1. $SGYP Invest in facts not fear. Data continues to be excellent. Cash + ATM =$120MM. More than Enough to finish all plecanatide P3 trials.

  2. $sgyp I feel your pain as an $rgdx holder

  3. @markgordo After seeing the increase in shorts hitting this I wouldn t expect any great upswing until +data. Even then depends, see $SGYP

  4. $SGYP Run may start when Q2 10Q is filed showing plenty of cash to get through current trials. We ll see

  5. $SGYP I just used today to buy my latest block. I expect a run to $5-6 by end of Sept....can t see how it goes lower before then

  6. $SGYP +ve article on SA = shorts have to push shares down. They always sell the news. Look for the run-up to SP333 data to start later in Q3

  7. $SGYP Picked up a few more a shares 3.62. Shorts keep pushing it down but can t cover. Our win.

  8. $SGYP Long and strong. Longs will have last laugh

  9. $SGYP I am bullish on sgyp but an curious why shorts would keep driving this down. Appreciate anyone willing to educate me.

  10. $SGYP about a yr ago I first came onto the stream..a lot of new bulls..what happened to the old crew? hope some still around.will add 3.40

  11. $SGYP got more at 3.62

  12. $SGYP oh yea, another 10,000 at 3.64 I will be here for the buyout!!! Keep it up shorts!!

  13. $SGYP, Congratulations to all the Lucky (good timing) and Smart Investors who are Buying at these Low Prices.

  14. $SGYP - thank you shorts! Avg d down... 60800 shares @ $3.79

  15. @bobbarker $SGYP Seeking Alpha article reconfirming trial timeline, positive trial results and stock value.

  16. $SGYP http://y.ahoo.it/LQads6vm

  17. $SGYP picked up another 1100 shares at this price. Cost avg is $4.01 now. I m forgetting about this stock until next year.

  18. $SGYP Good luck today!

  19. $SGYP Sufficient data supports SGYP as a good investment. Limited data supports a contrarian POV. 4:1 are long #followthedata

  20. Starting to love these shorts! They create exceptional opportunities to buy more $SGYP for us longs.

  21. $SGYP Shorts increased position from 7M before P2 IBS to 16M since positive data release. Attempting to frustrate longs into selling cheap.

  22. $ARWR Saw this on Twtr. 7M shorts now. Tearing down the PPS just like $SGYP. Fvck! Bstards http://y.ahoo.it/LjkszdiF

  23. $SGYP that was one hell of a buy spike. Anyone catch the size of it?

  24. $SGYP If you can t hold this until Q2 & you can t tolerate the manipulation in the meantime, then best to exit and stop torturing yourself.