1. $HOV $ZNGA $ACHN $RAD $RADA $SINO $EXEL $BBRY potential runners.

  2. Day Trading Chart Setups for September 18th http://y.ahoo.it/fmek7HH5 $FEYE $TRUE $RADA $TKMR $SINO $JMEI $MOBI $IFON $NETE $HPJ


  4. @Sell2u Thanks...I m Bullishing with $SINO too, got 8K of $SINO at $2.70 today, by the way, $SINO was at $14 in year 2008, not 2009.

  5. $SINO By the way exploring JV business opprotunities from what I have seen over the years, is code for Buyout!

  6. $SINO No one ever talked about who owned them prior. It s all in this PR: who owned them prior(Zhenghes)I love DD! PR http://y.ahoo.it/Au37nnR2

  7. $SINO That is the company webought on Sept 8 2014 from you guessed it Zhenghes. disclosed in the 10k

  8. $SINO Zhenghe s ship management company, Longhe Ship Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. ( Longhe Ship Management ).

  9. $SINO @Sell2u if you can get your 48 followers to buy 5K each, that will suck up 1/6 of the float that is already gone anyway :)

  10. $SINO I m starting to understand this now. Oh my! This my friends has buyout written all over it, heres why

  11. $SINO This is the key to all of this, 2009 this stock was $14. This company controls China Trade routes air and sea

  12. $SINO With over 2 billion in total assets over 6,000 employees Zhenghe is one of the largest shipping and transportation companies in China

  13. $SINO from 10KQingdao Zhenghe Shipping Group Limited ( Zhenghe ) to jointly explore mutually beneficial business development opportunities.

  14. $SINO another bad day today wow thought this was going to $5. glad $HPJ made some decent gains though.

  15. $SINO congrats everyone, 1/10 of volume to drop it this much : /

  16. Alert results: $CNCE +4% $IFON +22% $NETE +21% $OTIV +9% $RTRX +1% $SCOK +4% $SINO +20% $VHC +10% | @AlertTrade

  17. $SINO Hang in there..cheers!

  18. $SINO. Mostly red today. Tomorrow is another day.


  20. $SINO. Stop nonsence, you guys sold already. Want to get it cheap.

  21. $SINO Warning!! Watch L2 None of these trades are on the books! Holy Crap serious Cover watch the blinking of the numbers!

  22. $SINO Aww isn t that nice of EDGX flashing huge outs on the bid for week knead holders, lol

  23. $SINO we might close above 3

  24. Alert updates: $CNCE +4% $IFON +22% $NETE +17% $OTIV +7% $SCOK +4% $SINO +20% $VHC +10% $YRCW +6% | @AlertTrade

  25. $SINO either we close >3 or <2.70