1. @Thorgood I m going to wait for a couple of quarterly reports. It will be a while for the management to turn around the $SHLD damage

  2. Cramer s Shorts Portfolio http://y.ahoo.it/1vGT9HZA $KNDI $SHLD $BBBY $NGVC - Did someone say hedge? Top 4 avg 26.9% return.

  3. $SHLD Waynesboro, PA Kmart to begin liquidation sale Thursday (to close in June)

  4. $JCP $SHLD People compare them a lot which is a mistake. Doing hw shows different stories JCP has a future; SHLD, not so sure. JMO

  5. $SHLD 963,700 shares to be exact. Yahoo removed it from the daily calcs, or the volume would be sitting at almost 1.7M for the day.

  6. @Dangremaus: 1M shares posted in one trade stock didn t move? // Could be dark pool related - look it up if unfamiliar with term $SHLD

  7. $SHLD 800K block trade

  8. $SHLD Almost 1M shares posted in one trade and the stock didn t move?

  9. $SHLD $JCP People either hate or love these two See the comments http://y.ahoo.it/giaNmKjD

  10. Brian Skally holds an allocation of 4.6% in $SHLD in his Absolute Returns Investment Portfolio

  11. @sister: $JCP long large on gap to 7.70s still in progress $ARO $AEO $SHLD probably in the next hour again huh?

  12. $JCP long large on gap to 7.70s still in progress $ARO $AEO $SHLD

  13. $SHLD - http://y.ahoo.it/BcryWC5q - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 34.579. Time: 5 days 19 hours. Volume: 5,921,083.

  14. @AskLou: $SHLD I have no position in $SHLD or $LE currently. I will revisit when it looks oversold. time to look at LE

  15. Sears Just Doesn t Look Like It Wants Our Business Anymore $HD $JCP $LOW $SHLD $TGT $WMT http://y.ahoo.it/3XVQ6PcU

  16. Sears Catches a Break with Sales Data http://y.ahoo.it/7Vstj2mI $SHLD $KO $EXXI $DLIA $JCP $THM

  17. $SHLD something going on in the final hour of trade!

  18. $JCP powerful gap back to 7.70s today . . . but ya still don t believe $SPY $ARO $AEO $SHLD

  19. $SHLD come on.. squeeze already!!!!

  20. $SHLD Shoot, gotta chase this a bit. I m long here. Great daily chart. This thing s going to at least 36.00

  21. @alandelmz $SHLD getting a pop. Go figure.

  22. $SHLD if we can get a coil here, it ll be a nice long above .82

  23. nice seeing $SHLD up 6% today.... too beaten down

  24. Sears Holdings Names Arun Arora To Lead Sears Home Services Business $SHLD

  25. $SHLD unhindered by today