1. @operaghost88 everything @ sears is on sales, wonder what margin results from that, $shld epic fail

  2. $MNKD $TWTR long, $JCP $SHLD short. Out of 20 stocks invested, 20+% gain on 17 (85% accuracy). YTD gain of 125% Follow me! $STUDY

  3. $JCP $SHLD I bet you no one will remember my words when these two retailers go bankrupt, but that s ok.

  4. $SHLD Nice drop of HOD. This company is going nowhere.

  5. $SHLD $JCP Short position.

  6. Back-to-School Season Gets B- as Shoppers Seek Bargains. $AEO $ANF $URBN $GPS $KSS $WMT $TGT $SHLD $JWN $SPLS http://y.ahoo.it/fNUh3Kye

  7. $SHLD - http://y.ahoo.it/HbBtseGh - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 38.92. Time: 4 days. Volume: 953,685.

  8. $SHLD placed a stop @ 39.50

  9. $SHLD im in short first 500 38.50 :)

  10. $SHLD Kmart to close in Milford, Massachusetts (October)

  11. $SHLD put a short order @ 38.50 lets hope I get it.

  12. $SHLD I think we ll hit an average daily volume of 700K shares within the next 3 weeks

  13. $SHLD 100K block in the morning and 100K block AH. that is nearly $7M+ traded!

  14. $SHLD - http://y.ahoo.it/eIGW3koT - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 38.32. Time: 4 days 19 hours. Volume: 1,043,945.

  15. 6 Golden Cross Patterns to watch for longs this week http://y.ahoo.it/j07EbPTI $ARIA $AXL $MBT $NUGT $RKT $SHLD

  16. July 25 2014 Bullish Technical Indicators: Bullish 50/200-day MA Crossovers http://y.ahoo.it/7SeFtWVo $ARIA $SHLD $NIGT $MBT $RKT $AXL

  17. 4-star analyst Alan Knuckman from TopStockAnalysts released a BUY rating on $SHLD. http://y.ahoo.it/cWkyWCkT

  18. Sears Holdings Corporation just filed its Initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities http://y.ahoo.it/LgQKwjcP $SHLD

  19. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 5.8% in $SHLD in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Investment Portfolio

  20. $SHLD Anyone notice the days to cover short interest is at 29.057?

  21. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 3.8% in $SHLD in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  22. $SHLD $AN Lampert unloads 560,000+ shares of AutoNation from 7/22-7/24

  23. $SHLD Amazon took a serious hit! Looks like the retail giant isn t Goliath after all.

  24. $SHLD - http://y.ahoo.it/LkIo5ikT - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 39.07. Time: 7 days. Volume: 2,780,046.

  25. $SHLD Added to our short. Now our largest equity short position.