1. $SGYP 👀

  2. Thrilled today ending up .85%Up $SGYP $XXII $CPRX $MNKD $NLNK $PLUG Push on $STEM Down $CYTR $VHC $BONE.Up 8.5% for the week.Happy LD all

  3. Trades from today: $NAVB $GEVO $AMZN $MCD $SGYP $LNKD $BAXS $AVGO $MCD $MVIS http://y.ahoo.it/GI2cNAVZ

  4. $SGYP @Hk_junkie Looking good!

  5. $SGYP @Riverwalk $TROV Nice strong finish for $TROV , oh my bad, it got a beat down afternoon.. Hahah

  6. $SGYP yeah, we did it, 3.90$ at close! So 4$ on the way! Wish everyone a nice weekend :)

  7. $SGYP I m new here. When can we expect any potential catalysts?

  8. $SGYP No wishful thinking later... should have bought/covered under $4....

  9. $SGYP next battle at 100DMA $4.01 next week. Just another stepping stone. GLTAL!!

  10. $SGYP I would hate to be short SGYP going into the long weekend/end of the month.

  11. $SGYP 4.00 dollar next week? (no posn, : ( )

  12. $SGYP glad I closed my $TROV position at $7. Looks like cratering Will reconsider entry or possible short on Monday. $SGYP setting up to run

  13. $SGYP. I meant to press the bullish button. :-)

  14. $SGYP Next week, $4 plus. This week is a harbinger of good days to come.

  15. $SGYP nice, maybe we see a another green candle at close :) Close at or over 3.90

  16. $SGYP Notice without the churning of shares the volume is more like 300K a day. Impossible to cover 16M shares that way. Must be stressful

  17. $SGYP where all my gain?

  18. $SGYP Some movement today in Sept $5 calls. Bullish sign.

  19. $SGYP Sold 3K shares @ 3.9 from 3.56 swing. Holding core of 4.3K shares.

  20. $SGYP Come on! I want $4!!

  21. $SGYP Give it a rest Riverwalk. No ones listening. We are buyers.

  22. $SGYP new HOD. Nothing but blue skies above.

  23. $SGYP OIC P2 only mnths away. CIC P3 coming on the heals of 2 very positive P2 studies demonstrating best in class profile. Data always wins

  24. $SGYP Riverwalk working overtime to make sure his short position doesn t get too painful. Let s see what happens

  25. $SGYP Reverse stock split.