1. $DRYS Wow. Nice bounce from being < $1. Much better so far than $SINO.

  2. $SINO Lots of Greece shipping news out this morning.

  3. $SINO Multiply by 3 for Christmas. Thanks

  4. $SINO Solid entry for those on sidelines. Look at 5 year support levels

  5. $SINO Personal thank you to money life for bringing share price to just about b/e

  6. Double my $SINO shares at $1.45

  7. $SINO I hope you guys get your rise. What worries me is there have been 2 secondaries in the last 7 months. Not happened the 6 years prior.

  8. $SINO Hey Joey, the hounds and I are still here. So deep I want to die and let then eat my dead body since I can t afford any bones for them

  9. $SINO : http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/us/2014-12/17/content_19111138.htm

  10. $SINO I m still in with 50,000 shares

  11. @JoeyBagadonuts @Bakuhatsu I know.. Murphy s law.. $SINO

  12. $SINO Who s still hanging on here ?

  13. $SINO exit stage left for me. Sold at a loss. Glta.

  14. $SINO :(

  15. $SINO please tell me Sino is keeping the price down for tax purposes.

  16. $SINO good re-entry point

  17. $SINO Any of you folks looking at investing in oil stocks since they have been on the decline?

  18. $SINO I m still hanging on to the hope that cheaper fuel will help with profits.

  19. Back to $SINO at $1.50

  20. $DRYS $SINO $FREE short all this floating junk hard on the Ask and don t cover til $0

  21. $SINO $RADA $$ISNS $FNMA high risk high reward...

  22. $SINO Sold 2/3 of position yesterday and got in $ECIG. So far so good.

  23. $SINO Deep underwater now. Hoping my dead body is laying on ocean floor .

  24. $SINO Will it ever recover?

  25. $SINO Should have never bought this POS! Between this and IBIO....