1. $SINO A catalyst on an ascending trend is going to make us go pass 5. The trend has turned bullish which puts us in position..

  2. $SINO @Hengineer You back in or what???

  3. $SINO Looks like Monday will be a good day if trend reversal continues

  4. $SINO That morning spike shorts covering?

  5. $SINO aaaaand back to watching paint dry.

  6. $SINO What a tease!

  7. $SINO Something s going to ERUPT soon !!! Writing was on the wall this week

  8. $SINO hope we hold some of these gains through days end, not just up and back down.

  9. Shippers shippers shippers $DRYS $SINO $FREE ....

  10. $SINO A green is a green.. regardless of small gains. So far < $5 and rising. :D

  11. $SINO exploding ... $FREE should go

  12. $SINO Makin me smile big :)))))

  13. $SINO Nice pop so far, this must be due to China cut rate

  14. $SINO Nice quick pop up .12

  15. $SINO Do you guys think the price will drop like $OTIV (dropped to 1.64 from 1.90, ipo at 1.60) today when they will announce the offering?

  16. $SINO Chinese rate cut should help boost confidence here today,

  17. $SINO Low volume + increase ??

  18. $SINO higher holiday shipping demand #s should pull us up to $3. Just wait for the news.

  19. $SINO I have been studying the charts and it looks like this will be our close price.

  20. $SINO looks like I can buy back in cheaper :)

  21. $SINO 88.6% increased bullish conversations in the past 42 minutes . (Just kidding)

  22. $SINO Look at the 5 day chart

  23. ICYMI Monday: General form for registration of securities under the Securities Act of 1933 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1272132 $SINO

  24. $SINO slow accumulation of 10k buys, hope it s a positive sign.

  25. $SINO 4 full green candle