com/2014/11/investing-news-weekly-review-1117-1121-act-dwa-hal-bhi-cldx-baba-intc-amba-gpro-cytr-sgyp-tsla-jblu-splk-bby-amzn-arun/

  4. $SGYP There is 23k shares on the ask at $2.90. They are keeping this down artificailly.

  5. @SmarterAnalyst: $SGYP Cantor Raises Synergy Pharmaceuticals Price Target Following Positive Phase 2 OIC Data http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2014/11/20/cantor-raises-synergy-pharmaceuticals-positive-phase-2-oic-data-for-sp-333/

  6. $SGYP tax loss harvesting on now my 15% loss now so I can pay ST tax rate on future 300% gain. Thanks for the tax advice BOND but I ll hold

  7. $SGYP, Can t mention anyone by name But - When is the trashman going to pick up a Piece of Garbage here ?

  8. $SGYP shorts know they need to exit SGYP. They want longs to sell for tax reasons before they do. It s a game of chicken. Who blinks first?

  9. $SGYP This is officially my least favorite stock in the whole market. Shorts are definitely winning for now. Long term they won t.

  10. $SGYP So disappointed.

  11. $SGYP put up the YTD chart & you can draw a nice straight descending line beginning in January. they have invest $80M in that line

  12. Recap: $JNUG looking for 6.00 $NETE headed on up $SGYP sold---$MAGS giving up gains $DGAZ KEEPING THAT PUPPY over weekend.

  13. $SGYP institutions now own >60% of the company. they essentially doubled tute ownership with the final round of financing.

  14. $SGYP it s getting expensive for shorts to control this chart. they will never exit 16-18 million shares, they know this.

  15. $SGYP http://seekingalpha.com/article/1810652

  16. $SGYP can someone tell me what the pps will be when 18 million shares finally cover?

  17. $SGYP no selling here. Only shorting

  18. $SGYP Another leg down...here we go.....

  19. $SGYP It s time to take you losses on SGYP and by some QUALITY dividend stocks..

  20. $SGYP back to $2.90 and the Shyt talkers come back. Trying to reload for another afternoon run at it? Gee maybe you ll make another $0.07

  21. $SGYP That chart on the left>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> tells me there is going to be a TON of tax loss selling over the next 40 days.

  22. $SGYP Look at that chart on the left: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  23. $SGYP Betonbio, I ve said over and over, that this is a me too drug, in a VERY crowded field. Why else would this be in the toilet??

  24. $SGYP Nice work guys!

  25. $SGYP Placentide results wont be out until mid Spring. In the meantime, what keeps this from going back to $2.45?