1. @RedTrades Looks like it $SINA red now. Let s see how $WB opens for the IPO

  2. $SINA $WB CNBC is now stating 12:00 EST!

  3. $SINA the play was in the pop in the am. Possibly slowing down to fill for $WB IPO

  4. @Dlerch $SINA losing momo and stumbling down

  5. $WB now looking $17, I think if $SINA washes down on $WB break I d rather buy $SINA for a trade

  6. $SINA Very high volatility...just looking for now

  7. $SINA Postponed trading

  8. $SINA $WB will list around noon! decision of $GS

  9. $SINA $WB Quotation $119.0

  10. $SINA $WB NOTHING!!!!!!!

  11. $SINA $WB Quotation GOOD LUCK

  12. $SINA $WB Quotation $20 1 more min! Weve waited a long time for this!!!

  13. $WB #IPO looking 17.05, priced at 17, that s not going to hold.... $SINA

  14. $SINA $WB Quotation $18

  15. $SINA $WB not liking this at all right now


  17. $SINA $WB Quotation $18.05 3 mins!!!

  18. $SINA Going down

  19. $SINA $WB Quotation $18.25 5 mins!!!!! Even DLerch is reading my every post!

  20. $SINA $WB Quotation $17.50-19

  21. $SINA $WB Quotation $17.75 8 MORE MINS!!!!

  22. $SINA $WB Quotation $22 all over the place

  23. $SINA $WB Quotation 45

  24. $SINA $WB Quotation range $18.8-19

  25. $SINA $WB Now $17-18