1. $SINA Working very well toward its 200EMA! Long idea over $38.88

  2. Only up from here!!! (See attached) 10+ Analysts have BUY on $WB $18-$20 next week??? Bring it on! :-) $SINA $BABA

  3. $SINA recapture of 150dma may be ready to run, still a volatile beast

  4. $SINA $42 next week

  5. $SINA recaptures the 150dma

  6. $SINA steady and strong

  7. I continue to raise cash - sold $GIMO, $LYTS,$ZNGA,$RGDO, $BIDU, some $SINA and more...Most cash since the 2000/2007! Good luck..

  8. @DDCapitalFund: $SINA been strong all week! See how it handles that $38.90 area @mikete90

  9. $SINA $39 on tap

  10. $SINA makin moves to the upside

  11. $SINA flagging

  12. $SINA 40 by may 1

  13. $SINA Above 39 some more traders should get interested. Chinese stocks recovering, and SINA is just still bottoming... $Wb

  14. $SINA back re-challenge r

  15. $WB made mistake of owning $wb thru buying $sina. Missed it under 15

  16. $SINA nice

  17. Decent action in China names from blog $BITA $SINA .

  18. @RaginCajun: This $SFUN looks fun, $SINA as well. Great daily charts.

  19. This $SFUN looks fun, $SINA as well. Great daily charts.

  20. $BABA Not the time to fight China stocks. QE tide will lift all boats near term. $SINA $BIDU $FXI

  21. $FXI showing some PM green. $BABA $BIDU $JD $QIHU $SINA $TCEHY $WUBA all up. May change before the bell.

  22. Internet Growth Could Enable 7 to 22% of China’s Labor Productivity Growth From 2015-2025 http://foresightinvestor.com/articles/209993-the-zettabyte-era-here-to-stay $BABA $SINA $CHU $CHL $QQ

  23. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Is Playing His Cards Just Right http://foresightinvestor.com/articles/955852-the-phenomenal-ramp-up-of-xiaomi $BABA $SINA $CHL $VOX $IYZ $IST $FXI $MCHI

  24. Watch List 04/22/2015 http://bullsonwallstreet.com/watch-list-04222015/ $BITA $CLVS $NVIV $DANG $GOGO $SINA $SPY.

  25. 04/21/14> 4 the 1st time I bought $SINA s shares at 55.8$(€/$=1.38) last time I bought 04/15 at 32.7$ Ave price: 37.3$ Ready 4 anoth year