1. $SGYP for someone who supposedly paid on six figures of gains last year , Riverwalk sounds like a high schooler trying to prove a point

  2. $SGYP Ok Mom.... I m on my way. ;)

  3. $SGYP River, moms got your breakfast ready, better get out of your room and off your computer today.

  4. $SGYP looks like the flies are leaving for another pile of momo crap.

  5. Share an idea on $SGYP another good day......if you own $TROV.

  6. $SGYP come on boys, where s the volume?!?

  7. $SGYP could this be the last week short trying to bring this baby down.

  8. @tradejt $SGYP all of the 1.6M AH shares traded at $4.18, except 1k shares at $4.15. Clearly this was prearranged. Possible of a cover?

  9. $SGYP all of the 1.6M AH shares traded at $4.18, except 1k shares at $4.15. Clearly this was prearranged.

  10. Our High volatility scan http://www.daytradersgroupofamerica.com/#!high-volatility-scan/c1u2m $MEG $TLM $ICON $SGYP $ACI $CNX $OVAS $HLX $WETF $CHTR $FB Etc.

  11. $SGYP Load more on short dips; profit more on the way back up

  12. $SGYP rumour what made shorts happy on this stock. Tsk tsk.

  13. $SGYP will we survive ? Short are crazy lol

  14. $SGYP I would not be surprised by a hard and quick flush to pick up all the stops near $4 and possibly below. Then we go higher. All IMO

  15. $SGYP And the manipulation continues into the AH. Last week 18k shares 1.50 pps swing now 1.6 million and .03 swing. Short game over soon

  16. $SGYP There are 3 huge trades AH. Anyone know what it means?

  17. $SGYP what s up with the massive amount of shares moving AH?

  18. $SGYP what s with the after-hours selling? Over a million shares.

  19. $SGYP Added more shares. They were on sale @ 4.18. Thanks again shorts.

  20. $SGYP Holding SGYP & SGYPW We re only weeks away from positive news. Trading VLTC daily…monster swings.

  21. $SGYP buying opportunity, take aadvantage

  22. $SGYP conditioning retail to sell on next run to $4.50 and above. Millions of shares still in retail hands that can be shaken loose.

  23. $SGYP But I ll take the Buyout option at $8.50+, myself!

  24. $SGYP Some missed the ride from $3 to $4. Don t miss the ride from here to $5. Options bets are on the move to $5 soon.

  25. $SGYP weekly rising 10MA support currently 3.82. Daily pivot support 4.11.