1. Quick Watch List for 4/24 $SHLD $BIOF $SODA $HIMX $BBRY $SQNM $PRTA

  2. Stocks With High Buying Pressure $ALK $BONT $EXXI $GILD $HA $HCBK $HLIT $MPC $MTOR $MUX $SHLD $SUNE $SYNM $XRX http://y.ahoo.it/HzEJi4w4

  3. Major owner of Sears Holdings Corporation just picked up 2,313 shares http://y.ahoo.it/Y1wT80AL $SHLD

  4. $SHLD is a problem child folks! OM has it exactly right. Sears Holding is going North and we just cannot stop the power behind it. Calls!!!!

  5. $SHLD squeezing into the close

  6. $SHLD perhaps the $AMZN merger story is getting in some people s heads since Sears only a 4Billion dollar midget.

  7. Brian Skally holds an allocation of 5.4% in $SHLD in his Absolute Returns Investment Portfolio

  8. $SHLD OverExtended short term...back to 37 before next leg up...Pullback time

  9. $SHLD June 55 calls.... Vol. 3,023 OI. 14 hmmmm

  10. $SHLD just saw a 300K block

  11. $SHLD Wow ... $JCP - Hope you join Sears soon.. JCP is extremely undervalued than Sears..

  12. $SHLD that one keeps on going and going and going now entering the gap triggering some more squeeze

  13. $SHLD very strong today. Who s gonna short that megaphone/resistance line? ;) http://y.ahoo.it/jXM3iZib

  14. @sister: $JCP flat and waiting for break below 8s yet today $SHLD $BBY $ARO dont foolish peeps know how to read bearish charts u mean

  15. $SHLD continuing to break-out since Thursdays news ~

  16. $JCP flat and waiting for break below 8s yet today $SHLD $BBY $ARO

  17. $ARO 5.10 next on takeout rumblings for this Barron s top acquisition pick $SHLD $BBY $AEO

  18. #InsiderTrading Report: Notable Buys And Sales $NAV $SHLD $SHOS $OPK $ESL $BKS $JPM $WFC $GIII $SIG http://y.ahoo.it/qZSYLVkX

  19. $SHLD over burned me over the last 3 trading sessions. LOL put options are worthless now LOL

  20. $ARO takeout rumblings get 7.80s initially after dessimation $SHLD $ANF $BBY

  21. @sister: $JCP flat for lower re-entry 7.50-.60 next hour $SHLD $BBY $AAPL not bad ur only off 50 cents, time for a crystal ball refund

  22. $SHLD - http://y.ahoo.it/qxQ5rbob - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 40.968. Time: 24 hours 19 minutes. Volume: 1,670,658.

  23. $SHLD HOD

  24. $SHLD behaving better. Churner for Tuesday with shades of deeper green ahead.

  25. @sister: $JCP flat for lower re-entry 7.50-.60 next hour $SHLD $BBY $AAPL every time you post this it goes up, keep doing it