1. $SHIP Would you really buy a Greek Shipper with 12 employees & -100% sales? Their World Headquarters nice water view

  2. $SHIP eliminated a debt of $134.9m in 2014,despite its high volatility,its considered to be an attractive low risk,high reward opportunity.

  3. $SHIP Can investors trust Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp? Can they be trusted with their money and lifesavings? You be the judge.

  4. $SHIP Where do small business owners and sales people generally find their sales leads?

  5. $SHIP very high vol, we should be careful worry for my money

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  7. $SHIP Do investors have legal cause to seek compensation for damages caused by the crisis in Greece?

  8. Before it opens What do you think about $SHIP and $SPYR?

  9. $SHIP how high do management anticipate to continue to take further steps towards increasing shareholder value through future acquisitions?.

  10. After $SHIP yesterday spike, it might be interesting to take a look how the Greek companies perform on the US market. http://www.trendsinvesting.com/blog-entry/84,the-greek-companies-on-the-us-stock-market

  11. $SHIP started previous day with 0.56$ 1.04 and ended 1.04$ !

  12. $SHIP You should spit in the faces of those claiming Greek crisis have bad impact on Greek shipping companies, let s watch the market open!

  13. The whole Greek sector is dropping. What s the reason for the over-demand of the $SHIP shares? Is it insider trading?

  14. $SHIP what s your prediction for today guys? Bear or bull? How much time we have till dump?

  15. $SHIP When the market slumps you still have to obey the law of buying only good stocks that have healthy cash flow.

  16. $SHIP Will the economic system collapse due to too much debt in Greece?

  17. $SHIP What are some of the ways one can profit from the recent market crisis in Greece?

  18. Greek problems polarize on Greek companies worldwide. Except of $SHIP. Almost 100% rate growth recently. Is it high time to make investment?

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