1. $SINO something weird just happened. Just happened to look at SINO and IT TRADED! Weird... ;)

  2. Gainers-3 $OLED 9%, $MITK 9%, $SMRT 9%, $VSCP 9%, $GILT 9%, $DRD 9%, $REDF 9%, $CLDN 9%, $ADAT 9%, $TRUE 9%, $IDN 9%, $SINO 8%,

  3. $SINO buyback at work?

  4. $SINO Now we have seen Sino big good news do trying to stop delisting, needle hardly moved. Question now is sell now or wait for stampede?

  5. $SINO TA looks great with potential to begin ripping higher. The buy rating is set to 5.5, target: $1.14. http://www.9trading.com/index.php?symbol=sino

  6. $SINO revenue 2.6mm . Good grief that s not even a business

  7. $SINO I think it should

  8. $SINO Let s hope that it will move over 1$ soon......

  9. $SINO Percentages appear to be moving in a positive direction. Minimal dollars but positive. Looking for the silver lining here.

  10. *Sino-Global Reports Q1 EPS $0.02 vs. Prior Year Quarter $0.06, Rev. $2.699M vs. Prior Year Quarter $2.605M $SINO

  11. $SINO Is it good?

  12. $SINO Here it is: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sino-global-announces-fiscal-2016-210500056.html

  13. $SINO Sino-Global Announces Fiscal Year 2016 First Quarter Financial Results http://stocknewsnow.com/companynews/80595878/SINO/101843

  14. $SINO the problem with the share buyback is already showing up. Paid .84 the bid is .76 ,already lost 10% of the cash they used to buy

  15. $SINO received deficiency notice from Nasdaq,1st step towards delisting; internal brawl spelled blood on CFO/director. Future uncertain

  16. $SINO Sino-Global Appoints Zhikang Michael Huang to the Company s Board of Directors http://stocknewsnow.com/companynews/80562944/SINO/101843

  17. $SINO Not that it really matters but http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sino-global-appoints-zhikang-michael-210500864.html

  18. $SINO With all of the manufactured news , I can t see this still being listed in 6 months time

  19. $SINO I wonder if everyone who bought between $3.00 and 4.50 back in sept of 14 has gotten out?

  20. $SINO time will tell....I m still hopeful....and they aren t buying back 15%....$100,000 worth isn t close to 15%

  21. $SINO repurchase is a death trap, stock has no liquidity as it is, after repurchase of 15%, there be no hope to sell. Get out now when u can

  22. $SINO It says during last week SINO purchased 8.2% of the shares traded. About 75,000 shares traded last week. That s about 6,000 shares

  23. $SINO How do you know the repurchase was completed?

  24. $SINO completed the repurchase and it didnt move the needle a bit! wow..8+% float repurchased..still no movement!

  25. $SINO This will be .20 by end of the year