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  4. $SHLD does anyone know when $shld reports earnings?

  5. $SHLD sears and kmart are going to get destroyed this holiday season. Have you seen their ads? Black pricing now for sywr members. JUNK

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  11. Sears finalizes terms on rights-offering #highyield bond deal (CCC-/Caa3/C) $SHLD

  12. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 6.0% in $SHLD in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Investment Portfolio

  13. Are suburban malls a thing of the past? $SHLD $M $GPS http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-21/a-dying-mall-in-concord-new-hampshire.html

  14. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 4.9% in $SHLD in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  15. $SHLD Maybe it has enough gas for a small run up on another low volume day. Doesn t change my long-term view.

  16. Warby Parker Adds Storefronts to Its Sales Strategy - retail growth - http://online.wsj.com/articles/warby-parker-adds-storefronts-to-its-sales-strategy-1416251866 $SHLD

  17. $SHLD Maybe if Eddie would spend more time worry about Sears retail and less trying to keep stock pps up, Sears wouldn t be buried in dept.

  18. $SHLD How does a company with six straight negative ER have peaks and valleys as much as this one does? Can you say manipulation.

  19. $SHLD The perennial 4th and long play, yet it continues to deliver as a trading vehicle!

  20. $SHLD It s an odd run up, seemingly due to performance of retail today. Volume is pretty bad. On pace for 750K shares by the closing bell.

  21. $SHLD let s see if it can hold any of its gains today or sell off beforethe end of the day ( or maybe tomorrow!)

  22. $SHLD Not worth 36$ a share at its current state

  23. $SHLD I shorted this at 45 and firmly believe it will go back to to 25 or lower within a couple months. Company is in bad shape.

  24. @CRK28: $SHLD is going to kill the earnings, flying towards the north. // They already pre-announced. $SHLD

  25. $SHLD Trust me, Sears is not going to kill earning. That I can guarantee you. They will fall right around what analysts predicted.