1. $SHIP: New SEC Filing for SHIP: Form SC 13D/A, No. 0000919574-16-010119 http://stocknewsflow.com/1448397_000091957416010119_0000919574-16-010119

  2. Claudia Restis just provided an update on activist position in Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13D/summary2/?id=2420455 $SHIP

  3. $SHIP this is the type of chart I look for in a stock.. Been doing the same thing every day.. Gonna buy tmr and make .75 ps

  4. $RADA $SHIP and $ DSKX looks like they want to bounce

  5. $SHIP profiting

  6. $SHIP cash honey cash money!

  7. buy $ship easy money and $gbsn

  8. $GBSN just bought $SHIP buy it to make a profit today! Buy! I got in at 3.50

  9. $SHIP why is it saying Bid .01 Ask 11.00 can anyone explain?


  11. Watching out the gates | $NEOS $SHIP $NOW $FB $AAPL Let s do it!

  12. DekmarTrades Morning Watch-List: $NEOS (Pick of the Day!) $SHIP $BCEI $ENOC $EXEL $ICLD $INO $OHGI $PBMD $PHM $WGBS $EXXI $GASL

  13. Gap Scan for Thursday - $SHIP $NOW $TRXC $NEOS -

  14. $SHIP don t see any news, but it can move quickly with 1mil share float. Keeping on watch.

  15. $SHIP ???? Ok, don t know why, but let s go. Been looking for an exit :)

  16. $SHIP is something going on that we don t know about? What is pushing this?

  17. $MPO well,okay...I was patient,but really time to move like in September cause this is the same pattern. move like $SHIP what I expect

  18. $SHIP hmmm little more push I see

  19. $SHIP

  20. $SHIP Interesting find.. http://www.emqtv.com/jelco-delta-holding-corp-owns-stake-in-seanergy-maritime-holdings-corp-ship/103331/

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  22. $MNKD boooom Any idea why $SHIP is bullish?

  23. $SHIP I m shorting this now - good ole insider pump and dump with no news. Problem is - barely any volume. Going to wait to strike

  24. $SHIP what s going on here? Holy smokes $1.33 3 days ago to $5 share price?

  25. $SHIP What ? , whats the reason , cant find news