1. $SGYP Short Monday..

  2. $SGYP And $CEMP Go go go finally!! I ve waited months

  3. $SGYP Very happy I picked up an extra 13k shares at 2.78 now. I m unsure whether or not ill ever have a chance again at those prices

  4. $SGYP 51.78% short interest today & PPS went up 7%. And some busy bodies trading after hours :) $BLUE $KITE $CALA http://stocktwits.com/message/30499037

  5. $LIQD will be a buyer on any uptrend here. in at .92 right now but will add lower. GL all. Was a big day for my $VHC and $SGYP today

  6. $SGYP Nice little move here. Looking forward to when this is back 6+

  7. $SGYP High volume after hours as well

  8. $SGYP This year has been extremely painful, but I m glad the shorts gave me an opp to buy SGYP sub $2.82. What a Xmas gift!

  9. $SGYP upwards to 4.10 for the short-term, from 3.70 s, in time, probably higher, but one step at a time.

  10. $SGYP increased my first target to 3.70 s+, why not, lol! And upped my add price alert.

  11. $SGYP what s with the 2.5 million share order right at close?

  12. $SGYP $ACRX $MACK ----> #Breakouts $$$

  13. $SGYP The volume spike is OPEX. Triple witching today. I wouldn t read to much into it just yet. Let s look for confirmation next week.

  14. $SGYP, From Fidelity 4.05 million shares Traded.

  15. wow, good close, lol $SGYP

  16. $SGYP Scottrade shows volume @ 4MM shares. Can that be right? Either way great day and week!!!!!

  17. $SGYP that volume spike must have to do with OPEX..

  18. $SGYP That was fun!

  19. $SGYP nice close virtual high fives to all longs

  20. $SGYP Wow !! A 140k block Bought at 3:55 pm.

  21. $SGYP 100k Block was Sold at 3:35 pm and a 90k block was Sold at 3:40 pm.

  22. $SGYP Heavy volume last half hour

  23. $SGYP Nice volume but would like to see a few up days with >2MM shares. 2 of past 3 days have been >1MM

  24. $SGYP uptrend just started

  25. $SGYP Should continue to climb next week.