1. @JoeyBagadonuts: $SINO Oh did I mention this new ship is for crude oil???? Cha Ching !!!!!! tanker named the “Rong Zhou” built in 2010..

  2. $SINO not a low float play when new issues unlock. Don t like lower offer price each time. (1.50) profitability is big +....Time will tell

  3. @JoeyBagadonuts Hopefully $SINO will finally grow some legs and start sprinting

  4. $SINO interesting now we know the use of cash - well done

  5. $SINO Oh did I mention this new ship is for crude oil???? Cha Ching !!!!!!

  6. $SINO Kaboom on Monday ! New ship- that s what shelf registration was for. $5million estimated in revenue doubles this next week

  7. General form for registration of securities under the Securities Act of 1933 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1401406 $SINO

  8. $SINO: New SEC Filing for SINO: Form S-1/A, No. 0001144204-15-003563 http://stocknewsflow.com/1422892_000114420415003563_0001144204-15-003563

  9. $SINO quick question for whoever knows the answer: who can trade after 5PM and before 8AM(EST)? I always see trades after the after hour...

  10. $SINO Curious why you can t find any reference via Google etc. regarding the 4 million share offering they were talking about in December.

  11. $SINO Lol- 1 share at 1.40. Who wasted a transaction fee? Buehler?

  12. $SINO Tumbling oil should make for some nice profit margins this quarter

  13. $SINO Hope you guys are getting some $FXCM action

  14. $SINO Could have been a lot of reasons. Maybe this ER will be strong

  15. $SINO Anyone else think its odd, no news about the last offering. Did it complete or not? Not filling is probably the worse of the 2 evils

  16. @JoeyBagadonuts I sure hope so. Last $SINO ER surely didn t much for PPS

  17. $SCOK $CNET $BABA $SINO The experts are trapped in here... Play the volatility.. Nothing else to it. Don t fall in love people

  18. $SINO Will climb leading to ER

  19. $FRO earnings will grow thru 2015, 2016. Supertankers to be busy moving glut around the world to storage & as storage also. Buy hold! $SINO

  20. With $GDP float 52% short, won t take much to double, triple. WTI @ $50 will be a catalyst. Spiked @ $48 again today! $TPLM $SFY $FRO $SINO

  21. $SINO is a low float China shipping stock, wondering why it s still down & what earnings will be? It could double on good news & $FRO also!!

  22. $SINO $TOPS and shipping sector ....are moving now

  23. @Cheatah Thank you, Frank. I sold all of my $FXCM with a total gain of $45,980, without your message in $SINO, I couldn t do it...GL to U...

  24. $SINO Anyone here thinking of jumping in BOX or SHAK ipo s?

  25. $SINO scok is rocking and having a lot of prints