1. what happened to the all the bottom callers in $SINA lol

  2. $SINA and $WBAI daily charts are very similar...same MM s or hedge funds after them?

  3. Options Portfolio since June,called all trades in the trading room $SINA $MNKD $GLD $TSN $WYNN $COST http://y.ahoo.it/T9ymipov

  4. @TradeFollowers: StockTwits Top 10 up 3% this month. $AA $BIDU $BIIB $CMG $GRPN $GS $INTC $JCP $MU $SINA http://y.ahoo.it/O14w9pEE

  5. Nothing like trolling ST streams and posting blather about stocks you are neither long or short based on neolithic trading ideas $bita $sina

  6. $SINA learn how not be a bag holder and whine over thousands of messages about why your stock isnt moving admit you cant trade

  7. Video analysis update on $BIDU $KNDI $SFUN $SINA http://y.ahoo.it/NB8fM19f

  8. $SINA this thing is moving

  9. $BITA I would expect a lot of chop in this stock going forward but clearly not in a downtrend like $SINA

  10. $SINA wow what a dog

  11. $SINA Bears are in control here for sure. http://y.ahoo.it/yy1m5jKn

  12. $SINA vertical expansion will form an integral part of its growth strategy. Weibo s monetization will be a major positive catalyst

  13. @koreaninvestor If you are not bearish on $SINA, what are you watching for? What is the catalyst? Interest in learning more

  14. $QIHU $yy $sina $dang $my $kndi $fb Is it the timd to cash in from other stocks & keep that cash for $baba ? Just asking!!

  15. $SINA well at this pace SINA ready to re-test its 52 lows will never understand how folks cant grasp concept that stocks at 52 lows u sell

  16. Goldman Sachs investigated for STOCK MANIPULATION, NY AG investigating STOCK MANIPULATION by hft s...the list goes on...keep trolling..$sina

  17. @Cornele That s irrelevant, anybody cares about $TWTR PE or if it s profitable? No, doesnt matter at this stage... $WB $SINA

  18. Losers gonna lose. $SINA is a shortie. Weak all throughout rally. http://y.ahoo.it/taySp35Y

  19. $SINA manipulation is just another way of someone saying I am stuck in this losing trade and I am too stubborn to accept I am wrong lol

  20. want to buy $WB for $12-buy $SINA. EV is $1.5B ex $1.5B cash.its 60% $WB stake($2.4B) can be bought for $1.5B =$12,and sina assets are free!

  21. @jmatkowsky that would all be a legit points, if $sina were act

  22. $SINA 50% of $SINA MV now is net CASH ($1.5B)-company EV is $1.5B.Alibaba,Tiange, Aica,Yoku stake=$1B.Sina Biz=500m. So WB stake is FREE!

  23. @Cornele 50% of $SINA MV now is net CASH ($1.5B)-company EV is $1.5B.Alibaba,Tiange, Aica,Yoku stake=$1B.Sina Biz=500m. So WB stake is FREE!

  24. I think this going to put pressure on more than few laggard stocks Fund managers look to make room for $BABA http://y.ahoo.it/EUssPWya $SINA

  25. $SINA I don´t think about manipulation but definitely must be something VERY WRONG we don´t know about. Cant fall 10% aft.er. on no reason