1. Watch yesterday s live session here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IMnHJAUzXM&feature=youtu.be trading $CSOD $SINA and $IRBT for a $301 profit #trading #stocks

  2. $SINA really needs to hold 40 now. If the management does not defend this line with huge buyback, it will be a quick drop to low 30.

  3. @Eric1986 Well, if $WB does well, it will drive $SINA & $BABA up cuz of their respected ownership in Weibo.Too much to explain in 184 char

  4. @liu3qiang Yeah, I saw that error. $BABA actually owns 32% of $WB & $SINA owns 60-64% w/ 80% controlling power with final vote. WB long 50+

  5. @investbyads $SINA has not growth... $QIHU is growing >100% YoY. Where are all these BS comments coming from? LOL

  6. @jayjogia @Dlerch @39 Exactly. But the more ownership stake $BABA buys, the worse $SINA will be off.$SINA s 64% in $WB is their main quiver

  7. $SINA plan didn t work out from yesterday, added a bit more today to the pos. May end holding this one for a bit, till the sector runs or ER

  8. $QIHU I may not want to believe it, but this stock is going to the 40 s. Similar pattern as former chinese highflyers like $SINA

  9. $SINA Anyway. I never forgot the initial conversion price for the US$700 Million Convertible Senior Notes > 123,70$ http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sina-corporation-prices-offering-of-us700-million-convertible-senior-notes-232024681.html

  10. $SINA Maybe the evenement in HK. Instagram still blocked => http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/09/30/instagram-blocked-china_n_5907184.html http://stocktwits.com/message/27375677

  11. See gaps in $sina chart today? Now I know what shares bought yest. in aft hrs @39.9164 were probably used for..they re called wash trades...

  12. $SINA weekly. Wants to break support here. http://stocktwits.com/message/27371291

  13. $SINA these Chinese stocks are killing me!

  14. $SINA Nobody wants to buy because it moves south from day to day. Damn stock

  15. This whole $sina thing is craziness...the only bad thing that can be found is the license issue, and that has little earnings relevance???

  16. $SINA -2.29% today? This thing has a lot of work to do... Lots of gaps to fill one is @ $42.50, the other @ $80... See you there.

  17. $SINA if I was the management I would LBO immediately... (why are they not? is $WB worth a lot less or the cash is not real? getting weird)

  18. Getting stupid, $SINA $2.7 Bil market cap, has $2.3 Bil in cash (1.5 net) and at today s price a $2.3 Bil stake in $WB, what gives...

  19. $SINA $WB s market cap is bigger than $SINA....what a joke...

  20. Fun $sina fact today;current mrkt cap $2.7B, cash/short term invest. @last ER on 8/15. $2.3B...just its 58% of $WB worth $2.3B? Do the math!

  21. $VIPS Whenever $BABA goes green..Whole Chinese sector goes dwn.. $SINA $QIHU $BIDU $KNDI..LOL funny.. Funds shuffling..Crazyy!!!

  22. $SINA hopefully this is the bottom here


  24. @ff355 @jayjogia @Dlerch I sold all my $SINA & doubled up on $WB stock. It was the better choice long term cuz of $BABA s plans w/ weibo.

  25. $GOOG $QIHU $SINA $TSLA $AMZN all of LOD