1. $SGYP $4.60-62 is a soft resistance. Past that, around $4.77-78

  2. $SGYP Give me some 4.60$

  3. $SGYP Seriously, what are the odds data will be positive vs. negative? Is it really just a coin toss?

  4. $SGYP I have a 5000 share lot to buy at $4.50, will it fill?

  5. $SGYP It is tests under $4.50 again, will be adding throughout the day.

  6. $SGYP Bye Bye $4.50. Like I said. Got leverage permission to add beyond allocated full position. Will be adding more throughout the day.

  7. $SGYP One of the lucky numbers on my fortune cookie below lists number 21 - It is the ONLY number on the set that is under 31. Today: 21st

  8. $SGYP Remember when I SCREAMED that it was add at $3.82? Remember? I am scream again here. Under $4.50. Data release this week.

  9. $SGYP LAST CHANCE. Under $4.50 for binary hold. My biotech fund is holding a full position on SGYP this minute.

  10. $SGYP will we close today above 4.55/4.59? posible

  11. $SGYP Best speculation for the data release is either TODAY (afterhours) or this Friday premarket.

  12. $SGYP Under $4.50 is extreme buy for binary hold. Very attractive on this pull back. Remember, DATA RELEASE is imminent.

  13. Alert: $SGYP Entered FULL position. Trade partners are continuing to add below $4.50 levels. TODAY is a day to speculate. CEO meeting w/ IR.

  14. $SGYP Very bullish chart. 5$ soon

  15. $SGYP Nice if this could go past 5.50 before data. Then we will be well-poised for 7.50-8 once (positive) data comes out.

  16. $SGYP I believe the jump in $SRPT today clarified that biotech was oversold and to look for value here.

  17. @CramericaSucks: $SGYP Let s hope data comes out tomorrow. >>> I wouldn t mind having this correct back to 5+ before data....No rush here.

  18. $SGYP upped stake to 10k shares have a good feeling about this one

  19. $SGYP I called the IR literally just now: IR is currently having a big meeting with CEO (verbatim) this morning. One can only speculate!

  20. $SGYP Let s hope data comes out tomorrow. That s how I wanna celebrate my earth day. With GREEEEEN

  21. $SGYP what could it be!

  22. $SGYP On fire start ! Glad to see that

  23. $SGYP - http://y.ahoo.it/Mkd54pqY - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  24. $SGYP wide spread between bid ask this morning

  25. $sgyp