1. $SIL lol no messages in this world today :P

  2. $SIL Global X Silver Miners ETF Kurtosis -1.53 Skew 0.22 Correlation Histogram #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/922

  3. Revenge of the Fundamentals http://biiwii.com/wp/2016/05/23/revenge-of-the-fundamentals/ $GLD, $SLV, $UUP, $GDX, $GDXJ, $SIL,

  4. $SIL Silver Miners’ Q1’ 2016 Fundamentals

  5. Silver Miners’ Q1’16 Fundamentals http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2016/05/silver-miners-q116-fundamentals/ $SIL $SLV


  7. Silver miners $sil punch through HOD


  9. $SLV $SIL $GLD $SLV $JNUG $JDST $NUGT $DUST $ABX $GDXJ $GOLD $XAUSD $GDX Serious structural damage in silver

  10. Don t be a gold bug pumpkin rider. https://nftrh.com/2016/05/19/a-risk-manager-speaks/ $GLD, $SLV, $GDX, $GDXJ, $GLDX, $SIL

  11. Shared this on the blog last night $GDX $SIL $GLD $SLV http://captainjohncharts.com/time-to-mine-the-miners/

  12. $GDX $GLD $SIL $SLV Short term the market is a bunch of shadows. Always buy or sell stocks understanding ANYTHING, like this, can happen.

  13. $SIL The FED can short $3 billion of futures contracts yesterday-at market prices--and crash things in 5 minutes. But they cannot short SIL

  14. $GDX $GLD $SIL Everyone is so bullish miners that JR s new high $GDXJ hasn t even been mentioned.. HMMM..Box d-N & still..

  15. $GDX $CDE $SSRI $GDXJ $GLD puts in the 30min reversal again today as $SIL hits a new high & looking good :)

  16. Hi-Ho Silver! Silver miners shine today as many hit new yearly highs: $AEM $SSRI $AG $PAAS. Group etf $SIL also at new yearly high.

  17. Gold and silver equity ETFs are breaking above short term trading ranges and extending uptrends $SIL, $GDXJ, $XGD.CA

  18. $SIL passes previous high to a new high. I d also buy canned goods, batteries and shotgun shells.

  19. $SIL now testing recent pull back high. Either we get a double top or it breaks out, will buy now or later depending. LONG TERM

  20. $SLV $SI_F $SIL $SILJ $GPL

  21. $slv $jnug $nugt $gdx $slw $sil $cde $lode $pvg $PZG $FCX $gdxj $dog $SPXU $faz $TZA now waiting for weekly/monthly

  22. $slv $jnug $nugt $gdx $slw $sil $cde $lode $pvg $PZG $FCX $gdxj $dog $SPXU $faz $TZA to my fellow comrades

  23. Technical Concerns for Gold, Silver Mining ETFs http://www.etftrends.com/2016/05/technical-concerns-for-gold-silver-mining-etfs/ $SIL $GDX $PICK

  24. $SLV $SIL $SIVR $SLW I hope this is true.... I can buy some more.

  25. $GDX $SIL had nice swing trades on these. still watching for another entry point.