1. $ICPT reminds me a little bit of day trading $SKF and $SRS in 08 http://y.ahoo.it/8x87Rde4

  2. $SPY If the energy co s & banks keep correcting, $SDS could work +2% today. Also $SKF +2% http://y.ahoo.it/dDpOjwBk

  3. $SKF boring hedge... we like boring hedges

  4. $SPY Still holding: $BIS, $SKF, $SSG with tight stops.

  5. If this ever breaks and holds the 200ma it will be a tell. $SKF http://y.ahoo.it/u54EqIUk

  6. Kudos to Cramer for exposing Leveraged ETFs of Mass Destruction $SKF $TZA $SQQQ. Sadly neither creator nor pumpers of these will go to jail

  7. @Kate49 The $TWM, $QID, $SKF, $DUG have all run quite a bit, and will prbly pull back.

  8. @Lach14: $SPY Key is to adapt quickly, cut losses and get into the money. $TWM, $SKF, $DUG, $BIS cool places to make $

  9. $SPY Key is to adapt quickly, cut losses and get into the money. $TWM, $SKF, $DUG, $BIS cool places to make $

  10. $SPY Sector Watch: Biotechs reverse gains, now red, $TWM +1.3%, $SCO +1.3%, $SKF +1.2%, $BIS +1%

  11. $SPY The short finance ETF $SKF kicking it... chart strong, heading thru 100MA $XLF, $JPM, $GS http://y.ahoo.it/8ao4UEUQ

  12. $HLF Bears here act like no other stock dropped 5% yesterday? Seriously, make money buy $SKF better bet.

  13. $SPY The Short finance $SKF chart - breaking thru 50MA on way up. http://y.ahoo.it/3JEXgMVY

  14. $SPY Sectors great: Inverse Russell, Short Biotech, Short Oil, Short Matls, Short Finance ($SKF)

  15. $SPY Today: LIking: $SDS, $DUG +1.3%, $SCO, $SMN, $SSG, and maybe $SKF

  16. @Bartek310 @G0ldfinger Natural gaz is down, from here can only go up! $UGAZ (4.52%) $SEF $DDG $FAZ $DUG $GASX $SKF. Russia s sanctions help

  17. @Loyola80 $GDX still ok, but I m not in it. No longs current, just $TWM,$QID,$SSG,$SCO,$SKF,$BIS

  18. @Lach14 $KBE mar high. July lower high and lower highs all month. Almost added $SKF at 15.10 but hesitant due to the large magnet @ 2000 S&P

  19. @Curve_Trader hard to believe it has staying power, but I m in $TWM, $QID, $BIS and even $SKF

  20. $SPY Banks are in deep trouble: Watch $SKF +1.7%, and $SSG +1.9% for semi conductor trouble.

  21. $SPY Current ETF Master Portfolio: Long: $BIS, $SSG, $SKF, $TAN, $TWM, $QID, $SDS, $SOCL and love $DUG

  22. $SPY On the Radar: $DUG, $TWM, $SKF and FINALLY - perhaps, just perhaps SPY falls and $SDS baby. http://y.ahoo.it/5rhs9pR4

  23. $SPY $QID, and $TWM still strong, Watch $EEV and $SMN, $SKF also

  24. $SPY Watching $SKF - short finanical ETF . Chart awesome http://y.ahoo.it/mgEq0yPg

  25. @cheri1 @EE551976 Only open pos are $SKF and $TWM both inverse ETF s