1. $SINO China GDP a beat. Should see green today.

  2. $SINO glad I added last week at 1.50, averaged down to exactly where we are now, just need some news now to light the fire!

  3. $SINO China GDP data to come out

  4. $SINO don t sell your shares cheap...

  5. $SINO How many shares outstanding? Like 10?

  6. $SINO 11MM$ mkt cap. Talk about a coiled spring.

  7. $SINO folks scalping for pennies not seeing the bigger picture I ll wait for $3+

  8. $SINO According to Yahoo Finance, $SCOK s float is 8 times $SINO s float

  9. $SINO Got back to +2% within a second though x)

  10. $SINO Lol if 97k shares can climb this up 10% imagine when volume will come in with news x) wouldn t be surprised to see more than 100% gain

  11. $SINO Something is up?

  12. $SINO On the move! $SCOK

  13. $SINO 10% alarms ringing

  14. $SINO although volume is really low the chart is looking very good

  15. $SINO $1.80 pivot... need to ship all that coal $SCOK

  16. $SINO all depends on news, wish all you want guys

  17. @walts these two got the same chart pattern... With 6m shares and a bigger float than $SINO, $SCOK climbed up 65%... Imagine Sino s one

  18. $SINO see $SCOK today? That ll be us soon, forget the +/- penny moves.

  19. $SINO What s everyone s prediction for this week?

  20. $SINO you don t want what happened to EGLE to happen to SINO. After restructure EGLE shareholders received 1 share for every 200

  21. $SINO If only what happened to $EGLE Would have happened to $SINO

  22. $SINO it doesn t get manipulated down. If you understand bid, ask, limit order and market order you will know why it goes down on low volume

  23. $SINO Where do you guys look to see the real float for a stock?

  24. $sino good read on Chinese shipping companies prospects in light of eCommerce growth http://seekingalpha.com/article/2549385-capitalizing-on-chinese-e-commerce-alibabas-ipo-should-spark-activity-on-undervalued-chinese-stocks

  25. $SINO amazing how it s manipulated back down on a few k shares, bigger picture the penny +/- are meaningless the real move will be E s/News