1. $SINA 52.5 this week watch the run start tomorrow into friday

  2. $SINA is working on re-testing its yearly lows, zero buyers want this stock. sell 52 lows

  3. My guess would be that this whole move in $sina today is about monthly opex at the end of this week...a lot of 50 calls being held/bought

  4. How will the $BABA IPO impact other Chinese names? $YY $QIHU $SINA $BIDU $WB $DANG $BITA ???

  5. Wells it s obvious retail side thinks $sina should be up, but institution side and its very fast computers want it down...why? Opex? Buyout?

  6. $P doing the kind of candle I wanted to see $SINA do today.

  7. $SINA really a dumb stock.

  8. $SINA We are the only china internet stock with no bounce

  9. $SINA great stock market up, SINA down lol

  10. $WB churning back up. Now just $SINA needs to catch momo, both squeeze and get some $BABA love.

  11. @jayjogia @JSears68 @ff355 I guess if $weibo IPO can t move $sina up, why would $baba move it up? It owns less Ali then it does weibo

  12. $SINA going to make a move into the $BABA ipo friday ,, 48 target

  13. $SINA The worst investment decision I have made is to buy Sina s option in the past several months.

  14. $SINA if this holds I will buy on the next green day http://y.ahoo.it/2C8Exxhj

  15. $SINA sigh. Garbage

  16. $SINA When will $Baba impact Sina? A interesting relationship.

  17. $SINA nice job SINA of working back near its 52 lows, stock is clearly in an uptrend with no buyers. sell stocks at 52 lows

  18. $SINA For 3.8B(-1B cash,200m shares) valued Sina @77,Ali gets portal, Aicai,Tiange,WB,EJ and it s new campus in Beijing. Tiny bit of youku

  19. $WB tagged $26 2 days ago, now it s back at $20?... The way this whole $SINA - $WB complex trades keeps puzzling me...

  20. $SINA maybe recoups today yesterday losses. $WB $BABA

  21. $SINA Sigh. That upper tail from Friday was ominous..

  22. $SINA Stinks on good market days,and is putrid on lousy market days...total dead meat

  23. @Dlerch Those are examples of market-on-close orders. Not shady. 4-digit precision due to bundling many orders reported at avg price $SINA

  24. @Dlerch Most after-hours trades are market-on-close orders executed during day not required to report till AH. Bid-ask is tell. $SINA

  25. A guess; the diff between the 50k shares covered @45.4497 in aft hrs and closing price of 45.32 is profit given to MM for shady deals. $sina