1. Time To Prepare For The Bear $TZA $FAZ $SH $SDS $DOG http://etfdailynews.com/2015/11/23/time-to-prepare-for-the-bear/

  2. $SH I am using $TVIX

  3. $AAPL starting to hedge these overpriced stocks with $SH which is showing a nice buy signal... classic tech signal for $SH

  4. $SH Real nice BUY Signal on $SH 2 hour chart

  5. $SPX SHORT SETUPS ONLY this week EVEN if we push over 88% Fib FIB $ES_F 2096.75 $UVXY $SH $AAPL

  6. $ES_F OPEN IN THE RED ... OUR $NYMO +1.49% will fall back into the CRASH ZONE 0 to -20% $SPX $UVXY $AAPL $SH $LNG

  7. $SH The Upside of Down....see this mornings blog for more details...

  8. $ES_F Wave iii CRASH starts Sunday/Monday - FAILED to tag 88% Fib 2096.75 $UVXY $SH $LNG $AAPL

  9. Appropriate post for #TBT --> Why Shorting Stocks is the Worst Investment Strategy EVER http://fmdcapital.com/why-shorting-stocks-is-the-worst-investment-strategy-ever/ $AAPL $SPY $SH

  10. $AAPL $LNG $SH $UVXY $XIV /// $SPX Mojo Guarantee -- we CRASH under 2020.86 before X-mas

  11. $SPX $SH Out at 21.25 this morning.



  14. $SPX Wave 5 has option to TAG 2134 or into 2200 (Expanded FLAT) $CL_F $SH $AAPL $LNG

  15. $SH ... SOLD the balance over 21 ... NYMO -59.8% to low for me now FOR this type of trade

  16. $SH ... GLAD .. we took some gain OFF the table :-)

  17. $SPY = short $SH = Long https://www.tradingview.com/chart/SPY/git0XUg0-SPY/

  18. $SH The daily shows a bullish MACD crossover the weekly shows a bearish crossover, never seen this what am I missing here?

  19. $SH just bought shares in preparation of a downturn in stock market, hope I m on the right side of this trade...seems some are blind

  20. $SPX $SH It s a sit on your hands kind of day. Not adding longs or shorts yet. Would love to see a pullback to 200ma to buy some positions.

  21. $SPY will cover $sh short bought at 20.33 and 20.35 if sp falls to 2085, that was a gift from the market gods

  22. $SH The Market is going to Bounce back and forth - Don t get stuck either way

  23. Expert Predicts Stocks Will Crash In November $DJIA $SPX $TZA $TNA $SH $SDS http://etfdailynews.com/2015/11/04/expert-predicts-stocks-will-crash-in-november/

  24. $SPY failed higher higher this am, first in a while, hopefully nailed this short to the penny with $sh at 20.33 yesterday and 20.35 this am

  25. $SPY added $sh at 20.35