1. $SINO today low $2

  2. $SINO This is insane! Sooner or later the squeeze will be for real! I can t imagine the BBQ for shorter s. Oh well..;)

  3. DTP s Wednesday morning Rooster picks: $IFON $WLDN $ACHN $MOBI $SINO

  4. $SINO I have to pinch myself here, are you kidding me? 30 mil plus traded, 1.74 mil float 63% insider owned & have never sold a share. wtf?

  5. $SINO Lol Sorry every one I stand corrected Float is Only 1.74 mil & shares outstanding are now 4.7 mil. In 10k Link http://y.ahoo.it/1ANRUQ6V

  6. $SINO Also link for 63% insider 2.2mil float & no insider selling Another link Insiders have not sold a single share! http://y.ahoo.it/ogytGBaD

  7. $SINO Great pic of the Team ringing the Nasdaq bell, Link: http://y.ahoo.it/oqJhXtqj

  8. $SINO sell2u good dd, The company looking for a big turnaround.plus 200,000 share coming in for running other company.

  9. @moneylife $SINO http://y.ahoo.it/DEwbrayV

  10. @Sell2u: $SINO for our parnters straight from the 10K today. Link: #1 www.alibaba.com/trans-pacific-ltd-suppliers.html Great DD

  11. Some info about $SINO http://y.ahoo.it/U0u2Xhh4 use google translator if you can t read Chinese

  12. $SINO 10K link: No spam Direct link to SEC, good night everyone. http://y.ahoo.it/nngZyt2T

  13. $SINO They are linked to ALL China trade! Hang tight with 63% insider owned, 2.2 mil float and 30 mil traded, someone is shorting alot!..lol

  14. $SINO agreement with Qingdao Zhenghe Shipping Group Limited (“Zhenghe”), one of the largest shipping and transportation companies in China

  15. $SINO This is the real key to $SINO Straight from the 10K today: In May 2014, the Company signed a strategic cooperation

  16. Watchlist for 9/17/14 $TSLA $CTRP $FB $TWTR $YY $RCPT $ADBE $AVNR $SINO $INVN $ETN http://y.ahoo.it/tDVBRZ9i

  17. $SINO Link 3 Nice to see they postphoned the rate increase to . Link http://y.ahoo.it/kWrReOUu

  18. $SINO Link 2 www.alibaba.com/trans-pacific-ltd-japan-suppliers.html

  19. $SINO for our parnters straight from the 10K today. Link: #1 www.alibaba.com/trans-pacific-ltd-suppliers.html

  20. $SINO I will be posting many links to back this up! Now before any bashers want to take a run at the refer to @Helmer post below

  21. $SINO new partnership...Please all I ask in return is pay this link forward! This is fact and you can thank me by helping someone in need!

  22. $SINO I want you to share this with ALL message boards tonight You are about to understand the true power of Alibaba and understanding $SINO

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  24. $SINO As promised what I m about to post may make some of you extremely grateful you held today.,

  25. $SINO AH Gainers: $YRCW +7.1%. $APOG +6.2%. $OTIV +3.3%. $WLT +3.0%.