1. $SINO well I officially pulled the rug--they filled my sell order at 1.81 for a lose--goodluck guys

  2. $SINO surprised on pullback, china rate cut and the appearance of cheap oil should push this up

  3. $SINO I need to quit watching this one. Sigh.

  4. $SINO well I guess WS does not see that fuel cost contracts mean anything in the shipping business...just airlines.

  5. $SINO Cheep fuel...rising profits...:)

  6. $SINO i can t wait till Tuesday....

  7. $SINO Epic volume.

  8. $SINO I will buy at 1.80 ;)

  9. $SINO Am I reading this right, did someone just trade 1 share?

  10. $SINO Such a nice volume today !

  11. $SINO $SCOK is smoking this morning....

  12. $SINO Come on Sino... Buy something, Sell Something, Create a new revenue maker... give me something

  13. $SINO Failed sanction talks. Down it goes tomorrow

  14. $SINO This stock is dead

  15. $sino What s up here?

  16. $SINO tried to buy in premarket drop, no luck, not sure what the big premarket drop was?

  17. $SINO Company proceeding with ipo, price still not determined. I think they re waiting for the right time http://www.lawinsider.com/contracts/4fwqRTvnBlYVxjuHp7upb3/sino-global-shipping-america/underwriting-agreement/2014-11-17

  18. $SINO Do not trust displayed price here at ST For SINO. It is WAY off..

  19. $SINO market s getting dangerously toppy

  20. $SINO slightly above my entry. gonna dump

  21. $SINO is everybody caught holding the bag? watch out with these China stocks!

  22. $SINO A buy opp for anybody not already filled up... JMHO...

  23. $SINO Why is it down?Any news?

  24. $SINO Damn. Down 18% premarket.

  25. $SINO A catalyst on an ascending trend is going to make us go pass 5. The trend has turned bullish which puts us in position..